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~Review~The Struggle Within by Tyler May~


34942133Title: The Struggle Within
Author: Tyler May
Publisher: Tyler May Books
Release Date: April 22, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: ~Judith~
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


Through Ryan’s trials, there are three different perspectives: a best friend watching from the outside, a lover desperate to get in, and his own mind.
His struggles were theirs. He just didn’t know it.
A tragic accident changed Dr. Ryan Jacobs’ life and freed him from a past he thought he’d never escape, but with that freedom came the realization: he could escape the man, but would be bound to the torturous battle within his mind. Fighting for control of his thoughts, he lived recklessly in a life of addiction and the next good time. Wearing a mask of deception, and hiding it beautifully behind his playboy ways, he fooled himself into thinking this was the real him, but he couldn’t fool everyone.
Dr. Michael Jonas considered Ryan more than just a friend, he was his family. With the support of his wife, Michael held Ryan’s hand, listened to him cry, and helped him through the hardest events of his life. He could see through the fake smiles and playboy attitude, seeing his best friend for the man he really was. After Michael’s wife had given birth to their first child, Michael vowed never to let pain affect his family again, Ryan included. But Michael carried his own burdens and watching Ryan struggle was harder than he thought. It tore him apart, silently, until there was only one choice. Save his best friend before it was too late.
As a high-powered attorney, Jayson Alexander thrived on easy thrills both in his professional and personal life, but when his heart broke the rules, he had no choice but to break it and run from the pain. Obsessive about controlling his own life, he set goals and rules and tried to ensure his own happiness, but life had a different plan. So he sought out answers and took on a case that would eventually change everything. He was drawn to Ryan from the moment he laid eyes on him. With a magnetic connection he couldn’t deny, he found Ryan irresistible, but he found out quickly the connection was more than physical. Jayson wanted Ryan, but how could he fight the demons Ryan’s mind was creating and stop them from pushing him away?
Ryan built a force field around his heart, vowing after that tragic day, no man would be allowed close enough to ever hurt him again, but with the support of his best friend and the man he loved, could Ryan beat The Struggle Within once and for all?

Due to strong sexual content and language, The Struggle Within is intended for mature readers 18 years of age or over.
Trigger warning: The Struggle Within may contain a subject matter that is sensitive to some readers as it deals with domestic abuse, self-harm, and addictive behavior. The author asks that the reader please take these warnings seriously and requests discretion be advised.


The Struggle Within by Tyler May

****4 Stars****4gdg


Where to start with this review?

Story wise, it’s going to be vague-I don’t really want to give anything away.I was definitely apprehensive about reading this but I’m all for diversity in books and I’m finding more and more that books that take me out of my comfort zone, actually work for me.

This book won’t be for everyone but I would say…give it a chance…

It deals with mental, physical, and emotional abuse, but it’s also a story of friendship, love, and hopehope, that anyone who has suffered from any form of abuse can eventually find happiness.

Before and after the story there are personal, real-life stories of men who have suffered from abuse and I found their stories incredibly moving.

“I played roulette with my body, keeping my mind pacified and my heart safe.”

While it’s Ryan who was abused here, it’s not just his story. It’s about three men and their connections to each other.

Michael is Ryan’s friend but he’s so much more than that.He’s an ever present, positive force in Ryan’s life.In my view, he plays a massive part in the man Ryan ends up to be.

Jayson, an attorney, plays an integral part in the story…he never gives up on Ryan.

I’ve got two close friends who suffered from mental and physical abuse…not to the extent Ryan did, and thankfully they walked away and found happiness.My point in mentioning this is that I thought the Author has perfectly portrayed what victims of abuse go through.

The feelings of no self-worth.
The shame…
Being trapped in a relationship they are unable to walk away from because they feel so defeated.

Ryan’s story is heartbreaking but it felt real.As a reader, you go on a journey with him.The anonymous sex, the use of prescription drugs are all coping mechanisms…

Until he finally finds happiness.




