~Guest Post~Soft Place to Fall by BA Tortuga~


We are happy to welcome BA Tortuga to talk about the new book,
Soft Place to Fall
Check out this fantastic new release…read an Excerpt and grab your copy today.
You don’t want to miss this book!
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44448349Title: Soft Place to Fall
Author: BA Tortuga
Cover Artist: Tiferet Design
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 237 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, Western
Release Date: April 9, 2019


Stetson Major and Curtis Traynor are about as opposite as two cowboys can get. Stetson is a rancher, tied to the land he loves in Taos, New Mexico, while Curtis is a rodeo cowboy whose wanderlust never could be tamed. 
But now Stetson’s momma is dying of Alzheimer’s, and she can’t remember that Curtis hasn’t been Stetson’s boyfriend for a long time. Curtis’s absence makes her cry, so Stetson swallows his pride and calls his ex-lover. 
To Curtis, Stetson is the one who got away, the love of his life. And Momma is his friend, so he’s happy to help out. Yet returning to the ranch stirs up all sorts of feelings that, while buried, never really went away. Still, the rodeo nationals are coming up, and Curtis can’t stay… even if he’s starting to want to, especially to support Stetson when he needs it most. 
Stetson and Curtis want to find a place where they both fit, to be there to catch each other when they fall. But family, money problems, and the call of the rodeo circuit might end their second-chance romance before it even gets started.

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~Guest Post-BA Tortuga~

Hey y’all! I’m BA Tortuga, resident redneck and lover of all things western, and I can’t wait to introduce y’all to bull rider Curtis and New Mexico rancher, Stetson. Stetson is caught between a rock and a hard place, and it’s funny, because he calls Curtis and…well, Stetson ends up doing a little saving himself.

Read an Excerpt from Soft Place to Fall

Curtis set the alarm on his phone so he wouldn’t sleep in and make Stetson do all the damned work this morning.
He still managed to miss a good many of the chores, judging from the fact that Stetson was gone when he got up and still wasn’t back after he had a shower and tugged on every bit of clothing he owned.
Jesus, was the furnace broke or just….
Fifty. The thermostat was set to fucking fifty.
Curtis stood in the hallway, torn. Stetson had his pride, and obviously he was having trouble making ends meet. That was clear as glass. But damn. Curtis turned it up to sixty-two. Happy medium.
“Shit, it’s bitter out there.” He heard Stetson stomping and clearing his boots of snow, and then he heard Stetson chuckle softly. “You pups hang out and I’ll find everyone a couple more blankets.”
Curtis moved to the kitchen and the coffee maker, which, wow. Ancient. Gross. Okay, he needed to make a trip to Target down in Santa Fe. Was there a Target in Española? He couldn’t remember. “Morning, Roper.”
“Hey, cowboy, you sleep good? Everyone’s fed and snuggled up out there.”
“I did. You need me to help with the dogs?”
“Nah, I’m just going to make sure they’ve got enough to keep warm. Fixin’ to dump snow again this afternoon.”
“It’s amazing up here. Shit, I’d forgotten the winter.” He’d acclimatize again, but right now he needed to carb load and mainline water.
Stetson chuckled for him, then disappeared into Miss Betty’s part of the house and returned with a pile of old blankets. “You want to start coffee, and I’ll bring in some wood.”
“I’m on it. You want pancakes for breakfast?” He knew he’d gotten all the stuff last night.
“Oh, that would be a blessing. Please, thank you.”
“You got it.” Coffee. Pancakes. Chicken sausage. He snagged Stetson for his good morning kiss because he wanted one.
“Oh—” Stetson’s lips were icy, but the kiss wasn’t. Not at all.
No, the contact warmed up real quick, Stetson wrapping those long arms around his neck and holding on. He hummed, a happy noise that kinda surprised him.
He stepped right into the curve of Stetson’s body, holding them tight together. They both tilted their heads the other way, the kiss going deep in another direction.
Jesus. Good morning to him. He worked the buttons of Stetson’s shearling coat open, hunting that tight body that waited for him. Life was short. He was gonna start with dessert first.
“Curtis! It’s morning!”
“Mmm. Broad daylight, even.” He grinned at Stetson, feeling his face stretch with it. “God, I want to lay you out in the sunshine one day, watch you arch for me.”
Stetson moaned, the sound damn near pained.
“You need loving, Roper. You scream for it.”

