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~Review~ Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley





Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley

*****5 Stars*****


So. Many. Feels…


At first glance, this seems to be a typical crime story. FBI Agent blackmails a criminal into testifying against his boss, they fall in love, the boss gets wind of the deal, both are on the run and were miraculously saved. End of story.

Nooo, not this time. Obviously, Shades of Gray has a crime plot, but first and foremost it is a romance. A beautifully written love story between two men on different sides of the law. You feel the chemistry between them virtually sizzling, but it is not just pure blind lust. From their first time together there is a tenderness, that grabbed my heart.

Miller and Danny are far from perfect, and yet for me, they are.

Miller Sutton, a somewhat disillusioned and job weary FBI Agent, who lived all his live in denial about his sexuality, about who he really is.tumblr_mx4wumIA281sjxsk8o1_500.gif (500×213)

Danny Butler, a drug runner whose bad choice got him to be delinquent when he was a teen, but who came to terms with it along the way, until some events -some decisions- made him question his choice.

Then there is said drug lord who does not accept betrayal in any way and sends his sadistic killer after them…

Both men have to realize in a painful way that not everything is black and white. Not their situation and not the other person.

I never thought I would cry over a crime story someday… There were scenes in this book that were hard to take. I had tears streaming down my face while at the same time, I felt pure white-hot rage. And the apparent hopelessness of their situation honest-to-goodness made my chest constrict.

L'amour nous déchirera.

It makes me sad that the author apparently has chosen not to write any other books, but I can not be happier that I met Miller and Danny. I loved them both so hard, well, maybe Danny a little bit more. 😉 I know, I know… I’m late to the party and I could not add anything else that has not already been said in other reviews so I will leave it at that.

In case you are as late to the party as me, read this book, you won’t regret it! This goes straight onto my favorites shelf!!!

Highly recommended!



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~Review~Fast Connection by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell




Fast Connection (Cyberlove #2)

by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

*****5 Stars*****


It all began with a photo…

… in an app for gay hookups. This is how Dominic and Luke met and this is how their relationship went from just sex, over friendship, to love.The End.  😀

LOL. Uhm, no, not really. This sounds much easier than it actually was. Their journey was bumpy, not to say rocky, caused by the no-strings-attached-we-are-just-fuck-buddies attitude of both of them, but I loved every goddamn minute of it.

Especially Luke was reserved for a good while, so to speak. I must admit that I had a few problems with him at the beginning, but the more I got to know him and the reasons why he behaved the way he did, I understood him much better and really, really liked him at the end.

But Dominic…facebook-comments-emoticon-with-heart-eyes

Damn, I loved that guy! Actually, I already liked him in Strong Signal, even though he acted like an asshole a great deal of time, and I was so looking forward to getting his story. I was not disappointed. Dominic was simply adorable. More than once, I wanted to give him a hug, hold him and tell him that everything is going to be okay.

With their excellent writing style, both authors succeeded once more in making me getting lost in a story about “normal” people who live an ordinary life, without additional drama, who simply have to deal with normal life situations. What I once again loved about this book was the cyber-element. Their texts were funny, cute and hot. You could say: dumbass, the series is called Cyberlove, of course, there’s a lot of cyber-activity in it. You’re right. 😉

And this is exactly what makes this series so special and why Im looking forward to the next book.



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~Review~ Full Throttle by Nasia Maksima




Full Throttle (Dirty Angels #1) by Nasia Maksima

****4 Stars****


Two men. One passion.

tumblr_m8tyxma79r1r8omuyo1_500.gif (500×213)

Now that sounds a bit like a movie tagline, but it is not that far-fetched because you get a certain Fast and Furious vibe right from the beginning. Since I’m  an adrenaline junkie at heart – umm, and only at heart, not in reality! 😉 – and a sucker for those movies, I was hooked from the start.

Luc and Jesse are two men as different as they come and yet they have so much in common. Aside from their love for street racing, both are on the verge of being forced to live a life they despise, but they desperately try to live up to their fathers expectations, nonetheless.

Luc, son of a Governor by day and leader of an illegal street racing crew consisting man in shadows: mostly of his siblings by night, comes from a wealthy family.

Already having disappointed his father once and threatened to get separated from his family and friends if this ever happens again, he attempts to stay out of trouble to follow his father’s only mantra of “don’t embarrass the family“. Obviously, this proves to be not as easy as it sounds with his secret hobby and the fact that he is gay, something no one can know about, not by any means.

Jesse, son of the Police Chief and living in rather poor circumstances, lives in constant fear of getting beaten up by his Oliver Dale by Alex Brennan-Kearns: abusive alcoholic father.

