Reviewer Rules

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~ Rules, suggestions/help, and other stuff for DBO Reviewers & Guest Reviewers~imageedit_21_9280977617

Some rules and stuff that need to agree and respected by the

DBO Reviewer/Guest Reviewer  


1.➜ Reviews need to be always honest.

2.➜ The content in the review it will be always just about the book.

3.➜ The stars rating system needs to be based on the content of the books. This includes the following: story structure, emotional impact, and reactions of reviewers, characters development, plot, pacing, writing style, etc.

3.➜ Please be respectful in your review if will happened to don’t like the book.

4.➜ The reviewers will not rate or review DNF ARC books.

5.➜ Because sometimes the ARCs are sent before to be proof edited, they will contain grammatical errors. In this case, you need to understand and agree that this will not affect your rating.

6.➜ Don’t use spoilers in the reviews.

7.➜ Don’t send requests for your personal ARC using the blog name. (ex. request books on your own from the Authors

8.➜ Please don’t accept an ARC if is not your kind of book, if you are not sure is a book you will like to read, or you don’t have time to read until the review needs to be done.

9.➜ Reviews need to be done not later than 2 days before release day.

10.➜ Some reviews will have to be posted on Goodreads, not earlier than a certain date.

11.➜ The review less than 3 stars will be posted on the Blog, Goodreads etc. 3/4 days after the book will be released.

12.➜ If a review will be less than 3 stars, please contact me before you want to post on Goodreads.

13.➜ All your DBO ARC reviews need to be posted on your Amazon Profile,( 3 to 5 stars on Release Day),( less then 3 stars, 3/4 days after release) and send me the permanent link if the review is accepted (also, I will post them on BookBub blog’s profile) 

14.➜ You can use the half-star rating system and rounded up or down on Amazon and Goodreads.

About ARC Reviews for DBO


1.➜ I will send you emails of reviews requests and a link to a form where you can pick the books you want to review for DBO.

2.➜ When the form will be updated with new books you will always receive an email notification.

3.➜ When you accept an ARC I will send you an email with all the details. (ex. date until the review needs to be done,  etc.)

4.➜ Usually, the ARC is sent 7 or 10 days before release. In some case maybe sooner than that. 

5.➜ You can accept as many ARCs you want if you think you have time to read all until the reviews need to be done.

6.➜ Sometimes an ARC can be reviewed by 2 reviewers. (only when allowed)

7.➜ I will provide you with a google drive list where I will add all your books you accept to read and review for DBO. The list will help you with some details, and keeping record about them.

8.➜ The ARC reviews from 3 to 5 stars, will be posted on the Blog usually on Release Day, through some reviews might be posted earlier.

9.➜ When you request and receive an ARC you are acknowledging that is copyrighted material protected by federal copyright laws. Further, by accepting an advanced copy you agree that you will not distribute, copy, or share your copy to any person or entity.

Some rules and suggestions/help for Goodreads


1.➜ I suggest adding a new shelf on Goodreads (ex. arc dbo

2.➜ You can use images in your reviews but I advise you to save them first on Pinterest or other sites you use and add the images into reviews from there.

3.➜ Feel free to add if you want, (is not a requirement) on your Goodreads profile, that you are Reviewer/Guest Reviewer for DirtyBooksObsession.

4.➜ For any of your reviews posted on this blog, I will ask you to add the blog’s link on the Goodreads review post. (ex. This review is posted on DirtyBooksObsession… The HTML code for this it will be sent to you by email )

5.➜ For all the ARC you will review for DBO I will ask to add on Goodreds: (ex. Arc kindly provided to DirtyBooksObsession etc. …you don’t need to use this on Amazon reviews)

About your personal ARC


1.➜ Your personal ARC reviews (ex. request books on your own from NetGalley) if the review it will be also posted on the blog, I will ask you to add the blog’s link on Goodreads. (The HTML code)

2.➜ For your personal ARC reviews that you want to be posted on the blog, you need to contact me when you receive the ARC and give me the details about the book. (book title, Goodreads link etc) also, I will add them on your google drive ARC list.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

By request any ARC you are acknowledging that is copyrighted material protected by federal copyright laws. Further, by accepting an advanced copy you agree that you will not distribute, copy, or share your copy of any ARC to any person or entity without prior written consent from Authors. If it is discovered that you have violated this agreement, the Authors reserves all legal rights available to it, including pursuing a lawsuit for breach of contract which may claim damages including, but not limited to lost profits caused by the Illegal distribution…Additionally, by accepting a copy in advance, you agree that your review will not contain spoilers. If the Authors/a representative, determines that your review contains spoilers/offending language, and contacts you to remove them, you agree that you will do so as soon as is reasonably possible.

Thank you and Happy Reading!


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