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~Pre-Release Review~Oversight (The Community #2) by Santino Hassell~


30364801Title: Oversight
Author: Santino Hassell
Series: The Community #2
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Page Count: 242 pages
Release Date: June 26, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal, Suspense/Thriller
Reviewer: ~Vir~
Rating: 5 Stars out of 5


Spoiler Alert! The following blurb contains spoilers for Insight, book one of The Community.

Holden Payne has it all . . . or so he thinks. As heir to the founder of the Community—an organization that finds, protects, and manages psychics—he’s rich, powerful, and treated like royalty. But after a series of disappearances and murders rock the Community, he’s branded the fall guy for the scandal and saddled with a babysitter.
Sixtus Rossi is a broad-shouldered, tattooed lumbersexual with a man-bun and a steely gaze. He’s also an Invulnerable—supposedly impervious to both psychic abilities and Holden’s charms. It’s a claim Holden takes as a challenge. Especially if sleeping with Six may help him learn whether the Community had more to do with the disappearances than they claimed.
As Holden uncovers the truth, he also finds himself getting in deep with the man sent to watch him. His plan to seduce Six for information leads to a connection so intense that some of Six’s shields come crashing down. And with that comes a frightening realization: Holden has to either stand by the Community that has given him everything, or abandon his old life to protect the people he loves.

imageedit_9_2544394113Vir*****5 Stars*****imageedit_104_7293237175


I loved it! Another Winner…An amazing read!

Oversight, book 2 in The Community Series, by Santino Hassell is darker than it’s predecessor, undoubtedly more complex and equally good. I dare to say, even better. And I truly love Insight, so that statement is coming from someone who is already in love with Nate and Trent and considers the couple hard to beat.

This story is the evolution of what we started in that liquor store in Texas.  In book one we were introduced to another world, a fantastic universe of psychics and powers and in this second installment, we are dragged in a more profound level. Deeper and direct to the human evilness.

This book is dark, sexy, sinfully funny, sarcastically realistic and full of lies, greed, fears, and secrets.

The tone in this story can only be described as obscure. You could say it is scarier and creepier than Insight. It’s also completely different in the perception, and that’s because of our narrator, Holden Payne is a cynical cocky bastard with a sarcastic humor that impregnates the story completely and makes the narration as sophisticated as he is.

Holden’s voice is pretty singular and clear. He is charismatic and charming and also a lonely man, insecure in the inside and, as we can witness, a little oblivious about what happens in The Community where he’s been raised.

I also love Sixtus Rossi, a.k.a Six… an invulnerable.

Yes, that’s Six’s gift, and not a subjective perception of this reader, since probably I would have described him as hot, honest, loyal, lost, sweet…(yes, I think the impenetrable is sweet)
In many occasions, Holden referred to him as a robot or a cyborg and that’s because my poor Sixtus has the rare talent of not feeling any kind of empathy. He also has the shield that Holden’s power needs: he can’t influence Six as he is used to doing. Holden can’t even read him. What a challenge, right? Right!

To me, the mere existence/appearance of Six is enthralling enough to keep me intrigued and captivated. It is true that I missed Nate’s visions in the first chapters but that´s because they were one of the things I loved the most in Insight but, really, having Six and his mysterious and appealing personality did it for me too. And also: Nate and Trent are in the house!!! Oh yes, they are.

I loved the paradox in this story: the relationship between an empath and an invulnerable man, not capable of feeling empathy.

The way they feel for each other. The love story between our MCs is beautiful. There is great love here, really. And it also has a hint of enemies to lovers very enjoyable where the chasing, the banter and the funny conversations between this two, apparently opposite characters conforms a big part of the Oversight big picture.

The complexity of the plot is bigger here that in Insight and not just because our narrator is completely different from Nate, but because it has a huge dose of “political” thriller. Santino takes the readers deep into the ins and outs of an organization full of lies, nastiness, and malice. 

Here we faced a battle between good and evil…

…and we find out how far humans (evolved or not) can go to get what they want and how they can use other people to satisfy their own purposes.

I am hungry for book 3. I can´t wait. I know I have to because it won’t be out until October but I´m really anxious.

Highly recommend!imageedit_29_8155881553


amazon  RIPTIDEgoodreads author

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~Release Day Review~Promises Part 3 (Bounty Hunters #3) by A.E. Via~


35064709Title: Promises Part 3
Author: A.E. Via
Series: Bounty Hunters #3
Publisher: Via Star Wings Books
Release Date: June 23, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance, Action
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5 


A bounty hunter’s partners to lovers’ story.
The hunt is on… and he’s the prey.

