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~Review~ Gone for You by Riley Hart



Gone for You (Wild Side #1) by Riley Hart

*****4.5 Stars*****



This story spoke to my heart.

Gone for You was a tad bit more angsty than I thought, but as I said to a friend, I am an angst junkie in denial. I don’t want to read them, however, when I am in the middle of all the drama it feels so darn good.

The story sucked me in; I was completely involved and touched by both MC’s.
They seemed total opposites in so many ways, especially affectionate and in the way, they were shaped to live their lives but they were perfect for each other.

This is a deal breaker for me in a story, the author’s ability to make two completely different personalities to mesh, making a relationship between these two people feel real, pumping the exact dose of drama into it in order to add depth without overdoing it. I think it was brilliantly done!

My only niggle and the reason I won’t give it a full 5 Stars is that I found that at the end everything was sorted too easily, a bit rushed maybe? I don’t know… Matty had it too easy.


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~Review~ Cut & Run by Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban




Cut & Run (Cut & Run, #1) by Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban

**** 4 Stars****


I really liked this but I didn’t love it, not in epic proportions as most of the others anyway.

Here are my thumbs up points:
The characterisation of both MCs.
The mystery which came across very strong.
Action wise it had a steady pace with no boring times.
Chemistry was there, solid.

What held back my 5*? … Romance vs. Relationship.

When the story started and we met Zane.

We were led to believe that Zane was perfection whereas Ty, on the other hand, was a mess.

Very first wrong impressions I must say. I guess we were tricked.As the story progresses and Zane’s layers start to peel off we realize that Zane is not perfect at all.


Hands down, Zane was the most damaged. He lost his wife, a partner at work and he also had addictions to deal with.I didn’t like that every time Zane showed a weakness Ty took a step back. It happened when he mentioned his wife, the drinks, and the drugs.

I also wanted to see them going crazy in lust with each other

But they seemed very restrained both emotionally and physically. There were times when I was left disappointed in regarding this coldness, like when they were apart for 4 months. When they met again, they went to Ty’s place, had a shower, they ate some pizza, talked and went to bed, to sleep, folks.

Now, excuse me, moi, but why they didn’t jump each other bones is beyond my understanding.Think:🤔 you don’t see your man for 4 months.What are you going to do when you meet hmm?? Well, I have no idea what you would do, but I know what I would. Winking Emoticon
Ok, he wasn’t HIS man. Still, it frustrated me.


Oh! Another thing that I liked A LOT was that the guys didn’t seem to grab where they stood emotionally. AND that made the story believable. I would have hated if it would have turned in instalove. They hated each other at first and in a matter of days, they started to feel protective of each other. They were very confused about these feelings. I think this was played very well by the author with their inner monologs.


Overall it was a really great read and I am very curious to see what book #2 will bring romance wise.Sorry, I went a bit OTT with the pics but how could I not get excited about.
Ty & Zane? …So damn hot!
A pity that I could not show them in full, a serial flagger could be around.


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~Review~ Bitter Legacy by Dal Maclean




Bitter Legacy by Dal Maclean

*****5 Stars*****

What a fabulous journey! And to think that I almost skipped it!

Cutting to the chase:
Bitter Legacy was an overdose of feelings. Euphoric feelings with WTF moments, hysterical feelings, anxious feelings, rage feelings with WTF moments, compassion feelings, tenderness feelings, sadness feelings, thrilling feelings, did I mention the WTF moments?? yes? ok but I want to do it again because of What.The.Actual.Fuck!?

I was utterly drawn to Jamie, overwhelmingly connected. I felt him with my heart.

The other MC – Ben – left me growling like a rabid dog.

Despite the completely opposite reactions, they hit me with the same extent of passion.With Jamie, my passion went to the extent of wanting to take my heart out and handing it over to him.


Whereas with Ben, the passion drove me to the extent of hysteria rages.

It hurt me so much when Jamie tried to keep up with Ben’s wicked lifestyle.

Not him, though. He didn’t play it well and that’s the reason it was so painful to watch that.There was no dull moments plot wise. In fact, It was all too much, but in a very good way. The result was powerful, intense and overwhelming.

The secondary characters were meticulously crafted and I want to mention how much I liked them all. Kudos to Ingham as we rarely have a chance to see a leading female boss in a predominantly male world.

megaphone-emoticon####From now on this review contain spoilers####

Now, let me show you my ugly side. I basically went until the end of the story rooting for the beautiful moment where I would finally see Ben crawling and begging for a chance with Jamie. But my pitiful feelings have changed of course; at the very end when it all came to light.  I don’t believe you can delete memories of your first 9 years of life, especially when what you have lived through was so out of sorts. I am not talking about parental neglect here. I am talking about a batshit crazy hold-on-your-bits-I-am-going-to-cut-your-balls-out mother.
Can we forget this kind of abuse with a brand new set of lovely parents? Fuck, no! These memories will get tattooed on your skin, mind, and soul.  Somehow it will shape you for better or worst. For this reason, I don’t believe Ben being the result of it, volatile and promiscuous the way he was, would have changed in a blink.