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~Release Day Review~One Call Away by Felice Stevens~


33850582Title: One Call Away
Author: Felice Stevens
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: April 28, 2017
Page Count: 263 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


When a brutal attack from a jealous competitor leaves Noah Strauss, a darling of the modeling world, physically scarred and emotionally damaged, he quits the runway to become a psychologist. Using his contacts from his time in the spotlight, he creates One Call Away, a radio show dedicated to gay men looking for love, advice or someone to talk to. But with secrets of his own and a mother who refuses to understand the career path he’s chosen, the one person Noah can’t seem to help is himself.

On a drunken dare from the senior partner’s grandson, Oren Leavitt calls Noah’s radio show, pretending to be gay. Only Oren isn’t certain if he’s pretending. He’s left his strict Orthodox Jewish upbringing behind, but the guilt remains. Guilt that his actions have prevented his sister from finding a husband and guilt that he’s failed his parents. Talking to “Dr. Noah” helps, and as he finds himself calling the man, again and again, he knows he must be honest. But Oren is unsure if he’s lying to Noah or himself.

For Noah, trust is paramount; he’s been deceived in his personal and professional life and while he desperately wants to help Oren, he also finds himself falling for the sweet and tortured man. Oren is trapped: he risks losing his job and more importantly the love and security of his family but knows he can’t hide if he wants to be with Noah. When unresolved heartaches from the past rise up to control the present, Noah and Oren discover that love often comes from the most unexpected places, and sometimes a call for help not only saves a life, it can be a new and beautiful beginning.


One Call Away by Felice Stevens

****4 Stars****

4 fjf


This book isn’t just about two men falling in love.

It’s about fear and hope, friends and family, but most of all, it’s about finding out who you really are.

Noah is a former model, still struggling with the aftermath of a brutal attack. He now works as a psychologist and he has a radio show called “One Call Away”. It’s a show specifically for gay men, to ask questions and seek some advice.

Oren who is a lawyer has been raised by a very orthodox Jewish family. One day he decides to call the show (on a dare), pretending to be a gay man…

…the problem is, that he’s not sure he is pretending…

tumblr_ms3ot42zCV1r8gsqgo2_250.gif (245×200)

These men start to talking and become friends…

…friends with some major (sexual) chemistry.

qCX5mr9.jpg (540×540):

But Noah still has a wall up because of his attack and Oren is so afraid to come out to his family, in fear that they will shut him out.

It was very sweet, seeing these two opening up to one another and find what they really needed in each other…love. 

pen-calligraphy-writing-love-black-white-animated-gif.gif (495×262)

They were also extremely HOT together!!

Who would have guessed one phone call, could change their lives so completely.




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~Review~Enemies With Benefits by Joanna Chambers & Annika Martin~


34949954Title: Enemies With Benefits (a prologue)
Authors: Joanna Chambers & Annika Martin
Series: Enemies With Benefits #0.5 
Release Date: April 23, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 60 pages
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


They’re dangerous men. Absolute enemies. And totally hot for each other.

Two years ago, the men in Will’s unit were killed in an ambush because they were betrayed. Now, Will has a chance to go after the corrupt billionaire who sold them out.
One problem: the billionaire’s bodyguard. Nobody knows what he looks like; they only know him by the trail of bodies he leaves behind.

Will their passion destroy them both?

Kit’s a hardened assassin who’ll do what it takes to protect his boss. But when Will moves on the billionaire at an elite party, things with Will and Kit take an unexpected -steamy-twist.
Now Kit has to convince Will to walk away–from his quest for justice, and from the red-hot passion that’s spinning out of control.

This is the prologue novella for ENEMIES LIKE YOU, out May 15th, 2017


Enemies With Benefits: a prologue (Enemies With Benefits 0.5)

 by Joanna Chambers & Annika Martin

****4 Stars****



This prequel wasn’t at all what I expected …it was quite a surprise and I do have to say…

…it was also pretty HOT.

Hot Guys GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Will is a (freelance) assassin, working on an assignment for the CIA, to get revenge on the man responsible for the death of his fellow soldiers…Sergei Polzin

brothertobrother-elijah-honor-in-revengegifw500h211.gif (500×211)

Kit is Polzin’s bodyguard and though he would love to see the man dead…there is something he needs before that can happen. So he won’t let anyone kill his boss.