Bradford (Ford) King was sure he had the rest of his life mapped out. Though he was no longer a SEAL Lieutenant, his brother was home safe and he had a job that still allowed him to satisfy his hunger for hunting bad guys. Life was simple, no distractions or complications – at age forty-six – that’s all Ford wanted. What he didn’t want was his work partner, sniper/watchman, Dana, giving him s**t all the time.
Dana Cadby had grown up labeled a roughneck from the wrong side of the tracks. He’d fought, scrounged, and survived despite a father that constantly told him he couldn’t. Dana pulled himself up by his own boot straps and made a name for himself in the marksman community. He’d been Duke’s bounty watchman for five years. It was his job to ensure their safety, watch their backs. At thirty-three, he was trusted, well respected by his peers, his bosses, his friends… so why couldn’t he earn the same respect from his partner?
Dana knew he was bisexual before he graduated high school. He also knew he was attracted to the huge, 6’3”, SEAL from the moment he and his brother came to join their team. It wasn’t easy for him to tamp down his immediate reaction to Ford’s thick muscles, full beard, and dark eyes. Still, Dana exhibited nothing but professionalism towards him, not wanting to make his ‘straight’ partner uncomfortable.
After Dana took back his ex-girlfriend, he’d noticed an intensification in Ford’s bad attitude. One that turned aggressive and downright antagonistic, and Dana was damned if he’d just lay down and take it. He was gonna make that man respect him if it was the last thing he did.
When Duke sends Dana and Ford out to track down their most dangerous bounty yet, they both embrace the fact that they make one hell of a team… but they fight tooth and nail against the powerful intimacy brewing between them.
Beware: When Ford and Dana connect, no fugitive can hide from the hunter and his watchman.

This story is a part of a series but can stand alone. It does not end on a cliffhanger and has a HEA.

imageedit_6_8902020890coollogo_com-22842207*****4.5 Stars*****4,5FFF


 I am a huge A.E. Via fan, so everytime a new book comes out, it makes me giddy. 😀

200.gif (360×200)

This time we get Dana and Ford’s story.

Those of you, who have read the previous books, know who they are already. Those of you who haven’t…

What are you waiting for??!!

 jennifer love hewitt i know what you did last summer i give up julie james what are you waiting for GIF

Bradford King (46), known as Ford, and Dana Cadby (33) both work as bounty hunters for Duke and Quick’s team.Ford is a former Navy Seal, who was dishonorably discharged after rescuing his brother Brian from terrorists. He and his brother joined Duke’s team not too long ago.Dana is the team’s sniper/watchman. Dana is an expert marksman who has won several awards. He has been with the team a bit longer.

Ever since Ford joined the team, Dana has had his eye on the huge rugged man.

Dana has always been bi-sexual, but since he burned himself with the last man he was with…he is a bit cautious. So he has only been with women in the last 10 years. Dana doesn’t think he stands a chance with Ford and besides that…he doesn’t even know if the man swings his way.

So he sticks with his awful girlfriend…I really hated that woman!!! I got so annoyed with Dana for not standing up for himself and just letting her walk all over him.

images (200×200)

What Dana doesn’t know though, is that Ford is just as intrigued by him. He can’t stand seeing the way Dana’s girlfriend treats him (makes two of us). He doesn’t understand why Dana went back to her in the first place…

Dana deserves so much more… He deserves Ford…

tumblr_m2hdypifmp1qzhvg4o1_r1_500.gif (500×213)

Ford doesn’t have a lot of experience with men. I don’t even think he has a lot of experience with women either. He used to have hook-ups when he was younger, but that stuff got old and he is fine with being by himself….or so he thinks. He just can’t seem to get Dana out of his head and working so up close with the man is slowly driving him insane. Something will have to give…The sexual tension in this book was through the roof and…

I was just yelling at them to get their heads straight and kiss already!!! 😀

anigif_enhanced-5196-1429913803-16.gif (500×281)

Which thankfully they finally did. 😛

Once these two got their heads out of their asses, they were very sweet and hot together.

17927689.gif (500×242)

I do have to say that to me, this book seems lower on the steamy side than all the others.

