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~Review~No Regrets by Nicky James~





No Regrets by Nicky James

*****5 Stars*****


A truly moving love story

There is a note to the reader at the start of this book, from the Author.I’m only going to quote her final words and hopefully, that will be enough to convince anyone to read this amazing book.

No one will die in this book.You will not journey with Landon to his end.Instead, you will walk beside him and watch him live.

I knew reading this would be painful for me as someone very close to me had the exact same illness Landon has.I knew all those memories would come flooding back and they did but I wouldn’t have missed reading this for anything.

Landon is 26 and has a terminal illness.

He’s working his way through his bucket list and while he’s in China he meets Abel. Abel is like a breath of fresh air….he’s pushy but so endearing. Landon is happy in his own company, he’s resigned to the fact he can’t let anyone get close to him.

But Abel has other ideas…

After their initial encounter they bump into each other again and no matter how hard he tries Landon can’t seem to deter Abel.One of the things on his bucket list is to have sex with a stranger so Landon thinks why not?

It was only supposed to be a one night stand…

Landon and Abel are two of the most engaging characters I’ve read about and together they are perfect.
I had a lump in my throat more than once reading this.

I felt…
Every emotion.
Every struggle.
Every happy moment.
Every sad moment.

The message is a strong one and it’s so beautifully written.

Life is for living!

Take every moment, and if you’re lucky enough to find that special person to share it with-grasp it with both hands and don’t let go.

“I love you, Abel, as much as you’ve made this harder on me, you’ve made my life a million times brighter.No regrets, okay?”

This book ended with hope for me.
Hope, that these two amazing men get to share their lives'(however short) together.

Landon and Abels’ story is just beautiful.

Highly recommended!

A copy of No Regrets was given to me by Nicky James for an honest review.


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~Review~ Bait by Lissa Ford~




Bait (Bait & Switch #1) by Lissa Ford 

*****5 Stars*****


“We can deal with your past when you just let us get on with our present.”

tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.gif (500×208)

This book was so right up my alley and I devoured it within not even two days. That alone should be indication enough of how much I loved it. And we are talking about a long book here. The story held me captivated from the first page up until the very last, never a dull or dragging moment.

Danny is a Special Agent with the FBI, following a long family tradition.


It is not an obligation for him, though, it is passion. He loves his job and he wants to make a difference, but he feels the pressure that comes with his name, nonetheless. On the one hand, there are his colleagues, at least some of them, who give him the side eye because they always suspect some sort of nepotism, of him being favored. On the other hand, there is always the fear of disappointing his family, of not living up to their expectations, even if his family is very understanding and caring in this regard.

When a sting goes wrong, the guilt of having this fear proven right makes him desperately grab for the last chance his boss offers to stay a field agent: an undercover job as a hustler in a gay nightclub to convict the owner as the leader of an extortion ring using sex slaves for bait.

Alexi, the owner of Club Fetish, has his own fair share of guilt.

Guilt over events in his past that helped him survive, but led to destroy the lives of innocent bystanders. He is a criminal who tries to left his past behind and who built up something on his own. A name. A business. A life.

When both men meet they are caught by surprise by the pure lust they feel in an instant…

… but there is also something else.

No worries, not insta-love, but each man stirs something in the other both did not expect, much less want to pursue. Being together with a cop is bad for business and being together with a criminal – even more so, a suspect – is even worse for the career. Furthermore, Dan is not even sure about his own sexuality, much less out of the closet. To solve the case, Dan has to decide how far he would go, how much he can trust Alexi to be on the right side and what he would do to give them a chance.

Some reviewers said in their reviews that this book is lacking the romance. I would only partially agree. First of all, this is the beginning of a series and with the background of both characters, the romance definitely needs development. Alexi is a suspect in a crime after all and there are trust issues left and right. Declaring their undying love for each other would have been less than believable in my eyes. And no, there is no “real” sex in this book, but both men have lots of page-time together and whenever they meet, for me the atmosphere was sizzling, just because of the looks they shared, or the things they said, or when they kissed… I could feel the chemistry there and that was enough for me.

The next book is due this year and I really hope that will be true because I cannot wait to see where this is going.


