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We are happy to welcome Andrew Grey to talk about his new book Running to You
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39213664Title: Running to You
Author: Andrew Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 200 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 13, 2018


Home, love, and possibilities he never imagined are waiting for Billy Joe to claim them. But first, he needs to escape the horrors of his past. 
A twisted act of cruelty and prejudice drives Billy Joe from his Mississippi home, and he makes it as far as Pennsylvania—where his car breaks down just as the year’s first snowstorm blows in. Fortunately, Carlos is there to lend a hand. 
Carlos is no stranger to hardship. His family rejected him for being gay, but with determination, he put himself through school and became a librarian. Carlos sees the same willpower in Billy, and he wants to help Billy and his son succeed in a new life that is very different from the one they left behind. With his support, they start to adjust, and before long, both men want more than encouragement from each other. They want the chance for a future together, but their families have other ideas… and Billy’s will stop at nothing to get what they want.

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       ~Guest Post~Andrew Grey~

open q Some books come to me all at once and others in small pieces.  This one popped into my head as I was watching the movie The Help.  I have no real idea why that movie sparked this story, but something clicked in my head and Running to You was born.   

It’s strange how the mind works sometimes.  But I have to confess that one of the themes in this story is very near and dear to my heart:  that no matter how we are raised or who our parents are, it’s our own choices that determine the kind of life we are going to lead.  It takes courage to change the course of our destinies. 

The easy road is to stay on the path we’re placed and not deviate, whether or not that road leads to happiness. Change is hard, taking control of our lives is hard…but those who are willing to take the chance are the ones who have a shot at being happy and finding their heart’s desire. close q



Excerpt from Running to You
Copyright © 2018

Carlos Miras pulled to a stop behind the black Escape by the side of the highway. His father would probably tell him he was a fool, and his mother would probably say he had a good heart—too good a heart. But neither of their opinions mattered anymore. He was no longer part of their family. Carlos looked out his front window, wipers swishing back and forth to ward off the snow. He saw hints of light coming from inside the car, most likely from a cell phone.

He got out, pulling his coat closed around him. Hazard lights blinked red against the snow. Carlos tapped on the window of the back door because he thought he saw movement. “Are you all right?” he shouted.

The back door opened to a man leaning over the back seat to a small child still in his car seat, covered in a blanket. “The car died, and I was trying to get him warm.” The man turned and pulled back, eyes widening. Carlos had trouble placing the expression. “We’ll be fine as soon as I call for help.”

“Pop the hood. Let me take a look at it.” Carlos had spent numerous hours working on cars with his father and brothers. Not that he’d been particularly into cars at the time, but he picked things up by osmosis. He went around to the front, and when the hood popped, he pushed it open and used his phone to illuminate the engine.

“It just went dark all of a sudden and everything stopped working,” the man said, pulling himself into the coat after closing the car door.

Carlos bent over the engine and quickly found the problem. “It’s the electrical system.” He reconnected the main circuit to the alternator and stood back up. The hood light came on as though he’d flipped a switch, and Carlos closed the hood. “That ought to do it. I suggest you take it in to have it looked at, but you were pretty lucky.”

The man turned the key and the engine came to life. “Thanks,” he said softly. “I was trying to make Harrisburg to get a hotel and….”

Carlos shook his head. “I don’t think so. The snow isn’t going to stop, and the roads are only going to get worse. I’d say to get a hotel, but with this weather, they have been reporting that almost everything is full.” He sighed. “Let me make a call.” He pulled out his phone and called his landlady, Mrs. Carmichael, and explained the situation. “I know it’s unusual, but he has a little boy with him, and in this weather….”



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