Will and Kit come face to face soon enough and both men are quite surprised about the sexual tension between them. 

What follows is “panty dropping ” HOT. 😀

9c3419c3fe22006ec090c35c90f7d2fb.jpg (390×444):

I really enjoyed this prequel and it made me very curious about “Enemies like you”. Enemies to lovers are one of my favorite tropes and seeing how hot this little number was…

I have high hopes for the full novel.


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~Release Day Review~Tied to You by Riley Hart~

Title: Tied to You

Author: Riley Hart
Series: Wild Side #2
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 239
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


Miles Sorenson prides himself on his brutal honesty. Facts and logic are a hell of a lot easier to deal with than emotions. He’s got his career and a small, close-knit group of friends, and he doesn’t need nor want anything else. The total opposite of Quinn Barker, who doesn’t take life too seriously and thinks a good laugh can cure anything.

When Quinn takes Miles home, it’s supposed to be a one-time deal. Except they really click in the sack and end up spending the weekend together, enjoying each others’ bodies as much as their company…to Miles’ dismay. Matters get even more muddled when, months later, they run into each other at the popular West Hollywood bar, Wild Side, and pick up right where they left off.

On the surface, Quinn and Miles are like oil and water, but the draw between them is undeniable. As their lives further entwine, they realize there’s more to their connection than the way they singe the sheets together.

But demons from the past have a way of catching up, and no matter how strong the link is tying Miles and Quinn together, the pressure may be enough to make it snap.



Tied to You (Wild Side #2) by Riley Hart

****4 Stars****4 fjf


I did not read the previous books in this series so I didn’t know anything about Miles and Quinn going into this book.

It starts off with the two of them spending a weekend together and it has little flashbacks of how they met. In the beginning, I felt like I had started reading in the middle of the book and had missed an important part, but after the little time jumps, things became clear to me.

tumblr_nl3rmu7Dxf1tgz4rco1_500.gif (500×282)

These two meet and hook up and what was supposed to be a one-night stand…

turns into a whole weekend spent together.

This confuses Miles especially because he doesn’t normally do repeats. Sure the sex with Quinn is awesome, but that has never been a reason for a repeat before…

When the weekend is over, he walks away like he always does, but soon they come face to face again at a bar and…

Miles just can’t resist going back for more.

P9oXkZn.gif (500×300)

Slowly these two get to know more about one another.

Where Miles keeps a lot to himself, Quinn is more outgoing and he actually gets Miles to talk and open op. These two have some things in common, they were both abandoned as children. But while Miles was adopted by a loving family, Quinn grew up in foster care. Quinn had a hard time growing up and it did leave some (invisible) scars, but he was still an all round happy kinda guy and I really liked that about him.

tumblr_n988v4pqjh1rw0e9go1_400.gif (365×273)

I had a harder time with Miles, especially in the beginning, but he grew on me the further the story got…guess he just needed some Quinn in his life.

As for the steam…I was surprised that my Ipad didn’t catch fire !!! These boys like it rough and Quinn loves Miles dominating him.

“Get on your knees for me baby boy. I want to see my cock stretching those pretty lips of yours”

f6d6e541fed0af8133ad5a3995be0905.gif (500×280)

All in all, these guys were perfect for each other.

Miles was especially struggling with some things and Quinn being there for him was everything he needed.



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~Review~A Mended Man (The Men of Halfway House #4) by Jaime Reese~



A Mended Man (The Men of Halfway House #4) by Jaime Reese

****4 Stars****4-stars.gif (550×200): imageedit_44_8150275859

This is book number four in this series and I loved ❤ ever single one of them !!

photo tumblr_m0xtm8Dajz1qh4b99_zpsrghiego6.jpg:

This time it’s Jessie and Aiden’s turn…and I’ve been waiting for their story anxiously. 😀


Jessie was Hunter’s assistant (book 2) and Aiden the grouchy detective is Hunters best friend and Ty’s brother (book 3)

These two have been sniffing around each other for ages, so the time has finally come for them to get together.
The hardest part for me to read in this book was the reason they finally do come together. There is a major tragedy that happens and I was balling my eyes out within the first pages !!

tumblr_n74n46Ozam1ts7f01o1_500.gif (500×250)

Jessie was such a strong and sweet character, my heart broke for him on more than one occasion, but he really earned my respect with his strength and positivity !!

photo 70b51f152c6ca0c9756437c097ee4bb1_zpsniqf8bfk.jpg:

Aiden was a harder nut to crack. He was Jessie’s rock, but he has his own demons to fight and Aiden’s demons won’t give up so easily. Even though Aiden is Mr. tough detective, Jessie is the real hero in this book to me.

