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~Wendy’s Top 10 Favorites Books of 2017!~


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So far, this year, I have read 410 books and I am pretty sure I will be adding some before 2017 comes to an end. I still wanted to do this now, because with all the books I still want to read, reviews I still have to write, and Christmas shopping I still have to do…I might forget. 😉

For me, 2017 was filled with lots of awesome books.

Unfortunately, I can’t name them all right now, so I decided on a top 10 for my favorite MF books, and a top 15 for my favorite MM books, since I read those most.

My top 10 MF books …

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Like I said…there were plenty more I loved but these ones really stood out for me.

I especially loved “Logan” by Jay McLean, which had me sobbing like a little baby. The “Grip” series by Kennedy Ryan changed my life! Absolutely heartbreaking and wonderful!

I have waited a long time for the release of “Give me Hell” by Kate McCarthy, but this book was definitely worth the wait!! Nashoda Rose always knows how to blow me away and “Kept from you” was no exception. 😉

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Now, on to my favorite MM books of 2017…

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There were so many great MM books this year…it was very very hard to pick my favorites.

I was blown away by “Shelter the Sea”. I just love Jeremey and Emmet so much! I hope we will hear from them again soon…TJ Klune used a lot of his magic this year, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next!

Sloane Kennedy made me cry my eyes out with “Finding hope”. So far this is my favorite out of all of her books, which is saying something because there are many. What’s also surprising, is that it’s an MMM book. I have never been a huge fan of menages, but Sloane really changed my mind on those. ;)…

Hailey Turner introduced me to Sci-Fi and actually got me to love it!!…Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott made me fall in love with Hollis Banner ❤ !!!! So of course “Devour” is on my list. This book gets extra credit from me, because Hollis really is my favorite character of 2017 !! Damn how I love that man!!!

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Krista and Becca showed me again, why they are my favorite authors, by not only writing awesome MF books but MM ones as well!! I love the “Like Us” series.

So as you can see…plenty of awesome books to pick from and if you haven’t read these yet, I highly recommend them!!!

I also want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and an amazing 2018, with lots of awesome books to read!!!

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