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~Reviews~Whatever it Takes by Barbara Elsborg~


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48352791. sy475 Title: Whatever it Takes
Author: Barbara Elsborg
Page Count: 336 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, Suspense
Release Date: December 2, 2019
Guest Reviewer: ~Dia~
Rating: ✮4.5 Stars✮
Guest Reviewer: ~Judith~
Rating: ✮4 Stars✮


War in Syria has devastated Zain’s country, destroyed his family and broken his heart. When there is nothing left to stay for, he journeys to England, determined to follow in his father’s footsteps and train as a doctor in London. He might be a refugee with no money, no friends and no qualifications but he still has his dreams and he’ll do whatever it takes to ensure his future turns out to be the one he wants.
Roman is a world away from the naïve Russian boy who lost everything, one devastating day. Now he’s a fixer for a wealthy Russian, keeping the guy’s business dealings away from the attention of the British authorities. Roman is balanced on a moral tightrope which grows more unsteady by the day. The last thing he needs is to become emotionally involved with a young Syrian, especially when he can’t afford to trust anyone.
A chance discovery in Roman’s car by Zain sets off a violent chain reaction and Zain is thrown into a world that threatens not just his dreams but his life. Roman has difficult decisions to make. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to keep Zain safe. But lingering shadows from their pasts as well as prominent figures from Roman’s present need to be eliminated if they’re to have a chance together.
As lies and danger escalate, are they doomed before they’ve even begun?

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I really enjoyed this book by Barbara Elsborg. I loved the writing style!
I will start by saying I love angst and drama in my books, and this story punches you in the heart from the very start. We get the main characters’ background and it was painful to read some scenes at times. They come from such different settings and they both suffered great losses.

Roman was born in Russia, Zain was born in Syria. I guess I don’t need to develop this more, you’ll discover on your own how traumatizing it was for them to lose the ones they loved.

When Roman and Zain meet, the story changes from super sad to super hot. I can’t say I enjoyed Roman’s transformation, but this is the man he became.
Zain did what he had to do to survive and meeting Roman saved him. It wasn’t easy, but they were exactly what they needed.

Their road was not easy, they are both hunted, they had to hide, to lie, to fight for what they had, but I loved their strength and hope. We get many hot scenes, I loved them together! I enjoyed the action here, and I was glad we get some suspense and unexpected turns.

Overall this was a great read! I loved the epilogue and I am looking forward to reading more from this author!! Oh and while reading this one I had the song Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons on my mind. 😀

I highly recommend this book! 

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One thing I love about Barbara Elsborg’s books is the journey her characters go on. I love getting their backstories and this is no exception. Starting when Zain and Roman are teenage boys this story isn’t always easy to read, but both men’s characters were shown at a young age. The terrible things they had to endure shaped them into the men they turned out to be. I loved them both equally.

From the war-torn streets of Syria to a life changed in the blink of an eye in Russia, Zain and Roman’s paths cross in London and their struggles were real…Zain has a dream he wants to fulfill but will his involvement with Roman threaten everything and will Roman be worth the risk?

Their romance is cleverly woven into a, at times, complex plot and even up to the last 20% I had no idea how things would play out. These two had great chemistry and I was rooting for them all the way.

As usual with this author, the story is quite gritty but her quirky humor is present mainly from Zain and I loved him even more for it. I loved the epilogue!!

I highly recommend!

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