He never gave up on Aiden and his love for the man was admirable !!

photo 72f4f39411093e705122d8669ff09818_zpsn6tdvdhl.jpg:

I really enjoyed this book, but I have to agree with my friend Susan on this one. I think Jessie’s tragedy and suffering was a bit brushed over. It seemed like he got the short end of the stick on this one. Everything is mostly about Aiden and his struggles. What happened to him was awful, but I just didn’t understand why he wouldn’t talk to Jessie. Jessie bared his freaking soul to him and I just wanted Aiden to wake up and smell the coffee !!

I really loved this one, but I would have loved to read more about Jessie and what he was going through.

Now this book deals with some heavy topics, such as (sexual) abuse, torture, and violence, but it also has a lot of love and fun times. I loved Jessie’s obsession with balls !!!! The steam level in this one is a bit lower than in the previous one, but that is to be expected. 

There was still some hotness though….don’t worry. 😛

I will leave my review with an Aidenism.  😀

photo 0514028da494c2416834a30ff46a83727bc454-wm_zpsgm1zd1ic.jpg:

Now I will stay and wait (im)patiently for book 5!  😉 😀


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~Review~A Hunted Man (The Men of Halfway House#2) by Jaime Reese~




A Hunted Man (The Men of Halfway House #2) by Jaime Reese

****4 Stars****4-fjf


I love this series and I ❤ loved this book even more than I did book 1.

When Cameron was 17 years old he was sentenced (unfairly) to 10 years of prison time. I loved Cam from the very start.

Cameron has been through a lot and he is also hiding a lot…

Cameron.png (400×538):

After serving his time, he is welcomed at the Halfway House, by Matt and Julian (book 1). He has some difficulties adjusting because 10 years is a very long time.He tries his best though and he get’s a job at a diner.

While at work he meets Hunter.

Hunter.png (400×537):

Hunter is older, gorgeous, sexy and a lawyer, an assistant state attorney, to be exact.

These two share an instant attraction with one another.

Jaydenkiss's uploaded images - Imgur:

These two get to know each other and Hunter is willing to do anything to protect Cam and to prevent him going back to prison again.

991e74899e2ff2267d69e8f56ffbbccd.jpg (454×700):

I absolutely loved the mystery/suspence part of this book, and it didn’t take anything away from the romance.Just like the previous book, this is a slow burn romance and the sexual tension is so thick…

…you can cut it with a knife. 😛

14002534.gif (500×250)

But if I am being complete honest…what I loved most about this book was Cole.

His book is gonna be so great!!!


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~Release Day Review~Blood Script by Airicka Phoenix~



Title: Blood Script
Author: Airicka Phoenix
Series: Standalone
Release Date: April 12, 2017
Genre(s):Dark/Contemporary Romance, Mafia
Page Count: 382 pages
Reviewer: ~Mary~
Rating: ****4 Stars****imageedit_6_4753731194


~Buy Links~

| Amazon US | B&N | iBooks |


“Ever f*cked a pirate?”

He was insufferable, deeply scarred, and frustratingly gorgeous, and he was the man who was blackmailing her into tying the knot.

Cora Harris has never had luck with men. Being the daughter of a ruthless crime boss tended to put a dent in any relationship, but she never imagined she’d get kidnapped in the dead of night by pirates. She sure as hell never imagined the asshole with the smoldering gaze would threaten everyone she loved if she didn’t become his wife.

Only Captain James Crow wants more than just her hand in holy matrimony. He wants her absolute submission. He wants her pain. He wants the one thing she’s never given anyone — her heart. But is he willing to give the daughter of his sworn enemy his in return?

“How easily his eyes could make her forget that he was her captor. Not her savior.”