Much love, y’all,


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~Guest Post~Inked Music by Sean Michael~


We are happy to welcome Sean Michael to talk about the new book,
Inked Music
Check out this fantastic new release…read an Excerpt and grab your copy today.
You don’t want to miss this book!
More details below…😀imageedit_36_2559719253

44005644Title: Inked Music
Author: Sean Michael
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 193 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, BDSM
Release Date: April 9, 2019


Can a wealthy but bored businessman rescue a tortured musician from his self-imposed purgatory with a scorching kinky romance? 
When Rene Conette attends an intimate performance at a local bar, the guitarist moves him enough that he attempts to go backstage but is stymied by the man’s bodyguard. Putting it down as not meant to be, he goes on with his life only to run into the man again, late at night at a bookstore. 
Gavin Turner used to be a famous musician until an obsessed fan kidnapped and tortured him. Then it came out that he was into the BDSM lifestyle, and the court of public opinion ravaged him. He lost his Master and his self-confidence. Now he hides behind his ink and his bodyguards, who make sure he doesn’t come into contact with anyone or anything he doesn’t want to. Though it’s been years since he satisfied his needs, he doesn’t think he can trust again. 
If Rene can work his way past Gavin’s defenses, they might find they complement each other perfectly.

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~Guest Post~Sean Michael~

Thank you to Dirty Books Obsession for hosting me today.

I love starting a new book. I love discovering who the characters are, what the things are that make them unique. I really love writing how they first meet, their first kiss, the first time they make love. It’s all shiny and new and exciting and it gets my writing juices flowing big time.

Some characters just pop for me right from the start in a special way and I know they’re going to be awesome. Rene and Gavin were like this. I knew it the minute Gavin stepped out on stage in nothing but a pair of jeans and his skin that was covered in tattoos. Rene and I both sat up and paid attention when that happened.

Each character comes with their own personalities and traits and quirks too, and those are just as fun to discover. Like music for Gavin. He’s not just a musician, but music drives his life. It’s his breath, you might say. I loved how Rene dialed in on that and instinctively made sure that Gavin always had music around him even when he was visiting Rene’s place.

I hope you love discovering Rene and Gavin, too!

Sean Michael
smut fixes everything


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~Guest Post~Over and Back (Bronco’s Boys #5) by Andrew Grey~


We are happy to welcome Andrew Grey to talk about his new book, 
Over and Back (Bronco’s Boys #5)
Check out this fantastic new release…read an Excerpt and grab your copy today.
You don’t want to miss this book!
More details below…😀 imageedit_132_9320190448

43563213Title: Over and Back
Author: Andrew Grey
Series: Bronco’s Boys #5
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 202 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Romance
Release Date: April 9, 2019


Sequel to Round and Round
Opposites attract on an overseas holiday, but trouble has hitched a ride.
While Bronco’s nightclub is closed for renovations, the owners invite the staff on a trip to Italy. Bartender Hank needs a roommate, and he’s had his eye on waiter Grant for a while, even if he’s had to keep his distance. But sharing such close proximity means sparks are sure to fly…
Grant has a problem saying no, and it’s led him into some less-than-healthy relationships. While he’s determined not to repeat his mistakes, it’s clear Hank is different.
They’re both willing to take it slow and explore the feelings building between them, but even in a foreign country, their pasts are catching up, and that could hurt more than just their budding romance.

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~Guest Post~Andrew Grey~

This story was inspired by the trip to Italy that Dominic and I took last year.  So here are the top 5 things Dominic and I saw on our trip.

1)  The Pantheon in Rome – An incredible building and done that has been standing for nearly 2000 years.

2)  The Sistine Chapel – I craned my neck for as long as they would let me stay to marvel up at Michelangelo’s ceiling and altar piece.

3)  The Duomo in Florence – Dominic and I climbed to the top of the Dome for a breathtaking view.  I’m so proud of Dominic for doing it with me and overcoming part of his fear of heights.

4)  The Uffici in Florence – Renaissance marvels of all kinds.  An amazing experience where you get to get up close with DaVinci.

5)  David – The best butt in marble. And yes, we did walk around back to take a look.