Believe me, I hated the guts of Jesse’s father with all my heart. Jesse is on the brink of passing an exam that gets him accepted into the FBI, though everything he wants is getting into an elite mechanical engineering grad program at the university.

Jesse’s dream is to be accepted into Luc’s team, the Dirty Angels, to get a starting place in a race that got his brother killed one year ago. On the one hand, he wants to know more about the circumstances of the accident, which is proven to be caused by sabotage and on the other hand he wants to win this race, both for his brother and for himself to prove that he can make it.

There is a lot of chemistry between Luc and Jesse and sparks fly right from the beginning, even if it is a constant back and forth because of Luc trying to hold on to his own mantra of I’m not gay.

The whole story is an accomplished combination of racing scenes, rivalry, loveable characters, family drama, romance and hot sex scenes. And dirty talk. Lots of it. I just love it when the supposedly weaker guy (weaker in terms of his build) takes charge and bosses the other one around. 😉

The writing style is great and the story is – albeit not literarily challenging – very enjoyable.

I really loved it. Well, at least up until roughly 90%… Then it turned into something that was a bit too melodramatic, too soap-opera-y and B-movie style for my liking. Although the ending is satisfying when the ‘bad guys’ got their come-uppance, I really wish the author would have found a better solution. This definitely spoiled it a bit for me and kept me from giving a better rating. I’m definitely looking forward to a sequel, though.



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~Review~ Guns n’ Boys: Swamp Blood By K.A. Merikan




Guns n’ Boys: Swamp Blood (Guns n’ Boys #4)

by K.A. Merikan

***3 Stars***




This seems to be a typical case of all-of-my-friends-loved-it-but-me. Maybe I should add that I’m not really into books about biker gangs and this story was apparently some kind of crossover with another series by the authors (Sex & Mayhem) about the Coffin Nails MC.

I don’t know how much it was the book or how much it was me being sick that I did not really enjoy this story. I loved Guns n’ Boys: Homicidal Instinct and I even thought that this series was getting better and better, but not for me I’m afraid. I debated with myself if I should write a review at all, because I want to be fair, but decided to steer a middle course and give it 3 stars to compensate any injustice.

The book began just great. Both, Dom and Seth, have to deal with the aftereffects of what was done to Seth by his own brother at the end of the previous book and I so felt for them.

I really get that it is hard for both of them to cope with the events…

Mario Blanco:

… but what followed was somewhat unnecessary drama.

The ensuing ups and downs in their relationship, their fights and especially Dom’s behavior felt a bit staged. A little less and I could have believed it. As it was, though, it was tiring and eye-roll inducing. For me, it felt like being back at square one just the other way round, because this time it was Dom whom I did not particularly like in this book and he was always my favorite so far.

He behaved like a self-righteous prick sometimes and was far too arrogant for my liking. Those who followed my reviews for the other books in this series know that it is quite a surprise – yes, for me too! – that I loved Seth more this time.

I really enjoyed his character development, with him finally standing up for himself and trying not to depend too much on Dom, it was more than I could have asked for.

Who I did not care much for was Mark, the little hooker Dom, and Seth took in after saving him from trouble with a biker.With him behaving like a brat most of the time, I did not even feel sorry for him, at least not until the end, anyway.

And don’t get me started on Dana. I somehow I don’t trust her, being sent after Dom and Seth by the mafia in the last book and jumping ship just like that. Something about her just feels off.

Enough with the rant, though. The sex was hot – just to give you a hint: role-play!!! – and the ending was as thrilling as in the other books, albeit a bit OTT.

I better stop now, because it is hard to think with a stuffed-up nose and a head that feels like being filled with cotton. 😉 I have read the first four books in this series, including the short story, almost back to back and maybe it is time for me to take a longer break from it, to read something in between, so I can enjoy the next book again.


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~Review~ Thick & Thin By Charlie Cochet




Thick & Thin (THIRDS #8) By Charlie Cochet 

*****5 Stars*****


I will make it short: I loved it!

Okay, probably not that short. 😉 This series never ceases to amaze me…

After all this time you would think that I would be fed up with it by now, that it would lose its appeal at some point and to be honest, with each new book I fear that the time has come. Slowly but surely, though, it seems to me that this will never be the case. I just cannot get enough of it.

After the events in Smoke & Mirrors, I could not get my grabby hands fast enough on this book and it was all I could have wished for. Yes, it felt like some kind of interlude, but that was the idea behind it, to prepare us for things to come. For the change that was already initiated in the previous book.

The story -albeit a bit shorter this time- was the familiar mix of action, humor, sexy times, some heartwarming scenes and Dex-antics, sometimes paired with thoughtfulness due to his new found Therian abilities still in its infancy and the impact this would have on those around him.

