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DirtyBooksObsession uses the following Rating System.

From 5 Stars to 1

  • The Reviewers also sometimes, use half-star ratings. All ratings are rounded up or down on Amazon and Goodreads.

The stars rating system is based on the content of the books. This includes the following:

  • Story structure, emotional impact, and reactions of reviewers, characters development, plot, pacing, writing style etc.

5 Stars~This book was amazing… Loved it very much…

  • Our reviewers loved and enjoyed reading this book. The reviewers highly recommend this book to everyone.

4.5 Stars~A great read…Loved this book…

  • But something minor was missing and the reviewers could not rate it with 5 full stars. The reviewers recommend this book to everyone.

4 Stars~This book was very good…Really liked it…

  •  It was very good our reviewers really enjoyed reading this story.The reviewers recommend this book.

3.5 Stars~This was a very nice read…Liked it…

  • The reviewer really connected with this story, but it didn’t have the elements to be a 4 stars read. The reviewer would recommend this book.

3 Stars~This was s nice read…Liked it…

  • There are still some things that could be improved, but our reviewers liked it and would recommend it.

2.5 Stars~It was okay…but really “not my kind of book”

  • This book has potential, but something missing and it just wasn’t enough for our reviewers to fully enjoy it. 

2 Stars~ Did not feel the story… “not my kind of book”

  • They don’t like the story or wasn’t the right book for our reviewers. We rarely rating with 2 stars unless we feel it’s necessary.

1.5 and 1 Stars~This is for sure “not my kind of book”

  • Our reviewers did not like this book and struggled with reading it. We don’t like giving 1 or 1.5 stars ratings and we won’t unless we feel like we have no choice.

DNF~Our reviewers Did Not Finish this book 

  • This does not automatically mean that it is a very bad book it just means that it wasn’t the right book for our reviewers or for whatever reason they Did Not Finish the book. The reviewers will NOT RATE OR REVIEW DNF books.

~Review Policy~

  • Accepting and receiving an ARC the reviewers are acknowledging that is copyrighted material protected by federal copyright laws. Further, by accepting an advanced copy the reviewers agree that they will not distribute, copy, or share their copy to any person or entity.
  • All ARCs reviews are posted on this Blog and Goodreads.
  • All ARCs reviews rating with low then 3 stars will be posted 3 / 4 days after Release Day. 
  • All ARCs reviews from 3 stars to 5 are posted on Amazon and BookBub blog profile.
  • Our reviews are always honest and fair opinion regardless of how are rated.
  • The ARCs reviews rating from 3 stars up to 5 stars, will be posted on the Blog usually on Release Day through some reviews might be posted earlier.
  • Currently, we are accepting e-books for review in either mobi, epub format or NetGalley widget and  Kindle address.
  • If your book appeals to us and it is something our team would like to read and review, we will contact you accordingly, to make the necessary arrangements and schedule you for a blog post. If your book has already been published, then that’s no problem we still read it and review.
  • We will always keep you updated as to the progress of your book review posts, and advertising once it goes live. 
  • If we have accepted to read and review a book and for whatever reason, it is “not our kind of book” and because of this we won’t be able to review or finish it, then please don’t be upset. 

Please contact the blog owner, Ralu at email ⇒


  • The books reviewed on this site have been provided by the publishers, authors, authorized other third parties, or are bought by us, from the websites which are authorized to sell them.
  • All the books reviews written by us, are our personal and honest opinions. Our expressed thoughts and opinions were not influenced by the authors/the publisher, or anyone else, in any way. The description books and the covers are borrowed from specialized sites.
  • The images on this site we use for promotions posts, they are not owned by us. They are provided by the Authors or the people we work with, who are authorized to send us the materials. The images added into reviews, or on this site, are included for the audience’s reference and enjoyment only. We don’t have any intent to profit from such images.
  • DirtyBooksObsession does not claim ownership of these images. and has no intent to infringe on any intellectual property rights. If you see an image that you would like to have removed, please contact us with your request and proof of ownership, and we will remove it promptly.

Thank you for your understanding!



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