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~Guest Post~Rebound by Andrew Grey~


We are happy to welcome Andrew Grey to talk about his new book, Rebound.
Check out this fantastic new release…read an Excerpt and grab your copy today.
You don’t want to miss this book! 😀 
More details below…imageedit_125_6072201650

43982032Title: Rebound
Author: Andrew Grey
Cover Artist: Kanaxa
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 194 pages
Genre(s): M/M,Contemporary Romance,Sport
Release Date: February 12, 2019


Professional basketball player Bri Early needs a physical therapist after an injury, and he’s heard that Obie is the best. Bri takes an immediate liking to the out-and-proud man with the magic touch, and even though Bri isn’t openly gay himself, he’d never let anything stand in the way of something he wants.
Obie can’t deny that the sexy athlete presses all his buttons, but he’s a professional and has no intention of getting involved with a client. While they’re working together, it’s hands off, no matter how great the temptation.
But being a pro athlete isn’t easy. Bri has enemies, and one of them is making his life hell. When his house is set ablaze, Bri can no longer pretend the threatening messages he’s receiving are jokes. He needs a safe place to stay, and Obie can’t turn his back. But the two of them in the same house is a recipe for combustion that could burn them both….

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~Guest Post~Crocus (Bonfires #2) by Amy Lane~


We are happy to welcome Amy Lane to talk about the new book,
Crocus (Bonfires #2)
Check out this fantastic book, read Amy’s post, an Excerpt and grab your copy today!
You don’t want to miss this book! 😀 imageedit_21_9280977617

38895620Title: Crocus
Author: Amy Lane
Series: Bonfires #2
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 224 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 17, 2018
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: ✮4.5 Stars✮


Saying “I love you” doesn’t guarantee peace or a happy ending.
High School Principal “Larx” Larkin was pretty sure he’d hit the jackpot when Deputy Sherriff Aaron George moved in with him, merging their two families as seamlessly as the chaos around them could possibly allow.
But when Larx’s pregnant daughter comes home unexpectedly and two of Larx’s students are put in danger, their tentative beginning comes crashing down around their ears.
Larx thought he was okay with the dangers of Aaron’s job, and Aaron thought he was okay with Larx’s daughter—who is not okay—but when their worst fears are almost realized, it puts their hearts and their lives to the test. Larx and Aaron have never wanted anything as badly as they want a life together. Will they be able to make it work when the world is working hard to keep them apart?

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~Guest Post~Amy Lane~

Yoshi and Tane and Eamon and Georgina

Every now and then, I psyche myself into thinking I’m all alone and I have no friends. Childish, I know, but if the people I talk to on a daily basis get busy, if Mate and the kids are completely overrun, I think, “What have I done that I have nobody to talk to right now when I’m bored?” Bear with me here—I freely admit to being twelve on occasion. I have a blessed multitude of friends.  All I really have to do is search my phone, hit up my people on FB messenger, or actually (gasp!) call people who don’t usually do social media. We do not live in a vacuum.

People as busy as Larx and Aaron cannot exist without a support system, and if Larx and Aaron are interesting people, their friends are going to be a laugh riot.  For me, the key to writing a good supporting character is to make sure—in my mind at least—this character has an entire backstory, in canon, that he or she can draw from extensively when engaged in conversation, and boy, do I have some great backstories here.

Eamon, Aaron’s boss at the Sherriff’s office, is nearing retirement age. He’s African American and grew up in this small white town. Of course, when he hit adulthood he couldn’t wait to get away, and after some stints in the army and some time wandering the big wide world, he eventually came back to his roots, but twenty years older, and with a wife in tow. Although Eamon and Georgina are nurturing and kind, they opted not to have children. Instead Georgina spends her time spoiling the crap out of Aaron’s kids, and Eamon thinks of the town as his child. He wants to bring it to a good place in its maturation before he hands it off to Aaron, and when things happen like Deputy Percy Hardesty drawing down on a civilian asset, Eamon gets concerned. Eamon is avuncular, funny, tough, and getting too damned old to go over twenty-four hours without sleep.

Aaron’s not sure what he’d do without Eamon, but he feels privileged to have had the man as his boss and is hopeful about filling his shoes as the Sherriff after the election.