But when the truth is revealed, can James keep Cora from the true evil in their midst? Can he win before his revenge cost him more than just his life? And how far will Cora go to free herself of the man who enchanted her, seduced her, and when she submitted, imprisoned her?

Vengeance and betrayal will either bring two warring families together or obliterate them all.



Blood Script by Airicka Phoenix

****4 Stars****


This is my first read from this author, and my first read with and about the inside of the Mafia. Thru all the book I keep forgetting that the action of the book was in our days. I kept going back in my mind like it was a historical romance.

When I read the blurb and I saw that the book it is about a pirate, I said: “woooow…. hell yeah I’m definitely in”.

“WooooW…. hell yeah, I’m definitely in!” 😀

Imagini pentru GIF HELL YEAH

Although the book is about a pirate, most of the action happens on the land.

So…we have Cora, a daughter’s mob mafia, the most powerful man of all.

Imagini pentru brunette with hazel eyes

Cora is a beautiful brunette with hazel eyes. She loves her parent’s very much and she knows very well what business they run. She doesn’t have a boyfriend in a long time, because of her father power. Every one of them got scared or got removed. She is very stubborn, funny and sometimes very naive.

And when it comes to defending what is hers…

…man….she can become a really Hot Sexy Badass Woman.

gunstocks Say that again Hypercrite!:

Her father runs and controls everything.

When you are the Boss of the Mafia, you expect to be killed, or your family to be in danger because you make harm to a lot of people and you gain a lot of enemies. So Cora is kidnapped, by an enemy of her father, a pirate, but actually, this pirate is made by another enemy to kidnap Cora and wants to use her to get to her father. But plans change.

James is a hot sexy specimen of a man, with dark hair and eyes.

Designer beard:

He is very determined, smart, arrogant,  protective, dominant and very persistent in what he want’s and how he want’s it.James loves to be a pirate, loves his ship and his crew…and especially loves to live on the sea/ocean.

His life was ruined by one mob mafia…

…and he seeks revenge with all his soul and his heart.

But his time has come. Now he has his chance. He changes the plans, or so he thinks he can change them. But actually the plans change themselves and he doesn’t even know.

What I liked about the book was that it had a Romanian character, Nicholas. Yeyyyy.

The story was really good and the sex scenes were really hot.



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~Review~Pieces of Me by Melanie Hansen~




Pieces of Me (Spectrum Nights #1) by Melanie Hansen

****4 Stars****


This story is divided into two parts.

Part one starts, when these guys meet at age 17 when Scott’s mother marries Rylan’s father.

Scott never knew who his father was, only that he looks exactly like him. Which is also the reason his mother hates his guts. Scott is absolutely beautiful and his mother really despises him. She blames Scott for how her life turned out, but to be honest….she herself decided to act like the town slut/drunk.

Damn but I hated that woman.

fba8bb20a909103a6a725fb9391a2e25.gif (500×281)

Being dead poor and living in a trailer with all his siblings, having a drunk slut for a mother, Scott doesn’t have much going for himself….except his good looks, which he relies on a great deal.

Jaydenkiss's uploaded images - Imgur

Rylan’s mother left some time ago and his father never really got over this.

He attached himself to the first person, that showed him real interest and married her on the spot. Rylan wants his dad to be happy again, but he soon finds out that his new stepmom is not as wonderful as he thought she would be.

Rylan is gay and has decided to be out and proud at his new high school. I admired him, for not wanting to hide who he was.

He is also extremely attracted to his new and very hot stepbrother.

14e3b052a6e57d43238dcab0dac14944.jpg (500×375):

The both of them have to start sharing a room and soon Rylan learns that Scott is so much more than just a beautiful guy. The two become close….very close 😉

But pretty soon everything falls apart leaving Rylan with a broken heart and a messed up family.

Fast forward 6 years and we get to part 2.

Both men are adults now. Rylan is trying to make ends meets as a photographer and Scott is a sex-icon at a famous club. Scott is quite the manwhore and I was very disappointed in how he turned out. He was not my favorite character. I understood the why, but he just lost a lot of respect from me.

bridgette_burn.gif (575×325)

Rylan, however, is still wonderful. I wished he would have been a bit more angry with Scott, but… if wishes were fishes we’d all swim in riches.