If I recommend it?

That being said, I love a book that can make me feel the way Bitter Legacy did, tying me in knots like a pretzel, toying with my emotions effortlessly. Therefore, despite my criticism about wishing a bit more time to assimilate Ben’s transformation, in the end, I will give it 5 Stars. It’s a remarkable story. Its impact was too big to get less than that. It will stay with me for a while.


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~Review~ The Price of Dick by Dan Skinner




The Price of Dick by Dan Skinner

***3.5 Stars***


Asshole characters exert a strange fascination on me. They are a weakness and a guilty pleasure. But they only appeal to me when there is lots of groveling involved until they finally redeem their selves. The Price of Dick didn’t turn out the way I wished. It’s not that kind of Romance. There was no groveling, let alone redemption. Needless to say, I was left disappointed. I’m blaming this on me though for having the pretension to assume that this story would be like many others.

JJ was a doormat and he knew it. He was a doormat infatuated with Dick and that is where my disappointment with JJ solely stands. Don’t take me wrong,  JJ wasn’t manipulative and bad as Dick but he had an agenda too. He could have kicked Dick out of his life at any time, but no. He liked sharing the bills, he liked having Dick around, he liked Dick’s charismatic act to recruit new guys and finally, he saw a chance, in Dick to up his game.

And Dick? Well, Dick was a DICK with all capital letters, a scoundrel. He did unforgivable things. Dick needed a place where he could stop the macho pretense, a place where he could let the barriers down and be gay. JJ was his golden ticket. Such a sweetheart.

It was a hard story to swallow. In my view, the fucked up situation was a mutual arrangement where both would benefit. And even though I was aware that the exploration was consensual by both parties I could not take it easily, because this deal was not well-balanced, JJ was always the weakest link. He couldn’t see it, though; bloke was blind like a bat. It took too long for JJ to wake up and realize that he didn’t need that, that he could do much better.

I think I had a reverse reaction here. Instead of being mad at Dick I was mad at JJ for taking all that crap from Dick. One of the things that nagged me the most listened to Dick make a pass at other guys with his bullshit I-am-not- gay speech in every fucking photo shoot,

Gawd, give me strength!

I am glad JJ found someone to give him a push. I don’t think he would have pulled his shit together on his own. Alex grounded JJ. Alex was the one who came up with the idea to transfer/backup the photos. Alex pushed him to find a new place. Alex opened JJ eyes about his financial situation and finally, he was the one who thought about calling an attorney to fix that big mess. Summing it up, the grand finale all down did Alex.

This book drove me mad! We really deserved that HEA.

I am not sure my kindle would survive, otherwise.


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~Review~ Beyond Complicated by Mercy Celeste


~Review by ~Jan~


Beyond Complicated by Mercy Celeste

****4 Stars****


There is no point of trying to sugar coat this. Therefore, let me go straight for the kill. Warning: Pseudo-incestuous themes. MMM sexual situations. May not be suitable for sensitive readers.

Beyond Complicated is the kind of story that makes one squirm, cringe and feel uncomfortable. Most of you would probably think that this is a sordid story and as such, of course, you wouldn’t touch it even with a ten-foot pole. I can’t really blame you if you read the blurb and the tags.

Newsflash: Beyond Complicated is not a black and white story as one can think. So please, don’t go all almighty making assumptions and judgments. I admit it could have been a sordid story alright if it wasn’t for the fact that there are over fifty tons of fucked up gray between the black and white, which in case you are wondering, leads this story to angst and depth in spades.

In my very honest and conflicted opinion, Beyond Complicated was royally fucked up complicated. My ramblings, sadly, will follow this lead as I finished this with my feelings all over the place.

Writing: 5 Stars.  I found it refreshing, intriguing and remarkably witty. There was a dose of dry humor that captivated me.

“I closed my phone. I mean what I was supposed to say to that? Holy fucking shit. I flopped back in the sand and wished for one huge mother-fucking wave to come and wash me away.”

Storyline/Originality: 5 Stars

Angst: 5 Stars for all the hell Liam put me through. Liam has been wronged so bloody many times!

Depth of the book: 5 Stars

Hero/ Liam: 5 Stars.What’s not to like about him? Swoon!

Hero/Seth: 2 Stars  Seth was kind of meh.I think his character was poorly developed.