Yoshi Nakamoto was drawn from my own fifth grade teacher, Mr. Nakamoto (who probably had no first name, because who knows their 5th grade teacher’s first name, right?), who was sarcastic, a little bitter, and very devoted to his students. Yoshi’s backstory is that he grew up a little privileged, and decided he wanted to teach because it was the only thing he could do with a degree in literature and he really hated any of the business courses his parents yearned for him to take. He was a devoted teacher at an inner city school, to the extent that when one of his students dropped off the map, he chased the kid down to an inner-city kid’s program, and that’s where he met Tane Pavelle.

Tane is weathered, prematurely aged from drug addiction and living on the street, and giving kids art, the thing that saved him, is his way of paying back the world for letting him fight his own demons. Tane simply melts around Yoshi. Their courtship was very much Yoshi saying things like, “So, I’ll be back tomorrow with lunch. What do you want? Yes, it’s a date, I’m asking you right?” And Tane, who’s life had been very hard before this, was like, “Uh, chicken?” When Yoshi showed up with chicken, Tane fell in love.

But Tane was broken, and when his sister said she and her family were moving up to the wilds of Colton, he felt like he had to follow her, and asking Yoshi, this fantastic creature who just worried his way into Tane’s life and made himself at home, seemed like too much. He’d had Yoshi, he had to give him back—Tane Pavelle didn’t get a Yoshi Nakamoto in his life. He just didn’t.

Which was why Yoshi packed his bags, got a job at the local high school and showed up on Tane’s doorstep, probably saying things like, “Let me in, dumbass!” and, “You don’t have any food, do you. That’s right, you don’t see Yoshi for a month and you forget to eat. Jesus you’re stupid, now move over and let me have your drawer.”

If I had worlds enough and time, I’d write that story in a heartbeat.

So Yoshi and Eamon and their respective mates hopefully feel real. I know that in my own head, they are fully realized. I know what they said to their parents when they brought their beloveds home, I know roughly how their courtship went, and I know what drives them.

Even if they only get a few pages in Larx and Aaron’s books, I think they’ve got enough going on in their own lives to steal the show.


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~Guest Post~No Tears for Darcy by Vicki Reese~Character Interview & Excerpt~


We are happy to welcome Vicki Reese to talk about her new book,
No Tears for Darcy
Check out this fantastic book, read the Character Interview, an Excerpt and grab your copy today!
You don’t want to miss this book! 😀 imageedit_73_8358215391

39005894Title: No Tears for Darcy
Author: Vicki Reese
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 200 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, Mystery/Suspense
Release Date: April 3, 2018


Letting love pass them by would be a crime.
Former forensic accountant Cameron has lost nearly everyone he’s ever loved, and now his vintage clothing shop has been broken into and trashed. When town police chief Will Carson asks an out-of-town cop friend of his for help, Cam takes one look at the dark-haired, blue-eyed detective and knows he’s in real trouble—and it has nothing to do with vandalism or murder.
Pete Minchelli is on leave from his job in Philadelphia due to a gunshot wound, but he figures he can help an academy buddy with some light police work. Plus, he’ll have a chance to experience small-town life. He’s tired of the big city and all its corruption. But he quickly discovers that not all the bad stuff happens in cities. What he doesn’t expect to find is death, treachery—or love.

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~Guest Post~Character Interview~

~Luc’s story~

Hi! I’m Luc Minchelli. I run the new restaurant and club on the outskirts of town. I own it with my brother Pete. We’re doing pretty well, though I often wished Pete would take more of an interest in it. But he’s a cop. Or was one up till recently. That job may be in jeopardy, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Pete’s been in too many scrapes for the family’s comfort. He’s been shot, knifed, battered, nearly drowned… way too many things. But I think with Cam in the picture, that might be over.

Cameron came into our lives when his vintage clothing store downtown was vandalized. Pete’s friend Will, our chief of police, asked Pete to help out with the investigation. Pete was supposed to be on leave, taking it easy after his last run in with a perp. Shot up his leg pretty badly. I tied to get him to help me out here at the club more, but Pete couldn’t pass up a chance to help Will out. Not once he saw Cameron. I never believed in love at first sight, but with those two, it just might be something.

