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~❤We are a group of girls who love books!❤~

We are a blog for books reviews created by a group of friends and readers from Goodreads who love to read and review books!

We review & help to promote Romance Books ALL genre & Romantic Couples.

If you want to give us an ARC book for review or to be part of your Team for Blog Tour Books, please click on the Contact & Requests page.

Email Adress:  dirtybooksobsession@gmail.com


We are:


 Team blog and Guest Reviewers



  •  Blog Owner (Editor- Reviews and all Posts, sometimes Reviewer) -I edit and post all the Reviews, and make all the other Posts on the Blog.



  •  -Team Blog Member, Reviewer, Owner’s Assistant, 



  • -Team Blog Member, Reviewer



  • -Reviewer

~Former Reviewers~

  • Jan
  • Kristin
  • Vir
  • Simone

~About Team Blog~imageedit_27_3195715136



Favorite genres:

Now I read just M/M…I like Contemporary Romance, Dark Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal/Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery/Suspense…

About Me:         

*** I love books and music…and I like to talk about books *** My native language is not  English so please do not judge my writing. 😀

I read every day because reading is my passion.

My new hobby is my blog ~DirtyBooksObsession~ The blog also has a Twitter and Facebook page with the same name.
My blog is at the beginning but we are a team who loves books and I hope this blog will grow in the future. I am an avid reader and I love to recommend books and talk about them. 
I generally try to read at least 1 book per day or 2 days with only some exceptions if the time does not allow me. I like to keep my rating/reviews honest. 😀

This is my rating system:

  • giifgiifgiifgiifgiif – It was amazing! ( I loved so much, I could not put it down )
  • giifgiifgiifgiifgifjum – I loved! ( Great book! )
  • giifgiifgiifgiif  I liked very much! ( It was a very good book )
  • giifgiifgiifgifjum  -I liked! ( Good book )
  • giifgiifgiif -It was ok, I liked (or for short story )
  • giifgiif – Not for me (Usually, I don’t rate with 2 stars )
  • giif -Not for me! ( Usually, I don’t rate with 1 star )
  • DNF – Not for me! (But usually, I do not do this)

Why I rate like this?!
I do not like to rate books with 1 or 2 stars or DNF, because I respect the work of the authors and because I am not a professional literary critic. 😛 I’m always careful what books I choose to read…I read for my pleasure. 😀 imageedit_27_3195715136



Favorite genres:

M/F- erotic romance, dark romance, BDSM, menage, historical romance, vampires.

About Me:         

It’s logical that everyone here loves to read books, so yeah, I love that too. All I wish to do is stay in bed all the time and read, read, sleep and read some more. But unfortunately, we have to make a living, eat and live, so….you know.
I’m a Vet, I live in the countryside, and we have a lot’s of animals, a farm, so, unfortunately, I don’t have as much time as I wish for the reading. My baby girl, the animals, and the house take all my time.
I’m not a native English, but I hope I’m doing a good job at writing, and really hope that who is reading my reviews, understands what I am trying to say.
I know I’m not a good reviewer, I don’t have so much talent, but I try my best. Please understand, I LOVE TO READ, so I can’t help myself, I have to express myself. I try to keep my review spoiler-free as possible.
I started reading when I was in high school. I started with Shakespeare because I saw some movies and I was curious. The movies were better. Then I read books with vampires, again because I saw some movies, but in this case, the books were better. I think I can read any type of book, I even tried MM, they are good, they have something special in their story, but it’s not my thing.

I like erotic M/F more. I like them to be dark, twisted, with some action, some suspense, and BDSM and if they have some Menage’ they’re perfect.
I try to be careful of how I peek the books I want to read, but unfortunately, sometimes we don’t match

My book ratings:




photo tumblr_mcofg57MLG1qefo74o1_500_zps83devqoh.gif

Favorite genres:

I love me some hot cowboys and man on man action-M/M romance, M/F romance, suspense/mystery, fantasy, angsty, emotional. Anything that has a bit of romance in it. Oh…and I don’t mind some sexy as well. 🙂 

About me:   

I’m a serious reading addict. I read every single day. I love all kinds of books.
Anything romantic, sexy, mysterious and suspenseful really. So I read a lot of different genres. My favorites are books with badass alpha men!! Which is the reason, that Kristen Ashley is one of my favorite authors. I am a big fan of Jay McLean, Harper Sloan, Nashoda Rose and Krista Ritchie. I also love reading about some man on man action! Some of my favorite M/M authors are T.J. Klune, Charlie Cochet, Jocelynn Drake/Rinda Elliott and Mary Calmes.
When I am not reading, I spend a lot of time on Goodreads, looking for new books and talking about books with my friends.

This is my rating system:

DNF: I almost never DFN. I will not review any books on the blog that I haven’t finished.


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