 Hero/Kel: 5 Stars for the sweetest boy ever. And dirty. 😉


Now, here is where the story let me down. I was disappointed with the way the author developed Kel/Liam relationship. I didn’t feel exactly at which point Liam fell in love with Kel. How it happened. I wish it was handled differently because my heart didn’t follow it. However, the other way around worked to the T.  Jesus! The way Kel grew up in such an unstable family, and knowing Liam was not his father, how could Kel NOT be in love with Liam considering it all? Liam was his rock. I would be in love with Liam!

How to rate this? On one hand, I was amazed me and on the other, I was disappointed. It’s been hours since I’ve finished this and I can’t wrap my head around making sense of my thoughts as a whole.

I think Beyond Complicated was an incredible and compelling story, painful at times but with a very important piece missing romance wise.

I definitely recommend this book.



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~Review ~ Helping Hand by Jay Northcote

~Review by ~Jan~


Helping Hand (Housemates #1)by Jay Northcote

**** 4 Stars****


What a little gem! Uncomplicated, additive and freaking hot.

I am a fan of animated movies but even if I wasn’t I would have to get over it, because, my kids. You must be thinking where is this weirdo going with it? Well, Shrek. It came to my mind several times whilst reading this.

That masochist thrill of thinking that something major is about to happen at any time kept me on edge and holding my breath for almost forever!

I felt like Donkey

And oh boy, I loved that!

Everything started when these two very horny friends were left behind
by they mates on a Friday night because they need to study. Homework’s out of the way, Jez and Mac decided to watch some porn together. Look at that smile!


The two “we are not gays” boys moved to the bedroom and picked a video of a girl getting some.

The experience was very * ahem * successful and Jez and Mac decided that they would do it again.


So again they did and at some point, in this weekly basis jerking off entertainment, they started to be aware of each other and… couldn’t resist sneaking the occasion look sideways lusting after each other tools.emoticon-mocking-with-tongue-out


The porn movie? * snort * forget it! Because the boys just did. Watching each other getting off was much more fascinating.



Soon, both guys stopped pretending they were watching the videos.


Are we there yet? Nope! They were just watching each other get off and they kept that way for a while.

At the next jerking off meeting… Are we there yet? Not just yet.

At the next jerking off meeting, helping hands had been introduced. Oh my… Bless the author’s heart!

It was so freaking hot each time these boys got together!


Are we there yet? No!!! Not quite, but the guys were getting bold. The next meeting came and we had in action mouth and tongue.

read lots of * sucking, please *                 AND kisses, if I am not mistaken.


Are we there yet? imageedit_630_5476050332No, there are the fingers meeting still.

Are we there now? Yep! Finally, we get there!!!imageedit_541_8771612565

Phew!Such a dreamy and blissful torture!This was seriously HOT! imageedit_651_4548955824

Highly recommended as a quick, light and hot read!

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~Review~ Walking Wounded: A Novel by Lauren Gilley


~Review by ~Jan~


Walking Wounded: A Novel by Lauren Gilley

*****4.75 Stars*****


The last time I read a Lauren Gilley book I ended up writing only 2 lines about it. Not because I didn’t like it, actually it was the opposite. I liked it too much. One of the best books I’ve read in 2016. It went to my 6 Stars shelf. I just felt that whatever I would write wouldn’t make justice to the amazing story Fearless was.

Here I am again. Tongue tied, overwhelmed and a bit tearful. But I need to make an effort this time because this book deserves it.

This is a best friend to lovers about…

Luke, a writer …and, Hal, senator Maddox’s security man.fanning myself


But that is not all. There is another story. A story inside this story that is being told by a secondary character as the story progresses.

“A book about the bravery of ordinary people, and the wounds they carry.”

As soon as I realized that I went like Pffttt!!! Should I skim the story in this story and get to the point? I know… shame on me but give me some slack. I am in an end of the year accelerated mode and trying to rush even my reading. How sad is that???
Off course, I couldn’t do that. Because Lauren Gilley. Because I knew from Fearless how brilliant she is as a storyteller and I had to slow the fuck down and read every single word.
I really don’t know what to say about this to make it justice. So many feels. I just
want to register that both stories found a way to sneak in my heart, tie a string there and play with my emotions.

But it was such a good feeling. There is so much depth and warmth in Lauren Gilley’s writing.


For the lovers of steamy reads, the first kiss happens at 62%. Talk about the slow burn. But you should take a chance. Remember Wolfsong?

Walking Wounded: A Novel is a soulful and heartfelt story. It made me wonder about decisions, timing, fear of taking risks, if’s, choices and consequences. I am not sure why but it also made me wonder countless times if I have taken all the opportunities life threw my way. Yes, no, maybe? I have a feeling that I didn’t. As you can see I don’t know a lot of things. But I know one or two things for sure:
.) time goes by and
.)sometimes we take life for granted.