I’ve never seen anyone so totally taken with another person than those two are with each other. The first time Pete brought Cam up here, I knew. He’d never brought any of his male friends around before, but suddenly there’s Cam, looking all cute and innocent. And hungry! Pete brought him up for lunch, so we fed him. Had a great time teasing Pete as we made linguini and salt and lobster. That poor man wasn’t sure what to make of the way Pete and I are together. I mean, we’re brothers and from a big family. So we bicker. A lot.

Then we added Toni, our little sister, in. I’m surprised Cam didn’t run for the hills. Especially when we found out he was an only child. I wish! No, I take that back. My brothers and sisters may drive me nuts, but I love them all and wouldn’t change a thing. Our family is big, noisy, and every stereotype of Italian you can think of, but they’re mine. We may fight, but you don’t mess with us. We know how to fight back. And will.

So, anyway, this whole mess with Darcy and Cam’s ex and everything ended up being the best thing that ever happened to Pete—and me! I get to have my brother around more and Cam as a brother-in-law (eventually). And I am so glad. Cam is definitely a good person to have around. It’s a shame what he went through, but it brought him to our family so that’s all for the good.


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~Guest Post~The Blueprint (The Game #1) by S.E. Harmon~


We are happy to welcome S.E. Harmon to talk about her new book… 

The Blueprint (The Game #1)

Check out this fantastic book, read the Excerpt and grab your copy today!
You don’t want to miss this book! 😀


38504190Title: The Blueprint
Author: S.E. Harmon
Series: The Game, #1
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 270 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 13, 2018


Kelly Cannon is satisfied with his life. He has friends, a wonderful family, and a great job. But his love life has reached a new level of pitiful. Why? Well, his heart decided to break all the rules. Don’t fall in love with a straight guy. And definitely, don’t fall in love with your best friend.
NFL standout Britton “Blue” Montgomery has pressure coming at him from all sides. From his father, who’s only interested in Blue’s football career. From his coaches, who just want him to play without getting injured again. From the fans. From his agent. And from his mother, who has popped up on the radar after leaving his family years before. And now his relationship with Kelly is on shaky ground, and that frightens Blue more than anything.
When Kelly admits he’s in love with Blue, bonds are tested, and Blue has to decide what’s really important. He doesn’t want to lose the number-one person in his life, but the cost to keep Kelly close might be more than he’s willing to pay.
It’s a good thing his nickname is the Blueprint—it’s time to draft a new set of plans.

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☆☆☆Guest Post~S.E. Harmon☆☆☆


Hi all! Thanks to Dirty Books Obsession for having me on my blog tour. I’m here to talk a little bit about my latest release, The Blueprint. When I started outlining this story, I knew several things—I wanted Blue to be a football player, I wanted the main characters to be best friends, and I wanted the story to be OFY/GFY. I know OFY/GFY can be a controversial topic, but it’s one of my favorite tropes…and I like to write what I like to read.  Besides, what could be better than sexual discovery with the person that knows you best in the whole world?

Blue’s path to love isn’t an easy one, but that’s to be expected. There’s a little frustrating push and pull, but that’s to be expected, too. His indecision almost splits him into two people. Part of him who knows this burgeoning thing with Kelly can’t go any further…not if he wants his life to go exactly the way he planned. But then there’s another part of him…the part that just doesn’t give a fuck and wants Kelly no matter what.

Nothing worth having is ever easy, and Blue and Kelly are about to learn that lesson well. I hope you have fun with these guys…I certainly did.

Happy Reading!




Excerpt from The Blueprint
Copyright © 2018 by S.E. HarmonAll rights reserved.

Kelly took the broom and started to sweep again. “Apparently part of my mother’s welcome-home package includes cleaning out the garage within an inch of its life. What’re you doing here?”

That was a good fucking question. One I still hadn’t come up with an answer for. Clearly he was fine, and I was the biggest worrywart who ever worried. “What does it look like?”

“It looks like you’re here just in time to help me clean out the garage.”

“Dream on, Cannon.”

He brushed his hair out of his eyes again. It was longer than he usually liked it, but I thought the length looked good. It suited him. “How’d you even know I was here?” he asked.

“I called Kennedy. Apparently she still knows how to use a phone.” My tone was pointed, and he blushed a little and swept more vigorously.

“I told you I was fine.”