I so will never get tired of the banter between Dex and Ash!!!

The interaction between the teammates was amazing as always, although they had to break down some barriers when Dex and Sloane put their cards on the table and all secrets were out, but when it comes down to it, they act like the one big family they are and get everything sorted out in typical Destructive Delta manner.

In other words: it had everything I love about this series, plus a tinge of nostalgia when Dex recalls events that led them to this point until they reached some kind of crossroads. And that the love story between Dex and Sloane remains one of my favorites goes without saying.


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~Review~ Guns n’ Boys: Homicidal Instinct by K.A. Merikan




Guns n’ Boys: Homicidal Instinct (Guns n’ Boys #3)

*****5 Stars for my favorite in this series so far******


“You loved the lifestyle you had with the Family, so when you chose me over them… That’s everything I could have wanted.”

I don't imagine Sam with a tattoo, but I like the pose.:


It was probably a good thing that I already wrote most of my review yesterday, even though I had the ending of the book still ahead of me, otherwise it would have ended in utter chaos. I told a friend last night that I needed to go to bed but decided to read one or two more pages. Bad idea, Simone. Bad idea. At least in regards to my sleep. Of course, I was not done with one or two pages. All sleep was forgotten, I could not put it down anymore. I’m dead-ass tired today, but this book is so worth it!!!

With Dom being put out of commission due to his injuries and the amnesia he suffered at the end of the previous book, this time it is Seth’s turn to take responsibility in order to keep them safe. Without any plan, only his determination to protect Dom at any cost, Seth sees himself in the leading role to escape killers left and right, which turns into a road trip to hell until the end of the book. I loved him for his efforts, for his intentness, for how far he would go, despite being in way over his head.

To add insult to injury, he has a hard time adapting to the possibility that Dom might never regain his memory and will not remember anything about their time together, but he tries to repose confidence in their love for each other which is still there and will hopefully prove to be enough in the end.

I am amazed at his sweetness, at his gentle character, at how gullible he still can be, despite everything both men have been through. Sometimes, though, I still wanted to shake him and smack him upside the head for his naivety. Maybe somebody should have told him that parading in front of a TV camera is not the way to go while trying to escape the mafia. He really should know by now what The Family – his family – is capable of and the methods they use to achieve their goal.

I never thought it possible that I could love Dom even more than before. Not able to remember anything from his past and despite his innate predatory personality, he is set on trusting Seth with everything. I really loved this softer side of him…

… but it was also great to see his “old self” with slightly psychotic tendencies, his jealousy, and his killer instinct shine through occasionally. ;-)To see how he fell for Seth all over again was everything.

Seth grounded him, helped him find his place on Earth when everything else turned into a blur.

The sex scenes were once again burning-the-sheets hot, but after reading more than three books in a row now from these authors, I did not expect anything less. 😉 To my mind, it was each and every tender moment, though, what made them just perfect for each other.

“Don’t force yourself to anything, Dom.” Seth nudged him with his nose. “If it’s meant to be, everything will come back to you.” Domenico shook his head. “But I want to know. Remember what I felt when I first saw you. Everything is so confusing now, but I do know that you are incredibly close to me. There’s this… pull in my chest when I look at you.”

The story itself read like the calm before the storm. Although it was humorous at times, especially due to Dom’s quirks cropping out during their trip, I felt an underlying tension the whole time, even when it was just the two of them together. I expected something to happen at every turn what kept me constantly on the edge of my seat.

And then I came to the end and… God, it almost wrecked me. Full of adrenaline, I could not sit still anymore and my blood pressure was sky high. Well, good luck with going to sleep after such a drama…

To be honest, I thought about taking a break from this series, to read something fluffy in between, because – let’s face it – this story is sometimes so dark and brutal that it is bordering on the stuff that nightmares are made of, but there is no way for me to stop now.


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~Review~ Guns n’Boys: He Is Mine by K.A. Merikan



Guns n’Boys: He Is Mine (Guns n’ Boys #2)

*****4.5 Stars*****


Dark. Brutal. Intense…. but also a little crazy and very hot!

That description does not only apply to Domenico Acerbi, but also to the book itself. Phew, sometimes it so pays off going with your heart and – most of all – listening to your friends to go on (or in my case probably power through) a series, although the first book was not really a direct hit…

.Steve Boyd:

Your reward might be a story that makes you:

  • a bit anxious and keeping your eyes glued to your Kindle
  • peeking through your fingers at some quite brutal scenes
  • swallowing with anticipation in regard to what will happen next
  • flinging the window open in the middle of winter because fanning yourself is not enough
  • and grinning like a fool.