Scott is still exploiting his good looks, thinking that’s all he is good for, but Rylan still sees the man underneath the beauty and tries to be his friend.

2a7d163d7e104769c1a5eb677b300270.jpg (236×243):

And then…….cliffhanger !!!!!!

eb4110e67ae9bef87ab9faf09ff90a69.gif (420×237)

Thankfully I won’t have to wait too long for book 2.

I am so curious to see what will happen next. 😉


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~Review~Revelation by Sloane Kennedy~




Revelation (The Protectors #7) by Sloane Kennedy

****4 Stars****


This is the 7th book in the “Protectors” series and I was extremely excited when I found out that Sloane Kennedy was releasing this book a few days sooner. Over the last year, this author has become one of my favorite mm writers and her books are an absolute auto-buy for me.

tumblr_inline_mjgnr4Bzg91qz4rgp_zps4cbef1b6.gif (500×260)

Even though this book can be read as a stand-alone, I would like to encourage everyone to read all her books in the right order. Sloane Kennedy has published a few series, which she keeps adding to, and some characters cross over from one series to the next. Reading these books is so much more enjoyable when you actually know all the side-characters. By now I actually feel part of this huge family she has created.

At the end of my review, I will post a list of all the books, in the right reading order.

If you haven’t started this series yet, I suggest you start now. 😀

7cbfe93528ff270fac119d5a0b9849ad.gif (500×351)

This time, it’s Cain and Ethan’s turn…

publication1_5.jpg (246×179):

Cain is one of the men, working for the underground organization, Ronan is leading.

Cain’s new job is to search out Ethan Rhodes. Ethan works at the same hospital as Ronan and the man just seems to have upped and left, leaving his wrecked and blood-stained apartment. Ronan thinks the man is on the run and he wants to know exactly what is going on. So this is where Cain comes in, he wasn’t prepared for what he would find though…

Ethan has been living in hell for the last 4 years.

His story was horrible and though he was quite broken….he wasn’t completely defeated. Part of the reason he wasn’t, was because of Lucy. She is a new character we were introduced to. I loved this girl and I loved Ethan for wanting to protect her…even when he was down and broken.

tumblr_inline_nd51q8Crjh1sd2lsk.gif (500×209)

Seeing Ethan so broken rises every one of Cain’s protective instincts.

“I’d wanted to wash away that proof so that I wouldn’t ache inside for what had happened to him.”

Which confuses even him, because he doesn’t understand why he is feeling this way. Cain has lived through a horrible past of his own and ever since he doesn’t like to be touched and he doesn’t do feelings very well. But there is something different about Ethan and the way he makes him feel.

tumblr_n2vsl5hm4l1rstq9ro3_r1_250.gif (245×175)

In helping Ethan fight his demons, he realizes that Ethan is also helping him fight his.It was very nice seeing these two broken souls come together and start healing each other.

15222353.gif (500×281)

“We were just two people finding in each other what we couldn’t find in ourselves.”

I would have loved to give this book 5 stars but there were some things that bothered me, so I couldn’t. With everything that happened to Ethan, I found it bit hard to believe that he opened up to Cain the way he did. And I don’t just mean mentally, I mean physically. This brings me to the triggers.

For those of you who are sensitive to triggers, be warned that this book deals with several, which I will put under a ⇒spoiler physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse and murder/suicide.⇐ 

Still, I loved reading this book, as I have loved all of the books in this series…

…and I can’t wait to read the next one, which will be about Phoenix. I have to admit that I myself am extra curious about Vincent, who’s another character we got to meet in this book. I hope we will get his story soon too !!


Recommended Reading Order

If you want to read according to the correct timeline.

If you are not an m/f reader you can skip those books without any problem because each book is written as a stand-alone.