“No, you texted me you were fine. I haven’t spoken with you since the night of the party. What was I supposed to think?”

“That I’d been chopped up by an ax murderer. Obviously that’s the only reasonable conclusion.”

“Clearly,” I said with a sigh. I didn’t bother to tell him he wasn’t amusing—mostly because it was obvious.

“You were supposed to report me missing, not come charging down here to find me. You’re the executor of my will, Blue.” He sent me an accusing look. “How can I count on you to carry out my last wishes if you don’t follow instructions?”

“That depends. Do I still get your Infiniti in your will?”

“Kennedy got me out of pepper planting this morning, so she gets the Infiniti. I’m leaving you my Planet Earth DVDs.”

It felt good to joke with him, laugh with him, be with him. A Kelly who wanted space made me anxious. There was a little embarrassment mixed in there too. Apparently my oldest friend was ready to move on from our clingy childhood ways, and I wasn’t.

“I still can’t believe you made a four-hour drive just to see if I was okay.”

Well, when he put it so incredulously, it did sound a tad stalkerish. “That’s what happens when you don’t answer the fucking phone.”

“I’m sorry.” He sent me a look that was sincerely apologetic. “You know how I can get.”

I did. The knowing didn’t make it any easier to bear. “You can’t just clam up like that. It’s not fair.”

“You’re right.”

“Of course I am. Not to mention there are a couple ways to get away from me, sure, but none of them include something as simple as sending me to voicemail.”

His mouth curved. “Good to know.”



wendy1  imageedit_17_8263291381

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~Guest Post~Running to You by Andrew Grey~


☆☆☆Guest Post☆☆☆

We are happy to welcome Andrew Grey to talk about his new book Running to You
Check out this fantastic book, read the Excerpt and grab your copy today!
You don’t want to miss this book! 😀 imageedit_6_4753731194

39213664Title: Running to You
Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 200 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 13, 2018


Home, love, and possibilities he never imagined are waiting for Billy Joe to claim them. But first, he needs to escape the horrors of his past. 
A twisted act of cruelty and prejudice drives Billy Joe from his Mississippi home, and he makes it as far as Pennsylvania—where his car breaks down just as the year’s first snowstorm blows in. Fortunately, Carlos is there to lend a hand. 
Carlos is no stranger to hardship. His family rejected him for being gay, but with determination, he put himself through school and became a librarian. Carlos sees the same willpower in Billy, and he wants to help Billy and his son succeed in a new life that is very different from the one they left behind. With his support, they start to adjust, and before long, both men want more than encouragement from each other. They want the chance for a future together, but their families have other ideas… and Billy’s will stop at nothing to get what they want.

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       ~Guest Post~Andrew Grey~

open q Some books come to me all at once and others in small pieces.  This one popped into my head as I was watching the movie The Help.  I have no real idea why that movie sparked this story, but something clicked in my head and Running to You was born.   

It’s strange how the mind works sometimes.  But I have to confess that one of the themes in this story is very near and dear to my heart:  that no matter how we are raised or who our parents are, it’s our own choices that determine the kind of life we are going to lead.  It takes courage to change the course of our destinies. 

The easy road is to stay on the path we’re placed and not deviate, whether or not that road leads to happiness. Change is hard, taking control of our lives is hard…but those who are willing to take the chance are the ones who have a shot at being happy and finding their heart’s desire. close q



Excerpt from Running to You
Copyright © 2018

Carlos Miras pulled to a stop behind the black Escape by the side of the highway. His father would probably tell him he was a fool, and his mother would probably say he had a good heart—too good a heart. But neither of their opinions mattered anymore. He was no longer part of their family. Carlos looked out his front window, wipers swishing back and forth to ward off the snow. He saw hints of light coming from inside the car, most likely from a cell phone.

He got out, pulling his coat closed around him. Hazard lights blinked red against the snow. Carlos tapped on the window of the back door because he thought he saw movement. “Are you all right?” he shouted.

The back door opened to a man leaning over the back seat to a small child still in his car seat, covered in a blanket. “The car died, and I was trying to get him warm.” The man turned and pulled back, eyes widening. Carlos had trouble placing the expression. “We’ll be fine as soon as I call for help.”