I didn’t mind though…I loved how they took things slow and how sweet they were to one another.What I really loved was the extra parts we got in Brian’s voice. Now, this is a story I can’t wait for. Brian has been my favorite since he was introduced into this series and…

I hope we won’t have to wait too long for his and Sway’s story.imageedit_78_3543283961



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~Release Day Review~A Kind of Home (A Kind of Stories #4) by Lane Hayes~


34819125Title: A Kind of Home
Author: Lane Hayes
Series: A Kind of Stories #4
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 224 pages
Release Date: June 23, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


A Kind Of Story

Isaac Dalton is the guitarist for Spiral, arguably the biggest rock band in the world. The band’s meteoric rise to superstardom has its perks, but fame and fortune aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Nonstop touring and performing exhaust Isaac, and when an overzealous fan makes it imperative that he travel with a clingy bodyguard, he is ready for a break from the madness. More so when his newly single first crush shows up on his doorstep. Adam is strictly off-limits. He’s a memory from a place Isaac would rather leave behind. And he’s straight.

Fun-loving former athlete slash construction worker Adam McBride desperately needs a new beginning. And New York City is the perfect place to start over and think about how to rebuild his life. A short stint as roommates with his brother’s best friend from high school seems like a mutually beneficial arrangement. However, when friendship gives way to fierce attraction, both men find themselves in uncharted and possibly dangerous territory. Isaac has to decide if he’s willing to take the ultimate risk for a kind of love and a kind of home he never dreamed possible.

imageedit_4_4081789668coollogo_com-22842207****4 Stars****4ssdf


I really enjoyed this “friends to lovers” story. Also…it has a rockstar…big plus for me. 😛

giphy.gif (408×230)

This book can be read as a stand alone. Even though books 1 and 3 are about the other members of the band, they can all be read as single stories. I myself have read all of them, and I especially liked the books about the band…Rockstar fan right here. 😛

Isaac is the guitarist for the famous band “Spiral”.

He really loves being in the band, but lately, it hasn’t been as much fun as it used to be. He is exhausted from all the tours and a bit concerned because some crazed creepy fan keeps sending him creepy messages.

 movie movies film movie quote misery GIF

All he wants to do when he gets home from his latest tour is sleep in his own bed and enjoy some private time. So imagine his surprise, when his housesitter/guest, who was only supposed to stay a week, is still in his apartment weeks later, when he gets home.

Adam is the brother of the guy Isaac was best friends with in high school.

He is also Isaacs biggest teenage crush. He still very much likes the man and Adam’s looks only got better over time, but Isaac has managed to keep his lusty feelings in check…well mostly…because Adam is straight after all.

tumblr_n9exu8LlXC1tq4of6o1_500.gif (500×271)

Adam has recently gotten divorced after staying in a marriage that hadn’t been working for years. He is loyal to a fault, but he was also relieved when his ex-wife threw in the towel. Their marriage wasn’t the only thing that ended though…so did his job. Staying with Isaac for the time being to get his life back in order seems like a very good plan.

But Adam hasn’t  been completely honest about himself, and things are about to get complicated (and hot) when the two of them figure out their mutual attraction for one another.

tumblr_m6wdlt1lfS1ry5y8vo1_250.gif (250×150)

I really liked both MC’s a lot. I liked Adam a bit more though.

Even though the whole book is in Isaac’s pov, it was very clear to me what Adam was thinking and feeling. I liked the fact, that his failed marriage thought him how important is to communicate…and he did, he really did. Isaac was a bit more stubborn and it took him a bit longer to completely open up, even to his bandmates.

At the end, he still pulled a stunt that made me want to throttle him, but I did understand where he was coming from, and he had the best intentions at heart…

i-get-it.gif (720×540)

These guys were also very hot together…

crop output image

I especially liked the scene where Adam bottoms for the first time. 😛

“He rode my fingers like a pro while my dick drooled precum against the back of his thigh.”

I really enjoyed this one and it’s definitely one of my favorites in the series. I have no idea if there will be more, but I hope so. 😀imageedit_44_8150275859

amazondreamspiner pgoodreads author

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~Review~Insight (The Community #1) by Santino Hassell~


34533654Title: Insight
Author: Santino Hassell
Series: The Community #1
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Page Count: 298 pages
Release Date: March 10, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal, Suspense/Thriller
Reviewer: ~Vir~
Rating: 5 Stars out of 5


Growing up the outcast in an infamous family of psychics, Nate Black never learned how to control his empath abilities. Then after five years without contact, his estranged twin turns up dead in New York City. The claim of suicide doesn’t ring true, especially when a mysterious vision tells Nate it was murder. Now his long-hated gift is his only tool to investigate. Hitching from his tiny Texas town, Nate is picked up by Trent, a gorgeous engineer who thrives on sarcasm and skepticism. The heat that sparks between them is instant and intense, and Nate ends up trusting Trent with his secrets—something he’s never done before. But once they arrive in the city, the secrets multiply when Nate discovers an underground supernatural community, more missing psychics, and frightening information about his own talent.

