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~Review~Exposed by Bey Deckard~





Exposed by Bey Deckard

***2.5 Stars***

2.5 st

Exposed wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for.

Some bits I liked, others not so much.
It took me a while to grasp what wasn’t working for me, but by the end of it, it was clear.

Greg’s character (Daddy) brought to the story a heavy and traumatic baggage from his past.
The author exposes Greg’s broken side, his vulnerability, insecurities, and fears of leading a dominant relationship again. Add to all that, an extra and new aggravating factor: an age gap of 20 years. Greg was scared and thus always holding something back, when the other part, Emyr, wanted to get into this shite heads in!


This combo wasn’t appealing to me.

It was like throwing a damp towel on all my dirty expectations. You have a kink? Daddy kink? whatever kink? Own your shit.

Sometimes, a bit of depth and angst mixed with kink works for me. This time, it failed.
I am sure this will work brilliantly for some readers. I for one was looking for something more shameless.


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Review by Dia

Lazar’s Gaze by Rose Fell


2,5 stars rounded to 3

An ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is the debut book for Rose Fell. I have, to be honest, and admit this short story didn’t really work for me.

From the beginning, I couldn’t wait for the story to reveal more about Olivia, and of course about Lazar – whose gaze I knew will take Olivia’s breath away. Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite connect with Olivia’s character.

The story had potential and for a novella, with no more than 50 pages, it has some action and some pretty HOT scenes. BUT I expected more. I think the descriptions were too long for my taste.

Image result for hot couple gifOlivia is a very independent woman, very sure of herself. In her late twenties she is happy with her lifestyle, she has only one night stands, rarely meeting twice the same man. She wants to explore her sexuality and New York is the perfect place to do it.

Her disastrous date with that SO boring man made me cringe and ask myself why did she go all the way to his place if she didn’t feel any attraction and the conversations felt really plain.

Lazar is an interesting man, but full of contradictions. He always wants to get to know the women he spends his nights with, BUT he has no time for relationships so he ends up having only one night stands too. He is sincere and points out from the starts what he can offer: only pleasure.

I will admit this book got better after Olivia and Lazar met. Their first date, their honest conversations, their attraction, all these made me appreciate this story more. The sex between them was fantastic, as expected. They had a great chemistry and Lazar was so surprised with Olivia’s bluntness and also her easiness. I liked the way Olivia took control at first, and I was surprised to see Lazar could also be very controlling and demanding in bed.

I was relieved they didn’t use the L-word. This would have been a total disappointment for me. I am happy it didn’t happen, but at the same time, I didn’t expect the book to end so abruptly. It leaves us hanging, and I am sure there will definitely be a continuation.

I would have wanted this story to be more fluid, to have many more dialogues and why not, more hot scene between Olivia and Lazar. But overall it felt realistic and pretty HOT.

Only 2,5 stars for now, BUT I am sure this new author is just warming up.

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