“Pop the hood. Let me take a look at it.” Carlos had spent numerous hours working on cars with his father and brothers. Not that he’d been particularly into cars at the time, but he picked things up by osmosis. He went around to the front, and when the hood popped, he pushed it open and used his phone to illuminate the engine.

“It just went dark all of a sudden and everything stopped working,” the man said, pulling himself into the coat after closing the car door.

Carlos bent over the engine and quickly found the problem. “It’s the electrical system.” He reconnected the main circuit to the alternator and stood back up. The hood light came on as though he’d flipped a switch, and Carlos closed the hood. “That ought to do it. I suggest you take it in to have it looked at, but you were pretty lucky.”

The man turned the key and the engine came to life. “Thanks,” he said softly. “I was trying to make Harrisburg to get a hotel and….”

Carlos shook his head. “I don’t think so. The snow isn’t going to stop, and the roads are only going to get worse. I’d say to get a hotel, but with this weather, they have been reporting that almost everything is full.” He sighed. “Let me make a call.” He pulled out his phone and called his landlady, Mrs. Carmichael, and explained the situation. “I know it’s unusual, but he has a little boy with him, and in this weather….”



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~Guest Post~Bobby Green (Johnnies #5) by Amy Lane~


We are happy to welcome Amy Lane, to talk about her new book Bobby Green.
Check out this fantastic book, and grab your copy today!
You don’t want to miss this book! 😀 imageedit_117_5106080025

36594567Title: Bobby Green
Author: Johnnies #5
Series: Amy Lane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 350 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Romance
Release Date: February 6, 2018
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 4.5 Stars


Vern Roberts couldn’t wait to turn eighteen and get the hell out of Dogpatch, California. But city living is expensive, and he’s damned desperate when Dex from Johnnies spots him bussing tables. 
As “Bobby,” he’s a natural at gay porn. Soon he’s surrounded by hot guys and sex for the taking, but it’s not just his girlfriend back in Dogpatch—or her blackmailing brother—that keeps him from taking it. It’s the sweet guy who held the lights for his first solo scene, who showed him decency, kindness, and a smile.
Reg Williams likes to think he’s too stupid to realize what a shitty hand life dealt him, but Bobby knows better. What Reg lacks in family, opportunity, education, and money, he makes up for in heart. One fumbling step at a time, they connect, not just in their hearts but in their bodies, where sex that’s not on camera, casual, or meaningless, becomes the most important thing in the world.
But Reg is hampered by an inescapable family burden, and he and Bobby will never fly unless he can find a way to manage it. Can he break the painful link to his unrealized childhood and grow into the love Bobby wants to give?


DP  amazon  goodreads  authorimageedit_117_5106080025

✦✦✦Guest Post~Amy Lane✦✦✦

It All Started With Socks? 

People get confused—I know they do, but I don’t know what else to say. It’s really how Johnnies started.

See, my love (if not my ability) of knitting is fairly well known. I’m a sucker for a good pattern, and a playful pun, and one year, for one of the free events for GoodReads, somebody submitted a picture of a very pretty, very built young man, putting a sock on his foot on a big white bed.

It was charming and flirty and hey, the kid was naked and there was knitting!  

I was in!

I wrote a very cute, very fluffy 3,000 words about a kid who was supposed to housesit for his sister and her gorgeous roommate, and got a little naughty on the roommate’s bed. He fell asleep wearing his crush’s hand-knit socks and a smile.

Harmless, right?

I sent it to my publisher for shits and giggles, and she told me to add another 20,000 words to it so it could make me money.

Well, yeah. I’d just recently realized I was going to be writing for a living and free original creations weren’t as easy to put out as they had been when I had a day job, so I took that moment, that adorable rom-com bit, and added some substance.

Now Donnie and Alejandro were the main couple in the original 3,000 word Super Sock Man—and they were as adorable in the WAY extended version as they had been in the super short 3k. But Donnie had been nineteen in the short, and since it was supposed to end HEA, I realized that maybe he needed to have other options beside just older, enigmatic man-whore, Yandro. It wasn’t fair that Yandro got all the experience, right?

So that’s when I wrote Chase. In Super Sock Man, the one you purchase, not the free version, Chase is Donnie’s best friend—and he doesn’t treat Donnie well. He takes Donnie’s attentions—and his handjobs–but he never gives anything back. And he tells Donnie it’s because he’s not gay, when Donnie can tell that’s not true.