Absolutely loved this story!




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~Review~ Memorizing You by Dan Skinner


~Review by ~Jan~


Memorizing You by Dan Skinner

*****5 Stars*****


This is definitely going to be depressing and perhaps your better off not reading this, but still, I need to get this out of my chest.
I feel heartbroken.
After witnessing the blossoming of such a beautiful relationship between David and Ryan, it was very difficult watching David settle for a “nice” relationship with another guy. Actually, it tore me apart. I felt like the “easy going, no drama, thoughtful in bed, affectionate and an invaluable influence in classical music” for many years were a poor replacement for what he had with Ryan. And that made me feel so sad.

And then there were the empty years, without anyone to love David the way he deserved or someone to be loved by David.
As the story progressed with his memories the bigger the knot was in my throat.
We are all different. We happen to see and read the same book in very different ways. I know this story was so much more than that but all I can think is how sad the last few years spanned in the story were. How empty and lonely David’s life was even when surrounded by his friends and family. It was a black and white life without color and sparkle, just years passing by.

The fact that David had no chance to let that beautiful love run its course even if it were to fail in the end, made me feel suffocated and anguished. There was no chance to get closure. This was the most painful unfinished business ever. I just need to find a way to let this go now because the bloody knot still sitting on my throat.


An extremely emotional story, adorable characters and brilliant writing.



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~Review~ Filthy Little Secret by Devon McCormack


~Review by ~Jan~


Filthy Little Secret by Devon McCormack


***3.5 Stars***


Filthy Little Secret was certainly a filthy ride and it was exactly what I was in a mood for.Plot-wise there was something missing, though. I can’t pinpoint what. The guys had a scorching hot chemistry and both MC’s were great characters.

Mark was a down to earth boy despite being the son of a politician, attending one of the most prestigious universities in Atlanta. A lovely ahem dirty boy.


Tim was a not too bad, bad boy. His reputation was more like a public facade. I mean, he was a pro breaking guy’s hearts so, guilty! And yep, he was a drug dealer for a while, so guilty again.

However, as far as Mark was concerned, Tim was a sweetie. That D. Juan act all came down with Mark. Tim also proved to be totally invested in their relationship when he decided to change. He left the “drug dealer life” because he wanted to be a better person for Mark.

That being said, the drama at 80% mark left me disappointed big time!

1)megaphone-emoticon warning-sign (This is spoiler )I found a bit unnecessary the Keith twist. Somehow it weakened the story.(spoiler end)

2) Come on! Mark should have trusted Tim. The simple fact that Tim gave up the easy money to be with him was enough reason for him to be trusted considering how much he needed that money.

Overall, Filthy Little Secret was a nice read. Don’t let my meh comments put you off of reading it. There are lots of great reviews. Check it out!


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~Review~ Broken by Nicola Haken


~Review by ~Jan~


Broken by Nicola Haken

Another 2016 favorite. Absolutely stunning!

*****5 Stars*****

Broken is a story that hit very close to home for me.facebook-frown-emoticon
Therefore, it would be easier to rate this book and deal with my misery in a quiet way, but for a strange reason, I feel compelled to spill my guts and trample on my feelings a bit more while I write this. Don’t expect a review. It will be Online Therapy and I won’t blame you if you stop reading this right now.
A long time ago I had a very dear friend as troubled as one of the characters here.

Same as Theo, I had no idea how to help my friend and as I moved to the Uk we grew apart.Today, I thank God after reading this story that there was no LOVE involved between my friend and I, because reading Broken and being able to get inside of both heads – the person who suffers from a mental illness and the person who loves her, destroyed me. I am such a coward.facebook-frown-emoticon

I also feel ashamed and weak because I don’t think I could be as strong as Theo facing the same situation. I would be full of doubts like Theo: Why did he do this to himself? Why did he give up? Why you didn’t talk to me? But the most important one: “Why wasn’t I enough?”

Theo didn’t give up, though.

Broken is not an easy read. It’s a raw and powerful story full of depth and feelings.

Heed the warnings and brace yourself.
I for one am very grateful for the chance to open my mind and learn a little bit more about such a sensitive matter from the point of view of a person who suffers from a mental illness. I am conscious the author barely scratched the complexity of the problem. Still, it gave me a new perspective and made me understand how silly and little it would be to question “Why wasn’t I enough?“ It has nothing to do with it. It’s no one’s fault.

A beautiful and unforgettable story! facebook-comments-emoticon-with-heart-eyes

Scorching hot too! 36564-big-smile-emoticon-for-facebook

Highly Recommend! sparkling-heart-symbol-for-facebook


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