Yes, all of it. Sometimes parts of it even at the same time. And at the end, it leaves you breathless, because the last 20% or so are a hell of a rollercoaster ride…

I won’t go into detail because after that ending…… I’m really anxious to go on to the next book, but I want to revert to some things that bugged me in the last story.

mario blanco | Tumblr:   Mario Casas - quadruplica, Senhor! o/:

Yes, there are still a few eye-roll-inducing metaphors in this book, but they are few and far between, so I generously overlooked them this time. 😉

Although Dom is still my favorite, I really liked Seth in this book. Eventually, he grew a pair of balls and did not behave like a whiny toddler all the time.I loved that he talked back and was able to man up when it came to the point.And – what’s most important – I finally felt the connection and chemistry between Dom and Seth, although the ups and downs of their relationship made me quite dizzy.

I guess, since I’m still at the beginning of this ride, there are more to come and I should get used to it. I have a feeling that the authors don’t want to make this easy. Not for the boys. And not for us.


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~Review~ Guns n’Boys: He Is Poison by K.A. Merikan




Guns nBoys: He Is Poison (Guns nBoys #1)by K.A.Merikan

 ****3.5 Stars****


Good, but... it did not sweep me off my feet like I thought it would.

I had a bit of a hard time to rate this book because I have some mixed feelings about it.Altogether I liked it and I really enjoyed some parts of it, but others… not so much.

Venezuelan model Mario Blanco///Zain:


On the positive side, there would definitely be Dom. Honestly? What’s not to love about a gorgeous, dangerous, somewhat unpredictable guy with a bit of an attitude, who sometimes shows his vulnerable side, especially when it comes to the rejection by his own father?


Yes, I know, basically, he is a killer, but still…


Seth, on the other hand, has attitude, in spades… Unfortunately, not the one that struck a chord with me. This guy was most of the time annoying as hell.

Overall too shallow, with the inclination to put too much emphasis on outward appearances. Well, that was something that bothered me a bit in general about this book. Sometimes I even got the impression I was reading a fashion magazine rather than a mafia story, but that only as a side note, so back to Seth. Kidnapped as the youngest son of a Sicilian Mafia don by the Chinese Triad, being tortured and held captive for several weeks…

… and the first thing that came to his mind when he is being rescued is that the suit his kidnappers gave him was somewhat ill-fitting compared to the one of his savior (Dom). Seriously? Oh, come on. (Maybe you can imagine my eye-roll…) Most of the time his behavior was that of a spoiled brat, not to say a drama queen, and every time he insisted that Dom should not treat him like a baby, I wanted to snap at him “Oh, yeah? Then don’t behave like one!”

Thank God, it got better towards the end, at least a bit, as well as the development of the relationship between Dom and Seth. At first, I didn’t really feel the connection between these two, especially because Dom had no problem with sharing Seth. Of course, it all based on sex at the beginning and since this is just the first book in a series I guess it will deepen, so I don’t want to judge it too hard.

Well, said sex  can only be described with one word:

Admittedly, at the beginning, it was somewhat dub-con cough, but since Seth could enjoy it, I could do the same. 😉 Surprisingly, the fact that Dom and Seth are half-brothers didn’t bother me overly much, either. Surprisingly, I should add, because normally, I’m a bit sensitive in that regard.

The writing style itself was okay, I guess, but the metaphors that the authors used were sometimes definitely a tad OTT for my liking, e.g.

“He seemed as shy as a stallion ready to be mounted for the first time. Yearning for that saddle, but not ready to accept it.”

Umm, as you can imagine, that got another eye-roll… Thank God, it didn’t happen overly much.



So, I love to read a dark and twisted story now and then, and the ending made me curious about what will happen next, of course, I will go straight on to the next book.


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~Review~ Insurrection by Arshad Ahsanuddin


~Review~ by ~Simone~


Insurrection (The Interscission Project #3)

*****5 Stars*****


         Impending-book-hangover-from-hell material

How-To-Travel-Back-In-Time-Spell.jpg (720×576):

.. might be the only way to save the future.

But what are you willing to give? What are you willing to risk? I know I have said something similar in my review for Azimuth, but in this book it gets even more apparent what might be at stake…

I have to apologize in advance, in case this review turns into rambling. I was so absorbed in the story, my feelings are still all over the place… Where the hell do I even start??? Well, the beginning might be a good starting point.