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~Release Day Review~ Who We Are by Nicola Haken~




Title: Who We Are
Author: Nicola Haken
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 9, 2017

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Since putting his life on hold ten years ago, Oliver Clayton doesn’t know who he is anymore. To his clients at the hair salon, he’s the sassy and confident stylist. To the crowds who come to watch his drag act at the club, he’s the fierce and fabulous Miss Tique. He’s popular. Talented. Out, proud, and self-assured.

He’s also a good actor.

Sebastian Day is content with life’s easy, if not a little monotonous, routine. After several failed relationships, he likes the simplicity of being alone in his truck at his job as a heavy goods driver, spending the weekends with his teenage son, and putting the world to rights with his cat, Marv. He’s not lonely. He isn’t hiding.

At least…he doesn’t think he is until he meets the mesmerizing stranger with the red hair and purple lips.

Can Oliver and Sebastian help each other embrace who they are? Or will a cruel twist of fate end their journey before it’s even begun?

(M/M Romance. Not recommended for readers under 18 years of age due to language and sexual content.)


Who We Are by Nicola Haken

*****5 Stars*****imageedit_104_7293237175

Personally the sign of a good book, for me, is if I’m still thinking about it hours after I’ve finished it.

I absolutely loved this.I loved the happiness, the sadness, the hopes and struggles these amazing characters went through.

I’ve read Broken by this Author so I thought it wouldn’t be all sunshine and roses and it wasn’t but what it is, is a truly emotional love story.

Oliver has put his life on hold for 10 years….

…Concentrating on bringing up his younger half brother after their mother died.He struggles emotionally and financially, all he wants is to be a good parent to Ty.He works as a hair stylist by day and a drag act at night as the wonderfully flamboyant Miss Tique.He loves his makeup and heels and puts on a good act to the outside world.

Seb is a truck driver, one of the good guys.

He shares custody of his 15-year son with his ex who he has a fantastic relationship with.In fact, he’s got a lot of love and support from all his family.But things haven’t been easy for him.He’s bi and this is the first book I’ve read where I came to fully understand that being bi isn’t easy. The Author perfectly portrayed the struggles he went through as he and others came to terms with his sexuality.

Oliver and Seb story is beautiful.

It’s far from perfect but they face what life throws at them together.

” Are you flirting with me?”
” Is it working?”
” Maybe “

I’m not going into the story in any detail.I would advise going into this one relatively blind to get the most out of their story…trust me.
Some fascinating secondary characters who all played their part here.

You’ll need the tissues here but don’t worry, although there are sad tears there are truly happy tears as well.
A huge plus for me is that it’s set in the North of England (near me ) and I love that the Author kept it British from the banter to local shop names and the food….who doesn’t like beans on toast?…..that really is a British thing!

This is a beautiful story that I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend.



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~Release Day Review~Devil You Know by L.A. Fiore~



Title: Devil You Know
Author: L.A. Fiore
Series: Lost Boys, Book #1
Release Date: March 10, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romanceimageedit_91_8426954969



Damian Tate. One look into his sad green eyes and I was hooked. I wanted to be the one to make him laugh, to make him smile. I hadn’t expected him to be the one to make me blush, to make me hot…to make me fall in love. He was my first kiss, my first love, my first everything. I wanted forever with him, but life got in the way.

He enlisted, I went to college, and for years we were never in the same place long enough to pick up where we left off.

Thirteen years after he left, tragedy brings him home. The stoic boy I fell in love with grew into a quiet, dangerous and wildly sexy man. He still tugs on all the right strings for me, but he seems determined to keep me at arm’s-length.

However, when trouble comes knocking at my door, he is the one to put himself between that trouble and me.

Spending time with him might drive me insane, or it might be our second chance at first love.


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mary1imageedit_91_8426954969Devil You Know (Lost Boys #1) by L.A. Fiore

*****5 AMAZING STARS*****


Wow….what an amazing book!

And I’m so, so, happy that is going to be a series. Can’t wait to read the others characters stories.