Nate is left questioning his connection with Trent. Are their feelings real, or are they being propelled by abilities Nate didn’t realize he had? His fear of his power grows, but Nate must overcome it to find his brother’s killer and trust himself with Trent’s heart.

imageedit_4_2007460609Vir*****5 Stars*****imageedit_9_9182466194


A perfectly clear image has been on my mind since I started reading this story.

Probably the first image you will find if you google “NY piers”. Beautiful (of course, it’s New York) but nothing special unless you are being transported to that place while reading the first chapter of Insight. In that moment Santino got me. I loved the idea. I really liked that first vision and how it dragged me into this new world.

All my reading has been conditioned by Theo’s “first appearance”. And even if Theo wasn’t the best person, neither the best brother, I’ve been mourning him all the way. He’s been present in my head every single page.But the main reason that made me loved Insight was the magistral mix of nostalgia, darkness and the obscure sadness covering all the story.

The world building in this first installment of The Community is captivating and fast paced. The universe Santino describes is totally absorbent and original.

Everything has a dark atmosphere that you can almost breathe. But that darkish background, mixed with the simple and direct to the point dialogues, makes the setting and the story itself easy, intense and more attractive.And I loved it because this book succeeded where others didn’t. This novel transported me to a place, to a different world. That’s the magic of books, and this one did that for me. During all my reading I was visualizing the story as a movie and not any random movie, but one I would truly enjoy.

Nathaniel Black is our narrator, in this new Series by Santino Hassell.

Lucky Blue Smith:

He is a psychic who read paranormal M/M romance. He is an empath who listens Japanese rock metal. He is a social unskilled guy who has been bullied all his life. Bullied for being gay, and bullied for being a “Black”.That’s Nate, ladies and gentleman, my lovely and adored Nate.

So, this beautiful character who lives in Santino’s personal Village of the Damned  (bleached people included) meets a New Yorker called Trent. 

Sarcastic, beautiful and apparently supernormal Trent….

The couple starts a journey that takes them from Texas to New York (the word “journey” is used here in both ways, literally and metaphorically).We don’t get to know Trent’s POV in this story, but I didn’t miss it too much because you get to know him through Nate’s eyes.

In this setting Santino’s use of the dialogues is vital. They are the “lung” insufflating air in this story. They are the axis since we all are Nate and we need to know trough him (thoughts and conversations) who the rest is, what they want… At first, I thought some of the interactions were a bit forced but everything flows naturally once I accustomed to the rhythm and the writing.

I wouldn’t say theirs in insta-love because it’s not (there is no love implied at first) but they do connect instantly, they bond since the beginning. Trent trusts in Nate’s word, he believes in him.  He is Noah’s partner in crime or, in this case, I should say, his partner solving the crime (he calls himself “the amusing sidekick“). And they are super cute together.
But I must say that even if there are love and hot sex in this book, the love story between Noah and Trent is not the epicenter of this book. Insight is the set up for The Community, the scenario for the whole series so I could say that this first installment has in it a huge dose of paranormal mystery with, of course, the basis of a good MM romance. And it didn’t disappoint me at all.

I’m really hoping book two will follow the footsteps of this one.

I’m not giving away anything substantial about the plot.

I’ve preferred to discover this book by myself and I’m giving you the same opportunity. I’ll just say I was absorbed by the simple (and also magical) narrative. I was completely into it at the end of chapter one (I loved the end of chapter one).

The characters in Insight are perfectly defined even if they have no voice. Noah is the deepest character, sure, but the book is full of great and intriguing characters. The lack of other POVs it’s probably a need in the story because this way is easier for the plot to thrive and for the thriller to prosper.

The only snag that I found is that, at one point, I was ahead in the “investigation”. I was solving the puzzle before Nate, and yelling at him to fit the clues in the big picture… but anyway, I love him and I´m sure he has forgiven me already for all the presumptuous “I knew it“.

In the last three weeks I have read, 3 completely different genres by Santino Hassel: Sports Romance, Cyberlove, and now this Paranormal/Thriller novel.

I can say without any doubt that he knows how to write whatever he wants, that’s for sure and I will happily wait for any book he throws in my way. 😀imageedit_36_4496991228



amazon RIPTIDEgoodreadsauthor