Back to the roots seems to be the motto of the first chapters. You get teleported back to the time when everything began when certain events are set in motion. You learn more about the incident that costs the life of the parents of Marty and his twin Jacob. You learn more about how all the characters, who were involved in enabling time travels, met. You learn more about their pasts and what led them to make certain decisions that have an impact on their futures lives. You learn more about the relationship of Martin and his first love Charles, and you definitely wish to learn more about what could have been…

tumblr_obqd31YuOD1tylr0uo1_500.gif (499×750)Back in the timeline of the events at the end of Azimuth, for Martin and Edward (and all the others) everything seems to have calmed down after the apparent death of the time traveler Gifford and the threat he posed for their lives. New insights about Martin’s former mentor, Admiral O’Dare and his secret military organization Hourglass, who wants to stop the ostensible threat of time travel for humanity by eliminating everyone who was involved in the first place, brings them back into action.

And time is running out…

Their primal mission is to stop the Admiral from succeeding, only to find themselves suddenly in a position to help him, when everything takes a surprising turn and new possibilities present themselves that might have an alternating effect on their personal past and the people that come along with it.

I know I’m repeating myself – again -, but what a brilliant ride this was! In case you couldn’t already tell, I just loved everything about this book… In fact, I might have loved it more than Zenith and Azimuth, if that is even possible. The reason?

For one, it may be the fact that the story is more focused on personal relationships.

Living life in peace...

Marty kissed him again, more deeply this time, and muttered, “Thank you.””For what?” “For being you.” He stroked Edward’s cheek with one fingertip. “And for coming back to me.” “I love you.” “I love you more.”


You get more romance, more intimacy between the characters and..well – although it is not the most important part for me, but I won’t complain, either 😉 – more sexy times.

On the other hand, the aspects of the story are well-balanced.The romance is perfectly integrated into a more thrilling parts, which gives you time to breathe and only makes you feel even more for the characters because you never know what kind of surprise is lurking round the Corner.

The character development, especially Marty’s, is breathtaking.

A hero against his will, willing to take every risk by trying to save his loved ones. He was my hero right from the start and I was glad that did not change one bit and he stayed true to himself over the whole storyline. But all the others are strong characters as well and I have rarely read a series where each and every character was portrayed so authentic and plausible. Just another indication of the outstanding writing style of the author.

Furthermore, you get the chance to be absorbed in the story, to begin with, because the leaps in the timeline, are kept within limits and you are able to read it in one go without scratching your head and wondering sometimes what’s going on.

Although I could have totally lived with the ending as it was…

(well, maybe except for the somewhat ominous epilog), you will never hear me complain about the fact that there will be another book in this series. On the contrary…

I can hardly wait to get my grabby hands on it!Highly recommended!



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~Review~ Azimuth By Arshad Ahsanuddin


~Review by ~Simone~


Azimuth (The Interscission Project #2)

*****5 Stars*****


“Life is a gamble. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

So true. And then imagine time travelers interfering … Some of only the best of intentions and some who just want to preserve their own interests.This might suddenly attribute a whole new meaning to the life as you know it.

What an amazing ride! This series gets better and better, although this is not quite an easy read.The story jumps between different timelines and it is sometimes a bit hard to keep track of the events and remember what led to them.I would suggest that you have a notepad beside you, or even better a chart and draw a nice little graph. 😉 I wish I had followed my own advice and taken some notes.My poor old brain was sometimes a tad strained, but it doesn’t keep me from giving this story 5 solid stars.

Normally, I love to read books with relaxation-material, just to help me unwind after a stressful day at work, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the hell out of books that make me think. And Azimuth is definitely such an exemplary.

I really wonder what kind of mastermind the author has to be to come up with such a complex story in the first place and at times I was more than just a little surprised that it all made sense at some point.

After a near-death experience at the end of Zenith being sent back into the future by his lover, it is Edward’s turn now trying to save the life of his lover Martin. The only problem: he is already dead…

“Eddie, if you’re seeing this message, then I have died before reaching the point in your life where you might have been able to recognize me.”

Such a sentence affects me deeply every time, be it in a movie or in a book and this time was no exception. I choked up quite a bit, because you can’t do anything but fall for these guys. Hard. And that is one reason why I love this series so much.

You get involved in their lives and in their feelings and you just want them to be happy.

And I’m not just talking about Marty and Edward here, but about every single side character. They really grew on me.


With the help of some friends and his sister, Edward resolves on going back in time by using the available technology of his timeline to prevent his lover from being murdered.

“Wishful thinking has its place,” said Trevor. “It leaves us with enough hope to keep on living.”

Also true. But where is the limit? Saving the love of your life is an honorable intention, but how far are you willing to go?

It not only affects your own life and the one of those you care deeply for. The interference in the timeline meddles with the future of everyone else, on more than just one level. Is it worth it? And what about the unknown variables, such as the enemy who doesn’t care about the effects his actions have on others? Will he be able to put more obstacles in your way?

Well, you will get some answers in this book. Aaaaand…. more questions. Lots of more questions. But once again I won’t tell you more about the plot since I don’t want to spoil it for you, I just want to make you curious. I hope it did work. 😉

The story isn’t told yet, so on to the next book!



