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~Review~Cry No More by Linda Howard~




Cry No More by Linda Howard

*****4.5 Stars*****



Cry No More was almost perfect. For that, I needed a bit more from the male MC.  I can’t pinpoint why but I couldn’t read him.

Please, don’t tomato’sh me here.   photo throwing-tomatoes-emoticon_zps3sbiydff.gif

But he was too mysterious and not in that fascinating enigmatic way,  it was more like in a shady way. There was something missing, like a piece of a puzzle to make the whole him make sense. On the other hand, the female character exceeded my expectations. Milla had her world ripped apart.

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But instead of being carried away by darkness and depression,…

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…and she became a lady on a mission.

my little world..

Tireless on her mission, I must say. Ten years, a pillar, steady, strong, fierce on what she believed. Helping other families, who were facing the same kind of nightmare she had once been through in her life.

I couldn’t be prouder of her and yet, at the end, she astonished me again, showing that on top of all her other qualities she was also…

…the most selfless character I came across in a book.

Because c’mon, what she did at the end?  I am not sure I would be able to do the same. Maybe. Maybe not. It’s that kind of situation where you only know what to do once you come across it: to deal with your heart or your reason?

I won’t forget this book anytime soon and that is the reason I will round it up to 5 stars.

A remarkable story!


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~Review~ A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner


~Review by ~Jan~


A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner

*****5 Stars for all the hell it put me through.*****

With over 150 books read in 2016 , A Love Letter to Whiskey is one of my Top 5.

It is funny how a story can pull me totally in, as if what is happening there is my own business, when in fact, it is not. I am only the reader.

I am pointing this out because I’ve read stories where I am totally engrossed by, yet they keep me on my seat, contained and hypnotized, like watching a movie. Open mouth and all, drooling. Some were brilliant, 5 white-star reads.

And then there are the others, where I cross an invisible line and stop being a reader to become a character.
I think and think and I cannot find why or what triggers this magic portal open to me. Normally, when it happens, I put myself in the heroine’s shoes.

This time, I couldn’t.

From the start, I knew it would be a difficult read. I just didn’t realize how much. Before I even reached the middle it escalated for an extra#hard#extra#difficult#ohnoshit level.
I heard when the ring of the alarm bell went on, telling me to get the hell out of the story, but my instincts were deaf.
Don’t take me wrong, I wanted to read it. I just didn’t want to get involved in that freaking horrible mess. I would rather watch it like a movie.

The heroine:

“B” was her name. Geezzzz… I swear I’ve tried to keep it cool but I failed miserably.
B did a number on me!

I shouted at her so many times I lost count of it. She had happiness at her fingertips, MORE.THAN.ONCE. What was she waiting for?! It was like she had a self-punishment button pressed on all the bloody time!

For the life of me, I can’t believe I would have made so many mistakes over and over and over, again. Who wants to be a person who is constantly digging a hole to bury herself? Not me. I became her bestie instead, for my sake!

Up to about 65% in the story, I was only blaming B for this whole fucking mess. Her inability to see what was right in front of her nose was making me lose my marbles. Because come on… Jamie.

I screamed at her: Jamie is your other half!!! Jamie is your soul mate. Jamie IS IT!!!! She didn’t listen. I guess that portal only works in one way.

65% was also the mark where Jamie got on my nerves. He did the unthinkable. I know I have no right, he was moving on, but how could he?!?!megaphone-emoticonwarning-sign (This is spoiler) How can a person consider starting a life with someone, being in love with somebody else? ( spoiler end)]


There wasn’t a single moment in the story I could breathe normally. It was a hold your breath forever kind of story. I felt drained at the end.imageedit_615_5982143454 In fact, the author should pay me a few therapy sessions to bring me back to my placid normal state of mind and put my heart at peace again.36564-big-smile-emoticon-for-facebook

The truth is: the whole book was a building up for a train wreck to happen. I thought it couldn’t get worse, but from there on, about +- 65% it was a ,“oh shit” “no shit” after another.