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~Review~Broken by Nicola Haken~





Broken by Nicola Haken

*****5 Stars*****transp

OMG…this book did a number on me.

 photo 11916978_zpsi1ueesky.gif

Though this was not an easy read…it was a very beautiful one. Facebook Heart Emoticon

I do want to point out the warning in this book because there are some serious triggers and this book doesn’t pull any punches. I’m not going to spoiler it too much…just saying.

Theodore is a very happy out and proud gay man.

He has good friends, a nice family and he has recently started working a new job at a big publishing house. Which for Theodore is awesome, because he loves books and is secretly writing books himself. When he’s out with his friends and new colleagues, he meets a mysterious and very sexy man in the bathroom. Theodore is not the kind of man, who normally has one night stands and he doesn’t hook up just for sex. This guy, however, pushes all his buttons…so he ends up in a stall, getting pounded by a stranger. The stranger leaves right after when Theo is still pulling up his pants…Of course, he feels guilty afterward and is disgusted with himself…but what’s done is done and for some reason, he can’t stop thinking about this guy.

James is the CEO, of a big publishing company.

His father died not too long ago leaving everything to him. He doesn’t have any friends because he doesn’t want to. He’s not really close with his family. He had a great bond with his father and he has a little one with his brother. He absolutely adores his niece, though. He’s rude, arrogant and is viewed by many as an asshole. He fucks around a lot and has a reputation because of it at work….he is, however, the boss.

But this, not all that James is.

He is so much more and he is so very troubled. My heart broke for James. Even though he was an asshole, in the beginning, I felt an instant connection with his character.

He was hurting so much….

 photo 3187799813_1_4_8Whsnpjg_zpskpny2nep.gif

When Theo finally meets the boss (with all his reputations), he’s not happy to find out it’s the same man, he had a rump within the bathroom. James, however, is very interested in Theo. Theo does everything to avoid him. But when he’s forced to help James out one night, he starts to find out that things aren’t always as they seem. They sort of become friends first…

…not for long though because there is major chemistry between this men. 😛

 But James is struggling…so he lays everything in the open, even though he knows chances are that Theo will leave him if he finds out the truth. Theo doesn’t of course….his love is unconditional and damn I loved Theo for everything he had to go through with James. He was so strong and he never gave up.

His love for James was epic…

 photo tumblr_lpve0ogV981qke24wo1_500_zpshjt1chet.gif

Like I said…this is not an easy book. It is very raw, but also very real.

People struggle with mental illness every day…I myself have anxiety, but some of my close friends struggle with depression and self-harm. I liked that this book didn’t hold back….it was very real and heartbreaking, but also beautiful. It shows that we all need love and hope and that there can be…

…Light in the darkness.

 photo 758056_zpsnqyuvhpe.gif

I loved it !! By the way….these guys were so hot together. Emoticon in love


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~Review~In the Wreckage by Hailey Turner~





In the Wreckage (Metahuman Files #1) by Hailey Turner

*****5 Stars*****

299dcba09b3b1005868b0050568bfc31.png (2000×400):

I never thought the day would come, that I would willingly read a Sci-Fi book. I did though and you know what…

…I freaking loved it. Hell must have really frozen over.

hell-freezes-over-web.jpg (400×407):

Now don’t get me wrong. I watch the occasional Sci-Fi on tv. X-men being one of my favorites, which is exactly what this book reminds me of.

A delicious MM book filled with strong X-men…yummy.  🙂

200.gif (360×200)

This book takes place in the year 2284 when humans and Metahumes roam the earth (and beyond).  Metahumans are humans, that have been exposed to Splice, a certain chemical that is supposed to kill everyone who comes in contact with it. Somehow, certain people are able to survive this chemical, instead of getting killed, they turn into some sort of superhuman with super powers. Think super strength, telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, super vision, shapeshifting..etc. Like I said…I felt this book a sort of cross between “Thirds” and X-men.

Jamie Callahan is team captain of the Alpha team of the Metahuman Defense Force.

348e4efa63e28d9fc85487aee219904b.jpg (236×354):

He has been exposed to Splice 3 years ago and he has been Metahuman since. He and his team work for the government, going on missions and fighting wars. They are very close.

One night after a mission and a fucked up lunch with his father, Jamie meets a stranger in a bar and thinks, maybe fucking his frustrations away might not be such a bad idea.