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~Review~ Zenith by Arshad Ahsanuddin


~Review by ~Simone~


Zenith(The Interscission Project #1)by Arshad Ahsanuddin

*****5 Stars*****


This was friggin awesome!!!

Welcome to the world of spaceships, wormholes, gravity shields, and time travel…

… but also to a bittersweet love story…Well, technically there are two, but that is something I will come back to later.

This story is hard to beat for complexity. I always thought I had a vivid imagination, but hell no… This is what I call a vivid imagination!

spaceship-starship-animated-gif-23.gif (500×500)The story is so believable and brilliantly written, and with all the twists and turns in it, it kept my eyes glued to my Kindle and I just wanted to inhale the book.

Well, I won’t even pretend that I understood all the technical stuff. Neither do I have a doctor’s degree in astrophysics, did ever engineer a spaceship nor am I the commander of the Starfleet, but it is the same with the Star Trek movies and I love them, nonetheless. I consoled myself with the fact that Martin, one of the MC’s and captain of a spaceship, after all, was sometimes as clueless as I and preferred getting everything explained in three syllables. 😉

Not only the story is sophisticated, but also the characters have so many layers, some of them kept me guessing the whole time what their game is and who is an ally and who is a foe.

Hello you:

Martin Atkins, a Navy Commander on administrative leave after a rescue mission gone wrong, accepts the offer of a private contractor to take command of the Zenith, a spaceship designed to test a new form of spacecraft technology, which means not a test on a new method of propulsion, but on an alternate method of travel. He gets to work with his best friend Charles Davenport, for whom he feels more than just friendship but was turned down years ago for the sake of said friendship.

At first, he is still not ready to accept the fact that there will never be more between the two of them…

” For the rest of what remained of Martin’s life, he would pinpoint this exact instant as the moment he let Charles break his heart the second time, standing alone in the Chief Engineer’s office on board his first command, as it drifted through space, crippled and so far from home, where no one would ever find it. The instant Martin gave up and let Charles Davenport go.”

… Until he meets Edward Harlen, a young engineer, responsible for some modifications on the ship. Slowly but surely Edward worms his way into Martin’s heart and they are both absolutely adorable together.

I don't know if it exists for me, but I'm gonna keep waiting for the Love. | gay love: But is Edward who he claims to be? And what about his sister, Stella, and the other coworkers? Are they harmless or do they have an agenda? Do they maybe just act in their best interest? Of course, I won’t tell you, because this would take away all the fun, but I can promise you that you never know if it is the truth or just another reality and this fact alone will keep you on the edge of your seat.

When it soon becomes apparent that somebody tries to sabotage the whole project and everything ends in a close call,

Martin has to make his choice between his own happiness, his responsibility for his crew and the life of his lover.

” You have to leave. Otherwise, you’ll die here. “I know,” whispered Edward. “I wish… I just wish I could promise I’ll remember you.” Martin pulled his hands free, and Edward heard the clink of a metal chain, felt it, still warm from Martin’s skin, as he slipped it over Edward’s head. “Do you love me, Eddie?”. “Yes.” Tears gathered in the corners of his eyes. “So much.” Martin clasped Edward’s hands in his, wrapping them around a couple of flat metal wafers that hung from the chain around Edward’s neck. He leaned forward until his forehead touched Edward’s. “Then remember. And when you do, come back to me.”

At the end, I was really happy that I can start with the sequel right away because I desperately need to know how the story of Martin and Edward will go on.



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~Review~ Unbreakable Stories: Snow by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott


~Review~by ~Simone~


Unbreakable Stories: Snow (Unbreakable Bonds #2.5)

*****5 Stars for one of my favorite couples*****


This book was a surprise release, but it didn’t surprise me in the slightest that I loved it so much. It was the 100th book for me this year and there is no better way to end an amazing year in books with another great read and to top it all off with a book in one of my favorite series.

17913432.gif (400×480)I love the idea behind the short stories, to give us some “normal” scenes with the guys, aside from the mystery that runs like a thread through the whole series. First Lucas and Andrei and now Jude and Snow, two of my favorites.

There are some hot scenes – and when I say hot, I mean it!!! -, some scenes that made me laugh out loud – “Is it a bear?” – and some scenes where I just savored the moment when they were together.


Of course, I loved to meet all the other guys again, too, and I’m so counting the days until Devour will be released.

Highly recommended!