AT 90% I was choking on my emotions and aching. I felt with both MC’s all the shitty things that were there: guilt, regret, love, lust, desperation, want, need, pain, fear, and loss.

My bestie, B, had once more, a chance to make it right. Did she? You asked me. No, she didn’t. ..  I know, I know… I felt the same.        Let’s just get rid of the body.

I am trying to make it funny here, but it wasn’t funny in the story. The story hurts, it was like poking an open wound with a stick.

One year spanned in a few pages and at 92% in the story, B and Jamie are face to face again. Both broken by too many mistakes. Some ogling… small talk…. and Jamie finally asks:
“ARE YOU HAPPY?” That sentence broke something inside of me. That was the moment this reader couldn’t hold back the tears.

I know I am being vague. And tragic. But it got to me. 
I know my review won’t help anyone but I needed to get this out of my chest.
GR = free online therapy. Besides, I don’t want to spoil this for anyone.
Now, I need some time to get my shit together because although the end was not bad, this story still raw and hurting.

“I think sometimes life I think this story is about embracing what hurts because pain is one of the most vivid emotions we can feel.emoticon-of-heart-stabbed-with-an-arrow-for-facebook-comments Pain reminds us that we are alive, and I’ll always appreciate that stinging reminder.”

What is it in a story that makes you hurt and yet you want to shelve it as a precious bookquestion-mark-emoticon


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~Review~ Womanizer by Katy Evans


~Review by ~Jan~


Womanizer (Manwhore #4)by Katy Evans

***3 Stars***



I liked it but…imageedit_612_6000843156

Womanizer was not what I was expecting after reading the blurb. I thought it would be more Casanova-ish with a Callan living a life of a rake, surrounded by women in all shapes and hair color. Something more in the line of a lady-killer. I wanted him to be a bad boy and do wicked things. However, Callan turned out as a normal guy.unsure-emoticon

Olivia was a nice girl but a bit annoying sometimes with her inner monologs, plus the push and pull.angry-emoticonI also didn’t get that delicious thrill of reading a forbidden story as the blurb, again, led me to think…he was her wicked little secret.

Summing up, Callan was already tamed before the story started, Olivia didn’t know exactly what she wanted and I was left without my angsty story.imageedit_529_7639978777


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~Review~ A Family Man by Sarah Osborne

~Review by ~Jan~


A Family Man(The Freaks MC, #1)by Sarah Osborne

****4 Stars****


A Family Man is a surprising and refreshing story. 

Slightly different from our usual biker book where promiscuity takes place inside Clubhouses giving us lots of smut from it. As a result, it’s low on steam. But it doesn’t really matter because the story line is solid and as real as they come.

A Family Man is told in the 3rd person which I don’t particularly like. However, somehow it worked brilliantly here. I loved the author’s voice, a brilliant story-teller.
On top of that ,the author gives not only a dual POV but POVs from secondary characters and I absolutely loved that. Despite them being short the impact was one of a great kick. It enhanced and brought so much life to the story!

The title gives away the story. Despite being an outlaw Joe ‘Tiny’ Taylor is a man of honor. He takes care of his family, of his brothers and his Club. He is extremely loyal and protective of the ones he loves.

Don’t take me wrong. He is as bad ass as they get, in fact, he is the one who deals with the dirtiest part of the job for his Club. What keeps him grounded in this violent life of his is a little girl called Amy.

A Family Man is an intense book and against all the odds: low in steam, 3rd person and length (I hate long books) turned out as a winner.

I am disappointed with the end ,though. Joe was such a great man but he changed and I didn’t like the person Joe became. Life changed Joe. But life also gave him something back and I felt it as an attempt to bring the old Joe back. It’s a shame that I didn’t believe he could become the old Joe again.


Thoughtful,melancholic and a bit sad is the way I am feeling right now.Without a doubt, a thought-provoking story.

 Available on KU


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