1. Gabriel’s Rule (m/f) (The Escort Series, #1)
2. Shane’s Fall (m/f) (The Escort Series, #2)
3. Logan’s Need (m/m) (The Escort Series, #3)
4. Finding Home (m/m/m) (Finding Series, #1)
5. Finding Trust (m/m) (Finding Series, #2)
6. Loving Vin (m/f) (Barretti Security Series, #1)
7. Redeeming Rafe (m/m) (Barretti Security Series, #2)
8. Saving Ren (m/m/m) (Barretti Security Series, #3)
9. Freeing Zane (m/m) (Barretti Security Series, #4
10. Finding Peace (m/m) (Finding Series, #3)
11. Finding Forgiveness (m/m) (Finding Series, #4)
12. Absolution (m/m/m) (The Protectors, #1)
13. Salvation (m/m) (The Protectors, #2)
14. Retribution (m/m) (The Protectors, #3)
15. Forsaken (m/m) (The Protectors, #4)
16. Vengeance (m/m/m) (The Protectors, #5)
17. A Protectors Family Christmas (The Protectors, #5.5)
18. Atonement (m/m) (The Protectors, #6)
19. Revelation (m/m) (The Protectors, #7)
20. Finding Hope (m/m/m) (Finding Series, #5)


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~Release Day Review~ Leap of Faith by Jackie Keswick~


Title: Leap of Faith
Author: Jackie Keswick
Series: FireWorks Security #1
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: April 5, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 125 pages
Cover Design: Garrett Leigh
Reviewer: ~Simone~

Close friends and partners at FireWorks Security, Joel Weston and Kieran Ross know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They have each other’s backs, make a formidable team, and carefully ignore their volatile chemistry.When Kieran struggles with the aftermath of an assignment gone wrong, Joel is there to help.
When Joel is caught in an explosion, Kieran jumps into a burning marina to rescue the man who means so much to him. But they never discuss what’s closest to their hearts, not prepared to risk their friendship for the mere possibility of something more.
Faced with bombs, assassins and old ghosts, Joel and Kieran must find out why they’re targets, who is after them and—most of all—how each would feel if he lost the other. Can they continue as best friends, or is it time to take a leap of faith?


Leap of Faith by Jackie Keswick

****4 Stars****4ssdf

Bless my heart! This story did not only keep the main characters in suspense…

…but kept on me, too…

When I was offered the ARC for Leap of Faith I was all shining eyes and toothy grin, just because of the blurb alone. This is so my kind of book: friends to lovers romance wrapped in a mystery/suspense plot with a whole load of action. For the most part, the story kept its promise, so much so that my eyes were glued to my Kindle and I read it in one go.

Joel Weston and Kieran Ross are partners at FireWorks Security.

tumblr_n0ih36dbJo1ql1p0io1_500.gif (500×273)

They are also best friends since the day Kieran began to work for the organization of Joel’s father which is specializing in kidnappings, extortion and hostage situations.

They rely on each other.

They keep an eye on each other.

They complement each other in every possible way.

Two sides of the same coin.

Both men just clicked from the moment they met and teamed up to such an extent that neither one dares to admit to himself -much less to the other- that there are deeper feelings in play. They refuse to pursue their chemistry from fear of risking their friendship or their teamwork.

“Joel had no idea how to phrase what he meant to say. “We’re good as a team. We’re good as friends. We both worked hard to get this far. Going any further could ruin everything.”

When a hostage situation hits too close to home and subsequently someone tries to kill them at every turn, both men have to deal with their feelings for each other eventually, but also with ghosts of the past, both to overcome their fear and to get to the bottom of things.

I instantly connected with the characters, albeit a bit more with Kieran. That did not surprise me at all because it is a fact that I have a penchant for tortured heroes and Kieran matched this paradigm to a T with his PTSD and his compassion which leads to letting the fate of every victim of a crime get to him.


Compared to Kieran, Joel remained a bit pale for me, but since this is the first in a new series, I’m pretty sure that will change with the books to come. What I loved about him is his dedication to keep Kieran safe at all costs and to make Kieran feel safe no matter what. He has a somewhat bossy attitude while doing his job, but likes to let it all go when it comes to Kieran dominating him in bed.

Janis Ostojic:

Normally, I am the one who complains about not enough depth in a novella, not enough time to form a basis for a story, but this is not the case here. Like I said, this is the beginning of a series and the author manages to introduce the setting right down to the last detail, be it the location or the structure and tasks of the organization.

