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~Review~Fast Connection by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell



Fast Connection (Cyberlove #2)

by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

*****5 Stars*****


5+ Stars…..So Good!!!

I loved the first book in this series but I thought this was even better.
I really didn’t like Dominic in book one but I did a massive u-turn here because I absolutely LOVED him here.

Dominic has just left the Military.

He’s kind of drifting through life, doesn’t really know where he fits in.Add into the mix his highly volatile family, at the age of 27 he’s a bit jaded with life.
He’s bisexual but has become more and more interested in men so goes on Grindr where he meets Luke.

Luke is forced out of the Military at a young age. He is 39, also bisexual and finally getting his life together.He’s divorced with teenage twins and his barriers are firmly in place.He likes one-time hook ups with men but never goes back for more until Dominic pushes down his defenses.

There’s drama as their two families cross paths.This was an integral part of their relationship and extremely well written.

I’m not sure which Author was responsible for the sex scenes but they are just delicious.It’s raw, dirty, desperate and very passionate.

And how refreshing to have an M/M book that’s not Gfy (not that I’m not into that), but this was all the more believable because they were both bi.

I cannot recommend this book/series highly enough for M/M fans.



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~Review~Strong Signal by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell




Strong Signal (Cyberlove #1)

by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

*****4.5 Stars*****


Well, I started reading this a few weeks ago and the gaming thing really didn’t work for me initially so I abandoned it.I decided to give it another go and I’m SO glad I did..

I just LOVED it.

Garrett……soldier in Afghanistan

Garrett is on his second(and last) tour of duty in Afghanistan.He’s gay but not completely out.He’s not enjoying this tour and is looking forward to getting back home even though he’s got no idea what he’s really going to do with his life.
He spends his spare time gaming online.This is where he comes across Kai and he becomes fixated on him.

Kai……reclusive gamer (yes, I adored him)

 Kai has become a virtual recluse.He suffers from panic attacks and social anxiety and hasn’t left his apartment in years.He’s built up a highly successful and lucrative business as a gamer with thousands of followers and subscribers.

They start off being irritated with each other and begin messaging each other.Their online interactions had me gripped.They eventually start flirting online which over time becomes so much more.
Garrett can’t wait to meet Kai in person but Kai is terrified that when Garrett sees the recluse he is, he won’t be interested.
I do love my sex scenes in books but in most books I find myself skimming some scenes…..well not here!!

These two Authors perfectly combined sweet and dirty.Both characters were well developed and fit perfectly together.

For M/M fans I cant recommend highly enough...



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~Review~ Pieces of Me by Melanie Hansen




Pieces of Me (Spectrum Nights #1) by Melanie Hansen

*****5 Stars*****


The start of Scott and Rylan’s story that had me captivated.I absolutely loved it.

They meet when they are 17 when Rylan’s father marries Scott’s mother.Rylan has been brought up well by his father, unlike Scott who had been shown nothing but contempt from his mother.She became pregnant with him at a young age and blames him for the life she now has……living in a run down trailer, she spends her time drinking too much and whoring herself about.This treatment from his mother has a profound effect on his life.

Scott is stunningly beautiful and thinks his looks are all he has.Ridiculed at school for being poor and having an alcoholic, slut for a mother he puts on a good front.

Rylan is gay and starting a new school he really doesn’t want to hide his sexuality.In fact, he embraces it…..dying his hair, wearing earrings and standing up to the school bullies.For a young boy, he showed such strength of character.

Rylan is instantly captivated by Scott’s good looks but he also sees past his beauty and tries to convince Scott that he can do something with his life.They are thrown together when they have to share a room.They become friends and start to look out for each other.Things change, though, when Scott kisses Rylan and their sexual adventure begins.For a short time, they explore each other, nights spent together in Scott’s bed with Rylan dreaming of a future for them.

But life is cruel and when a family secret is revealed, everything changes…

Part One concentrates on their young life and I actually liked this the best.Very surprisingly because YA isn’t really my thing but the writing and the characters completely drew me into the story.

Part Two takes place six years later.This is one of my absolute favorite things….I love a story that spans over years.

Rylan is trying to fulfill his ambition of becoming a Photojournalist when he meets Scott again, but he’s finding it such a struggle.Scott, on the other hand, is doing well.Working in an upmarket gay club he’s built up a high profile reputation as one of the hottest hosts at the club.

“I remember everything about you, Ry.You’re my best memory.”

Scott is kind of a lost soul in some ways.Always using his devastating good looks to get what he wants but, deep down, he craves much more.Rylan still finds him irresistible but is determined to be a friend to Scott.

I loved everything about this book.

It’s not a fluffy story at all.The characters go through a lot and it’s not pretty at times but I’ve got high hopes that this is going to be an epic love story.


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Wolfsong by T.J. Klune


Review by Judith


Wolfsong by T.J. Klune

*****5 Stars.*****

He said,”There was never anyone else the entire time I was gone.There was never anyone else for me.Because even if you couldn’t hear me when I called for you, the howl in my heart was always meant for you.”


Every once in a while, a book comes along that you weren’t expecting and just blows you away.
I’d read friends reviews for this and got the sample but the only thing putting me off was that it’s quite long and the lack of steam.
Well, I started reading it and right from the first page it sucked me in and I was completely captivated by Ox.

He’s 12 when the book opens, a bit of a loner with no self-worth.
When he’s 16 he notices the house down the lane, which has been empty for a while, is now occupied by a family…
The Bennett’s.

One day he meets the youngest,10-year-old Joe.A little blonde tornado who rocks into his world and won’t let go.Little does Ox know that this meeting will change his life forever….

I’ve read a few shifter books but this is in a different league.

I loved the characters.
I loved the family and feeling of belonging.
There’s love, loss, deep connections and bonds that are unbreakable.

It’s the first book I’ve read by this Author and to say I was impressed is an understatement….the writing is simply stunning.

Just an amazing, emotional story…




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Review by Judith


Vespertine by Leta Blake&Indra Vaughn


***** I just loved this.*****

For all my friends that have read this book and that love, M/M check out the link to a video that is just so perfect for this book….Thanks to my gorgeous friend Susan who sent me this in my update feed…..I’ve watched it over and over again….

Oh, and it’s really hot…Enjoy!!


“I always loved you.I can’t even pretend I loved God more.”

I’ve read quite a few taboo books involving a Priest and normally they might be hot but don’t deliver on believability.This one definitely did, it was just beautiful.

Jasper and Nicky grew up together.They were childhood friends which turned into so much more in their teenage years.But then Jasper made a decision that would tear them apart…..


Nicky left the town they grew up in and struggled.He ended up in the highly successful Rock Band, Vespertine.But as the years went by he ends up jaded.After mindless sexual encounters, he finds himself in rehab after a drug addiction.


Jasper felt God’s calling from a young age and while he loved Nicky the pull towards religion was stronger.Nicky returns to his home town after his time in rehab to re group and initially still feels a lot of anger against Jasper.

This is a slow burner and I did struggle in the beginning but the more I read, the more I got absorbed into the story.
It’s a story of two men who re-connect, art a tentative friendship which turns into much more.
It took me a while to warm to Jasper but when they finally got closer I ended up loving him.
And here’s the difference between this subject in books…..I could really, really feel Jasper’s inner conflict with his religion and his love for Nicky.

………A truly beautiful story………