In the end, of course, Donnie ends up with a guy who’s not closeted and not a prick and not an unholy mess—but it begged the question.

What happened with Chase? He hadn’t been a complete prick—just closed off and troubled and obviously hurt. Didn’t he deserve some peace?

Well, a whole lot of other things were happening at the time—but I’d always wanted to write a series set in gay-for-pay, and when it came time to break open the page, I made a discovery.

Chase, the troubled asshole/hurt friend in Super Sock Man had an entire other story to tell. And that’s when Chase in Shadow really begins.

Of course, there were guys in Chase in Shadow that were just like Chase! They started out as peripheral characters, people Chase knew in the context of his new job, but it turns out, they had their own story to tell. Bobby Green is the fifth book, and there’s even more new characters in this book that prove the world of Johnnies, of pretty boys and troubled hearts, might have a few more chapters left.

If you’re already a fan of Johnnies, I think you’ll like Bobby—he’s the big farm kid with the ginormous dick, and he does okay. If you haven’t read Johnnies, there’s a couple of places to start. Chase in Shadow is the obvious place—it’s the first full book. Dex in Blue happens simultaneously with Chase in Shadow and although it gives a few spoilers, for some it’s a gentler introduction to this world.

But if you’re one of those people who likes reading the first thing first, always?

Super Sock Man is the way to go—and be sure to appreciate those socks. I designed the pattern myself—it’s even in the book!


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~Guest Post & Giveaway~Ante Up by Kim Fielding~


☆☆☆Guest Post☆☆☆

We are happy to welcome Kim Fielding to talk about her new book Ante Up.
Check out this fantastic book, and grab your copy today!
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36339253Title: Ante Up
Author: Kim Fielding
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 220 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, Paranormal/Vampires
Release Date: November 15, 2017


Love is a high-stakes game.
A century and a half ago, Ante Novak died on a Croatian battlefield—and rose three days later as a vampire. Now he haunts Las Vegas, stealing blood and money from drunken gamblers and staying on the fringe of the powerful vampire organization known as the Shadows. His existence feels empty and meaningless until he meets beautiful Peter Gehrardi, who can influence others with his thoughts.
An attraction flares instantly, bringing a semblance of life to Ante’s dead heart. But the Shadows want Peter too, and they’re willing to kill to get him. As Ante and Peter flee, they learn more about themselves and each other, and they discover that the world is a stranger place than either of them imagined. With enemies at their heels and old mistakes coming back to exact a price, how can Ante and Peter find sanctuary?

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Guest PostKim Fielding


open q Ah, Bakersfield, California. If you’re a fan, I’m about to offend you. But it’s one of the few places on Earth I dislike.

Maybe Bakersfield has its charms. I dunno. But it’s hot as hell most of the summer, the air quality sucks, and the economy is terrible. It’s not an attractive place, and unless you have a thing for oil derricks and farms, anything interesting is far away. Someone once attempted to recruit me for a job there by telling me it’s an hour from Las Angeles, which is one of the more creative stretches of truth in recruiting history.

And I’ve personally had bad luck in Bakersfield. Once, when my kids were little, our car blew a tire and we ended up spending half a day stranded at the Bakersfield Sears. Another time I managed to spill a venti iced coffee all over myself before even leaving the Starbucks parking lot. Nothing like driving 200 miles covered in coffee. Last spring I was in Bakersfield for a meeting when my husband had a heart attack (he’s fine now—no thanks to Bakersfield). Last month I spent a really boring hour at the Bakersfield Amtrak station, waiting to get home after already having been delayed two hours.

As I said, I don’t like Bakersfield.

But. Despite—or maybe because of—that dislike, Bakersfield has proven a boon to my imagination. If you’ve read Rattlesnake, you know that Jimmy passes through there. During that recent Amtrak trip, I got a Bakersfield plot bunny I’m dying to write. And in my newest book, Ante Up, an important scene takes place there. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that in my world, Bakersfield is literally a gateway to Hell.

Is there someplace you really detest? C’mon. Share in the comments. And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter below! close q  



$20 Dreamspinner Gift Certificate
Audiobook version of “Buried Bones” 

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