Said stranger totally agrees and these two set the bed on fire !!!

tumblr_o6qy9zIxtE1qa71fyo1_500.gif (500×225)

9196120.gif (500×255)

After a night of hardcore sex…they say goodbye in the morning, expecting not to cross paths again…however sad this makes them.

So imagine Jamie’s surprise when he is introduced to Kyle,

47ca64eefe11eb2c63c887015944b4e8.jpg (236×330):

…the sniper that is about to join his team and the man he so thoroughly fucked.

Kyle is surprised to see Jamie again, but also happy. Now if he can only convince the man that they should continue what they started, even though Jamie is his CO.

I’m not going into the plot more than this, just prepare for tons of action, friendship, secrets and…

…lots of dirty,  dirty sex !!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor so naughty lollipop

I really liked this one. The world building was amazingly done and I really enjoyed this author writing style. The side-characters were awesome and I fond out, I have a little weak spot for Alexei 😉

I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next.


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~Review~ Misfits by Garrett Leigh



Title: Misfits
Series: Urban Soul Book #1
Author: Garrett Leigh
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Release Date: March 16, 2015
Genre(s): M/M/M, Contemporary Romance





Misfits (Urban Soul #1) by Garrett Leigh

*****5 Fly him to the moon Stars!*****


I was very curious to see how this would play out as it is very hard for me to grasp the concept of sharing someone.

I’m selfish and greedy of all things love related. Besides, I would be terrified of being put aside.

Let me face it,

Free Online Image Editor:

…at some point, he decides that the other person became more important than me and he doesn’t need a third anymore. Hmm?? I know… My feelings and insecurities are ugly but this is me, bare soul. Sharing? No.Way. Jose.

That being said, can you imagine how surprised I was for loving Misfits?

Free Online Image Editor:

As a person who would never share my man, I was stunned with my own reactions to their love relationship. I connected with them so bloody much. I wanted this work so hard!  It says a lot because as the story progressed I was going against my own truth and all the things I believe but you know what?

I couldn’t care less because it felt so damn right.

Free Online Image Editor:

Tom and Cass were so open with their feelings.

Free Online Image Editor:  Free Online Image Editor:

They embraced an open relationship fearlessly and  I loved the way Jack was brought into it, it wasn’t forced and the pace was just right and believable.

Free Online Image Editor:

Misfits aren’t something superficially created. Besides the Romance, the author put a lot of effort in details that made this story authentic and trustworthy.

  • The research on TS (Tourette’s syndrome)
  •  Little details related to food- I am no chef but I’m kind of addicted to buying recipe books. They knew how to cook alright.
  • The cyber job Jack was doing to promote Urban Soul, Pippa’s and Misfits. Loved it.
  • And finally, the whole London experience: the slang, the tube, the tourists, the vibe and so on.  I loved seeing Camden Town through the author’s eyes. It probably won’t make sense to other readers but Camden Town exerts a strange, bizarre fascination on me. It’s a unique place and it was described exactly the way I see it, alive.

I absolutely loved Misfits. I was hooked and connected with it immediately.

Their story made me feel something warm, fluttering and earthly from the very beginning.

Argh, I can’t explain it. Wankers.Freaking good!

Free Online Image Editor:

This was my first book by Garrett Leigh.

Do I need to shout that I CAN NOT WAIT  to read  Nero’s story?? 



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~Review~Finding Hope by Sloane Kennedy~





Finding Hope (Finding #5) by Sloane Kennedy

*****5 Stars*****


I am a huge Sloane Kennedy fan.

Over the last year, she has become one of my favorite MM authors.Every book she writes is an auto-buy for me and I have been patiently waiting for Beck’s story. Thankfully, Sloane Kennedy never makes me wait very long 😉

When I saw this baby on Amazon yesterday…I screamed…

20905204.gif (400×224)

Now before I go any further with this review….

I want to point out that this book has some major triggers.

To know what they are, you have to look into the book, though, but I am gonna explain them right here because for some people this can be a very serious issue. This book deals with depression, suicide attempt, (sexual) child abuse and rape.