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~Review~ Vespertine by Leta Blake & Indra Vaughn


~Review by ~Simone~


Vespertine by Leta Blake & Indra Vaughn


I’m full of all these big fucking feelings, and, shit, I don’t know what to do with them. ~Nicky~

MY. STATE. OF. MIND. EXACTLY. NOW. What a beautifully written, bittersweet story…

Magic is just the right word. This was one of those books where you wish you would be able to forget what you just read and read it all over again, just to make this experience once more. Just to feel the magic again. Boy, did this book make me feel…

There were moments when I could not stop the tears running down my face, just to find myself smiling at a moment’s notice.

Especially Nicky made my heart ache. Poor, broken Nicky…

Kit Harington aka John Snow... I just created a new board just to have somewhere to pin this.:

Driven away from home at an early age when Jasper, his best friend, and love of his life, chose to dedicate his life to God and left Nicky behind. Nicky, who always felt music running through his veins left his hometown to become a famous rock star. But of course, this life is not just about fame, glamor and being rich. True to form, it is more the life of ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and after many years, when Nicky hits rock bottom, he is forced into drug withdrawal and resolves on going back home for recovery.

When he meets Jasper – or should I say Father Jazz? – again, all kinds of feelings bubble up to the surface, and anger, longing and -never-completely-forgotten love are only a few of them.

via makeagifvia makeagif

Faithful in prayer. #Rosary #gentleman: Jazz himself lives a Content (albeit somewhat lonely) life as a catholic priest. So he thinks… Being a gay catholic priest comes across some rather unwanted attention and resistance, but overall he feels accepted and safe in his faith in God and loves his responsibility for the LGBTQ youth center of the church.

Said faith becomes a bit rattled when Nicky literally appears on his doorstep. Jazz is shocked to see him being in such a bad condition and feels compelled to help Nicky recover. This task is easier said than done and Jazz has to fight temptation not to give in to his still existing deep buried feelings for Nicky more than once.

At the end, he has to make a decision, before it is too late and he will lose Nicky for good.

Well, I won’t tell you how this decision turns out, you have to read it for yourself. But believe me, you won’t want to miss out on this book! I’m officially joining the club of those via makeagifwho said in their reviews that they were reluctant at first to read this book because of the religious theme. Yep, me too! Religion itself is a sensitive topic and writing about it can be a hit or miss. In this case, it was definitely a hit and it did not bother me. At. All.

Like I said earlier, the story is beautifully written and it goes straight to my absolute favorites shelf. I marked so many passages as if my life would depend on it!!! And overall – underlined with memories of both guys – it felt so real. Nicky’s struggle to remain clean was so heart-wrenching that it made my chest hurt and Jazz’s effort to give the kids at the youth Center a chance for a better life was treated so comprehensible that both authors definitely earned my respect.

One scene in particular had me in tears and from now on, I could never hear U2’s With Or Without You again, without being reminded of this book and that is for sure.

Yearning became a thing with a rhythm and a heartbeat, and the song grew into the past made manifest. The sound of shifting bodies stilled and Nicky’s voice trembled as he sang on. His fingers never failed, though, and the broken heart he’d never recovered from bled through his voice and hands.
Through the storm, we reach the shore
You give it all but I want more
And I’m waiting for you

With or without you
With or without you
I can’t live with or without you
~ U2 With Or Without You ~


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~Review~ Snow & Secrets By RJ Scott


~Review by ~Simone~


Snow & Secrets (Stanford Creek #3)

by RJ Scott ,Writing as Rozenn Scott

This book can be read as a standalone.

***3 Stars***


Fame sometimes feels like a rush…

… unless there is a public scandal that puts you even more in the crosshairs of the paparazzi and leads to a media harassment without peer.

That is the story of pop star Tyler Hart

 : Although openly gay -, getting caught on video at the receiving end of a blowjob in a public bathroom. The only way possible for Ty, who already deals with some kind of anxiety disorder, to escape the media frenzy is to hide and lick his wounds in a remote cabin in the mountains of Vermont which belongs to the future brother-in-law of one of the former members of Ty’s boy band. The only problem? It is already taken…

Dominic....amoveo gaurd to the prince. Black military haircut. Amber eyes. Tiger clan. Has a scar down the left side of his face.:

Garrett Campbell works in cooperation with a seal team as a translator for a government agency, which is a closely guarded secret and not even his family knows what he does for a living. Wounded in a hostage retrieval gone wrong, he seeks revenge for the death of his partner during said operation and is intent on finding the mole who set them up. After the death of another team member, he is also forced to go into hiding and the only qualified location for him to feel safe is his brother’s cabin in Stanford Creek, where his peace and his heart is disturbed by the appearance of Ty.