On the one hand, it did not feel like a short story. There is so much happening in this book and the roughly 12o pages are filled with adrenaline-level-boosting action scenes, which made me breathless while ensconcing myself in my comfy armchair.  Some people might complain that the romance took a bit of a backseat, but you are dealing with an ultimate slow-burn lover here, so the gradual progress of the relationship just sealed the deal for me to enjoy it. I felt the connection between Joel and Kieren everytime they were together and this kind of relationship needs development, which obviously cannot be established within a few pages.

On the other hand, I still wish the story would have been longer.

My main niggle about it is that there was sometimes too much telling and not enough showing, be it regarding sex scenes – the first real sex scene was off-page, goddammit! – or conversations I would have liked to read about and not just being told afterward that they took place. The sex scenes that were there made up for the lack of those non-explicit, though. Kieran’s kinks are mirrors and –holy moly– that was really hot


The story ends on -um, no… no worries, not on a cliffhanger, at least not regarding the relationship, which can be considered as an HFN – but on a not solved case which will keep the main characters -and I’m pretty sure the reader as well- busy in the next installment.

This was the first book for me from this author, but definitely not the last.

I like her writing and she was able to make me curious about both, the further course of events in this story and also about her other works.



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~Review~The Sweetest Goodbye by Christina Lee~





The Sweetest Goodbye (Roadmap to Your Heart #3.5)

by Christina Lee

****4 Stars****


After re-reading “The Deepest Blue”, I figured it was time to read Billie’s story.

I loved Billie in book 2 and I really wanted a happy ever after for him.

Those who have read the previous books, know that Billie has been struggling with Epilepsy his whole life. This is were his therapy dog comes in…Bullseye, what an awesome friend he was to Billie. I loved that dog !!

27fd8ba0d62a07c039ab0cac15857812.jpg (625×582):

Billie is now in his early twenties, working at his own bakery with his friend Dylan. Dylan hasn’t had it easy growing up with an alcoholic father, who kicked him out because he was gay. Thankfully the “Montgomery’s were there, to pick him up, when he needed it. He has been a part of the family ever since and Dylan and Billie are the best of friends.

Dylan, however, is feeling a bit more than just friendship for Billie. Too bad that Billie is still hung up on his first love Leo.

He is convinced Leo will come back and they will be together again…

FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen:

One drunken night at a club leads to more than platonic friendship and once things get started…

…they are hard to stop…

tumblr_nxubp3zx8m1te42yzo1_500.gif (500×255)

But Dylan knows that Billie wants to be with Leo… and Billie knows that Dylan isn’t looking for anything more than fun…

I really enjoyed this little novella,…

…though I have to say that Billie’s pining over Leo frustrated me at times.

Dylan, however, was an amazing character.


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~Review~ The Darkest Flame by Christina Lee




The Darkest Flame (Roadmap to Your Heart #1)

by Christina Lee

****4 Stars****



Thrusting, gyrating, licking, sucking…forbidden…

Panting…that was just me reading this.

Two sexy Bikers getting down and dirty…delicious.

Vaughn is part owner of the Hog’s Den bar.

The other half is owned by the Disciples MC president.With the MC conducting club business in the bar, Vaughn has been very aware of one particular club member…Smoke.

Smoke used to be a member of a rival MC.

He was heavily into drugs and his life was a mess until the president of the Disciples stepped in.He’s got himself clean and is now a member of the club.

These two men are both bi and there have been lots of lingering looks and smoldering sexual tension going on for a while before they get down and dirty.

My, oh my…when these two get together it’s just so damn hot.

It’s raw and dirty but also very passionate about them.I couldn’t read it fast enough.And the bar scene with the over the table sex was just delicious….I think I actually squeaked.I definitely made some kind of noise because my husband asked what was wrong with me.

If I can drag myself away from the sex, their relationship was actually quite sweet.I loved how protective they were over each other.

This isn’t a typical Biker book.There is club drama when someone from Smoke’s past enters the picture but it’s not overdone drama, thankfully.

What’s not to like….
An MC element and two sexy as sin men getting it on frequently and in the filthiest ways.

I really enjoyed this one…Recommended…


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