Now for the book…..damn this book broke my heart.

I can honestly say that this is my favorite book in this series…maybe even out of all the series. I read it all in one go. This is also the only book that had me wiping tears off my face from beginning to end….

Plenty of Sloane’s books have made me cry…

…but not from the beginning to the last page.

tumblr_n74n46Ozam1ts7f01o1_500.gif (500×250)

Thankfully there were also some really bright and loving parts 😉

Not to mention..HOT parts.

Beck (19) is Cade and Rafe’s son(for those of you who have read Rafe’s book).

He was adopted by his father’s when he was 13/14 years old. He has been struggling with depression for most of his life. His struggles got very bad 15 months ago and now he is ready for a time out. Time away from his dads who are analyzing his every move and all the people who look at him funny. He is about to spend his summer in Montana working on a ranch.

But before he get’s there…he makes a little detour that will change his life forever.

FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen:

Brody is a politician’s son and 3 years ago he finally escaped the clutches of his family…

..and jumped out of the closet. He is working as a paramedic, but he also has a small construction business on the side. He is happy living out and proud and doing what he always wanted.The only thing he misses from his former life is his twin brother Nathan.

FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen:

Quinn is a rancher. Two years ago, his happy life was ripped apart.

Now he just goes to gay bars for hook-ups, because he isn’t interested in something more. He already had his happily ever after…even though it didn’t last forever.

FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen:

These three men come together (pun intended) and have a very hot encounter in a bathroom stall at a gay club.

And let me tell you….they were HOT !!

giphy.gif (500×208)

All three of them are surprised by how good it felt being together that way.

But none of them are as surprised as Beck. Things weren’t supposed to be like this for him….so he panics and runs.

That was supposed to be the end for the three of them, but faith isn’t  done with them yet.

They come face to face again and even though all three of them have issues about relationships, one more so than the other, they can’t help the pull they feel towards each other. Things aren’t easy, though. Beck has a lot of baggage he carries around.

My heart and the hearts of both his men broke when he finally confessed his story….

They were so perfect together.

I love MMM books, but no one writes them as good as Sloane Kennedy. You can feel their connection right from the start and you just know that they belong together.

8134291908_e390abb635_b.jpg (800×532):   8566355._SY540_.jpg (437×540):

As hard as it was to read this book…I loved every second of it. It hurt so good.

The sex scenes between these three men were amazing.  They were very hot, yet so loving and intimate and I kind of felt like a peeping Tom….

10229331.gif (500×426)

I also loved reading about all the old couples.

Cade and Rafe, Jax and Dane, Hunter and Roman, Callan, Rhys, and Finn. All Sloane Kennedy’s men are connected in some way and I love being a secret part of this awesome family she created.

So, for me, this one is going on my “deserves 6 stars” shelf.

image.gif (500×269)

I can’t wait to see what’s next. I also hope we’ll be getting a book about Nathan, Brody’s brother. Pretty please ????


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~Release Day Review~Throne of Truth by Pepper Winters~




Throne of Truth (Truth and Lies Duet #2) by Pepper Winters

*****5 Stars*****transp

Simply and truly a real MASTERPIECE. That’s what this book was.

Amazing story, amazing characters, amazing writing. Throne of Truth was one of my most anticipated books! It’s the conclusion to this story because Crown of Lies left me wanting for more!  

A roller coaster of epic proportions!

Imagini pentru rollercoaster gif image

The second book starts right after the first one ended.

With Elle in danger. And with all the danger, she remains strong and fights for her freedom and life, until the end.

It starts explosive and didn’t let down until the end.

Imagini pentru explosive actions gif image


I don’t want to enter in so many details of the book because I don’t want to spoil the joy of the next readers, I just want to express my feelings. While reading this book, my feelings were like a tornado.

Penn was such an enigmatic, dirty-talker.


“My lips sought hers. I dragged her forward, our mouths connecting in a vicious kiss.She cried out as I held her close.
My tongue licked her seam, begging for entry but not forcing, even though every cell in my body demanded to shove her back, climb on top, and show her in actions, not words who I was.”

Commanding, kinky, devious and possessive hero. Penn’s story is pain and struggle. Throne of Truth gives us the full story of Penn.