And here we go again! I am not a big  fan of insta-love. Although the word is a bit too strong for the situation of Ty and Garrett (at least at the beginning), it was too insta-… something for me, nonetheless. In this story both guys lusted after each other before they even met: Garrett over a poster of Ty and his boy band in his locker at college and Ty over stories he heard from his friends about their assumption of Garrett being a spy of some sorts. Furthermore, I could not really buy the fact that Ty – despite his anxiety – felt safe with Garrett within an hour, even though they exchanged just a few words. Both men just felt too young for me and their behavior too immature sometimes. There were scenes where I wanted to shake them and shout ‘Oh, come on… How old are you? Fifteen?’ We don’t get any information about Garrett’s age, but given his profession, I would have thought he being a bit more reasonable and Ty is 26, so not that young, either…

This book is the 3rd installment in the Stanford Creek series from author RJ Scott under the pen name Rozenn Scott and can be read as a standalone. The first two books are M/F romance and I haven’t read them. At first, I had some problems to sort out the names of all the side characters, and we are talking about a damn big family with siblings, cousins, spouses, girl- and boyfriends, but after a while, I just went with the flow and it was fine by me.

The story itself was okay, although nothing to write home about. As for me, I would have wished for a bit more action before it hit the 85% mark, and even then everything was wrapped up too quickly for me. Up until that moment ,there was a lot of talks , hot tub baths ,and snow scooping…

I have to admit that the solution to the mystery of the mole took me by surprise, but not even that could make me give this story a higher rating than  3 Stars


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~Review~ Bitter Legacy By Dal Maclean


~Review by ~Simone~


Bitter Legacy By Dal Maclean



First of all, if there is one thing I hate in my books it would be cheating. I could instantly name you two quite popular series I will probably never read because of this fact alone. So you can imagine that I was more than just a little bit torn about reading this book. I have read other reviews that mentioned exactly this would happen here, but two of my close friends were absolutely thrilled and I resolved –although a bit reluctantly at first- to give it a go since there is always the option to give up.

Hahaha, that was a good one, Simone! No way I could have put this book down, once I picked it up.

I was hooked from the beginning imageedit_657_7921361099and absolute determined to pull it through, no matter what. The main reasons were the great writing style for one thing, although I have to admit that at first,I had some issues with the Scottish accent of Jamie’s partner. It took me a while to juggle the strange vowels into the pronunciation I’m used to.36564-big-smile-emoticon-for-facebook

On the other hand, there is Jamie…

Hotshot Detective Sergeant with the London Police Department and on a fast-track promotion to Detective Inspector. He is working on a murder case that is getting more and more complex by the minute and ends by pure chance as Ben’s flatmate while following a lead. I loved Jamie from his first appearance. facebook-comments-emoticon-with-heart-eyesHe is gay, but very unexperienced on this matter and desperately searching for friends outside from work with who he can be himself. He virtually radiates loneliness and his situation leads
to a kind of insta-attraction for Ben I could totally relate to, by the way.

Ben’s description alone made me almost imageedit_541_8771612565drool all over my Kindle.

Jamie fells really hard and fast and initiates a sexual relationship with Ben, although he knows about Ben’s affairs with other men. Of course he hopes for more and quite honestly, who would not? His struggle to make this relationship work was sometimes quite hard to take and needless to say that I was really madred-angry-emoticon-for-facebook at Ben for making Jamie suffer. Ben’s ‘cheating’ was no reason for me to give up on this book, though. For me, cheating requires an established relationship to start with and at no point Ben implies being in a relationship with Jamie.

We only get Jamie’s POV and he simply assumes this being the case. Well, this does not make it any easier and I hated that Jamie got hurt in the process, but somehow from the very beginning I had a feeling that there is more to Ben than he lets on, regarding his personality, but also his feelings for Jamie. It felt as if he wanted to keep Jamie at distance, because his own feelings were too deep and he wants to assure himself that he would be in control over his emotions that way. The only way to accomplish that for him would be to lash out. As I learned towards the end I was right and the reason for his behavior is evoked by and buried deep in his past. Of course that is no excuse, but I could empathize somehow…36564-big-smile-emoticon-for-facebook

As for the case, the murder investigation is just that, an investigation. You get no wild pursuits (okay, maybe except for one) and no overly nail-biting situations, but solid police work with lots of footwork, internet research, interviews of witnesses and so on. Nevertheless, I was a nervous wreck when the case hits very close to home for Jamie and the resolution of the investigation almost wrecked me. I never hated so much being right about a killer and I probably never had so much compassion for one, either. He almost broke my heart…broken-heart-emoticon-for-facebook-comments

What I loved the most about the ending was that Jamie and Ben got a second chance at their love,sparkling-heart-symbol-for-facebook even though it felt more like a solid HFN than a HEA, but still… I hope to see it turn into a HEA someday.

Highly recommended!



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