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~Review~See My Words by Melanie Hansen~



See My Words (Spectrum Nights #2) by Melanie Hansen

*****4.5 Stars*****



I seriously couldn’t wait to read this after reading book one Pieces of Me and it didn’t disappoint.

I knew that Scott and Rylan still had a long way to go.Their story is extremely emotional and was quite hard to read at times but ultimately it’s a love story, a second chance for two men that were, in the end, perfect together.

This book continues straight after events at the end of book one.

Scott, having always relied on his looks and charisma, finds himself in a difficult place.Just as his life seemed to be on track, career-wise, he’s delt a massive setback.

I found this difficult to read at times. Scott is so emotionally scarred…all he’s been shown in his young life was negatively and the insecurities continued into adulthood.When Rylan comes back into his life, he still can’t let go of the past and tries over and over to push him away believing he’s not good enough for Rylan.

I absolutely loved Rylan. As a reader, I always believed in his love and commitment to Scott and he was what made this book so special for me.Yes, at times, I wanted him to walk away but I always believed in him to do the right thing for both of them.

This is about two men finding their way in life…

…dealing with the past, facing up to the future and while they both had their struggles it was Scott that went on one hell of a journey…and, in the end, he figured it out on his own.

This is emotional, angsty but I always had faith that these two men would make it.

Have to mention one of the best secondary characters I’ve read about in Minh…

I know we kind of got his story/conclusion but I would absolutely love more of his and Chris’s story…maybe just a novella??

Highly Recommended series!



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~Review~Last Dance of The Sugar Plum by Claire Davis & Al Stewart~




Last Dance of The Sugar Plum

by Claire Davis & Al Stewart

*****4.5 Stars*****


This is absolutely nothing like anything I’ve read by these two Authors before, in fact,

I don’t think I’ve read anything like it ever.

To say it’s unique is an understatement. I had virtually no clue what was going on most of the time but it’s a wonderfully compulsive read…especially when I reached about 30%…I couldn’t put it down…I had no clue about the outcome but I couldn’t wait to get there.

Well, talk about a crazy ride…

So, what’s it about?

I’m not even going to attempt and try and explain the story…

…I couldn’t even if I tried…

There are three main characters, who are also identified by a number and for the majority of the book, I got 42’s identity completely wrong.

The writing is truly compelling and the story is actually quite brilliant.

I absolutely had a favorite character( I’m not naming him )…

…but that boy was just delicious

The main focus is the spy/mystery element so don’t go into this expecting a romance story, that’s not to say that something quite special does happen in the end.

And I just loved the Epilogue!!

Would I recommend this? Most definitely if you’re after an extremely well written and thought out crazy, crazy story.



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~Review~ Strays by Garrett Leigh~




Strays (Urban Soul #2) by Garrett Leigh

*****4.5 Stars*****


This is the second book in the series and CAN be read as a standalone as the characters from Misfits ( book one ) are well introduced.

I adored Lenny from the start.

Working as a server in Misfits Restaurant he loves to dye his hair and go dancing but his life has been put on hold due to a stalker.With no real evidence, the Police seem reluctant to do anything which leaves Lenny at breaking point.This is where Cass, his boss, steps in.He entrusts him to one of his chefs, Nero with strict instructions for Nero to keep a close eye on him.

Nero is a workaholic-he’s grumpy and rude and the last thing he needs is one of Cass’s Strays to babysit.At first, he has no idea what to do with Lenny in the kitchen but soon recognizes that Lenny has quite a flair for putting together flamboyant plates of food.

Before anything sexual happens between them they come to rely on each other in different ways and for different reasons.Nero has a past which he keeps bottled up and is very reluctant to share it with Lenny.Nero becomes fiercely protective of Lenny and Lenny recognizes that there is so much more to Nero than his grumpy exterior.

There’s not an abundance of sex scenes but when they do become close it’s perfect and, I felt, just right for the story.The dynamics of their sexual relationship was not what I was expecting but it definitely worked.There’s a great feeling of family and belonging throughout the book not least because of the involvement of Tom, Cass, and Jake from book one.

This book ticked so many boxes for me.

Two highly likable but different characters.
Great supporting characters.
A bit of angst, but not overdone.
The Kitchen/Restaurant setting, I just loved.
Enough sexy times to keep me happy.
And of course, the fact that it’s British and set in London was a huge plus.

Highly recommended!

Arc provided by Riptide Publishing via the Author.


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~February M/F New Releases Books~


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These are not all the books that will be published in February.

February 1.2017.      February 6.2017.        February 6.2017.


34032817  26083341  33629853

February 7.2017.      February 10.2017.     February 13.2017.

30226723  34070277  33783309


February 14.2017.     February 14.2017.    February 17.2017.

31821808   29918743  33408530

February 20.2017       February 21.2017.    February 21.2017.

31844195  30646352  29939226

February 21.2017.      February 24.2017.   February 27.2017.

29991718  33386978  26148519

February 27.2017.     February 27.2017.     February 28.2017.

30656509  31338827  32792022

February 28.2017.    February 28.2017.     February 28.2017.

33913492   34016323  33939035


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These are not all the books that will be published in February.

  February 1.2017.      February 1.2017.         February 4.2017.

32716989  33397642  33284517

 February 6.2017.      February 6.2017.         February 7.2017.   

32790609  33822808  30226770

February 7.2017.      February 10.2017.      February 13.2017.

31554913  34021003  33803341

February 13.2017.     February 14.2017.     February 15.2017.  

33642764  33699701  33911481

February 16.2017.     February 21.2017.      February 21.2017.

32615109  29562890  30517107

February 21.2017.    February 24.2017.      February 27.2017.     February 27.2017.  

33973794  26633244  34208077 30370031


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These are not all the books that will be published in January

January 1.2017.                    January 3.2017.      January 4.2017.       January 6.2017

31824970   33633225   33207331   33280623

January 9.2017.                January 10.2017.      January 13.2017.     January 15.2017

31950854   32585659   33383956   29542244

January 16.2017.                  January 16.2017      January 16.2017.     January 16.2017.  

 31689689   33536168   33609156   33519010

January 17.2017.                    January 20.2017       January 23.2017     January 24.2017   

32326933   33396807   33554267   33127304

January 25.2017                 January 25.2017       January 26.2017          January 30.2017

33554099   33415187   29510397   32714776