Who he is, what he’s been hiding, and why?

Imagine similară

I’d hunted her down, invaded her life, and befriended her father because of emotion. To deny that would be the worst kind of lie because it would mean I’d have to lie to myself.

Elle’s trust and faith are put to the ultimate test.

“How did I ever believe I could walk away from him? How did one truth delete so many lies and make everything seem inconsequential now he was back in my life?”

When it comes to standing by her man, Elle does everything in her power to protect him.

She is a powerful woman!!

Imagini pentru powerful PROTECTIV woman  GIF

The book is told from dual POVs, is full of suspense, second chance to love, deceit, betrayal, jealousy, conspiracy, greed and… lies.

Imagini pentru exploziv actions gif image

“Our bodies reacquainted, our hearts patterned to the same rhythm, our minds synced into one frequency.”

I recommend to not read any reviews for this book if you haven’t read the first book.


An ARC of  Throne of Truth was kindly provided to DirtyBooksObsession in exchange for an honest review.



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~Review~Unbroken by Larry Benjamin




Unbroken by Larry Benjamin

*****5 Stars*****



This is one of the best books I’ve read.Yes, it’s a bold statement but it’s that good.

It’s Lincoln’s story and it’s just beautiful. Starting in 1964 and finishing in 2004, it’s the story of a young boy who fought with everything he had to live his life, the way he wanted to.I’m really struggling to put into words how much this book moved me so,f or now, I’m just posting quotes and hopefully you might get it.

You cant marry another boy, they told me. Why not? I asked, confused. You said I could do anything. You said I could grow up to be President. You cant marry another boy! But you said Id grow up, and fall in love, and get married. You cant fall in love with another boy! They began to watch me closely.”
Whats wrong? Willow finally asked me. Why cant boys kiss other boys? I blurted, hoping for an answer I could understand. Willow knew everythingmore than most grownups even. I waited anxiously for her answer. After thinking for a long time, she said, I dont know.
I was twelve, and in seventh grade. He was the new kid. His name was Jose Calderon. He walked into fourthperiod music, smiled, and changed everything. Until that moment, I had believed their lies, had ignored my own truth. I would change they told me, just wait and see.

Firstly, I honestly don’t know how this book hasn’t received more reviews.

I’m not joking when I say fourth-period I give it double the number of stars I would.I only came across it after reading Jan’s review( link to her review below) and to say it blew me away is an understatement.

It’s Lincoln’s story from Kindergarten to adulthood.Don’t go into it thinking it’s just YA because it’s so much more than that.It’s one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve read.Lincoln is pretty, really pretty -people notice, re marking that he looks like a girl.His parents notice he’s different-of course they do, of ter all he came home from Kindergarten one day announcing he was going to marry his friend Orlando.

They told him he would change,
They told him he would grow up and marry a girl,
They told him he would have a ‘normal’ life.

And in doing so, they silenced him…..until the day that a boy called Jose walked into his 12th-grade class and Lincoln knew what he wanted.

They were wrong, I decided; I would marry him. We would adopt children and a dog. We would buy a farmhouse in Connecticut, just like Lucy Ricardos house in Westport, and wed raise chickens. You cant fall in love with another boy, theyd told me. But I had! How could I not fall in love with the wonder of him? This time I was smart enough to tell no one.

 This story touched me in so many ways because it felt real.

Told only from Lincoln’s pov, the reader can fully appreciate what it must have been like growing up gay in the 60’s and 70’s and in the 80’s / 90’s when Aids hit the headlines.There is no unnecessary drama here, it’s the story of two men and what they overcame and stood up for.
I’m finishing with my favorite quote because it’s beautiful and hopefully conveys how special this story is.

Dont you know there is no me without you? I promised you once I would never leave you, not because I felt I couldnt, but because I never want to be without you. He spoke quietly, his voice a low rumble. I dont pray often, but when I do, I pray that I die five minutes after you so Ill always be here to look after you but not have to live without you.-Jose to Lincoln.

Check out ⇒ Jan’s Review ⇐….because she’s said it perfectly.

Cannot recommend highly enough!


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