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We are happy to welcome Sean Michael to talk about the new book,
Inked Music
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44005644Title: Inked Music
Author: Sean Michael
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Page Count: 193 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, BDSM
Release Date: April 9, 2019


Can a wealthy but bored businessman rescue a tortured musician from his self-imposed purgatory with a scorching kinky romance? 
When Rene Conette attends an intimate performance at a local bar, the guitarist moves him enough that he attempts to go backstage but is stymied by the man’s bodyguard. Putting it down as not meant to be, he goes on with his life only to run into the man again, late at night at a bookstore. 
Gavin Turner used to be a famous musician until an obsessed fan kidnapped and tortured him. Then it came out that he was into the BDSM lifestyle, and the court of public opinion ravaged him. He lost his Master and his self-confidence. Now he hides behind his ink and his bodyguards, who make sure he doesn’t come into contact with anyone or anything he doesn’t want to. Though it’s been years since he satisfied his needs, he doesn’t think he can trust again. 
If Rene can work his way past Gavin’s defenses, they might find they complement each other perfectly.

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~Guest Post~Sean Michael~

Thank you to Dirty Books Obsession for hosting me today.

I love starting a new book. I love discovering who the characters are, what the things are that make them unique. I really love writing how they first meet, their first kiss, the first time they make love. It’s all shiny and new and exciting and it gets my writing juices flowing big time.

Some characters just pop for me right from the start in a special way and I know they’re going to be awesome. Rene and Gavin were like this. I knew it the minute Gavin stepped out on stage in nothing but a pair of jeans and his skin that was covered in tattoos. Rene and I both sat up and paid attention when that happened.

Each character comes with their own personalities and traits and quirks too, and those are just as fun to discover. Like music for Gavin. He’s not just a musician, but music drives his life. It’s his breath, you might say. I loved how Rene dialed in on that and instinctively made sure that Gavin always had music around him even when he was visiting Rene’s place.

I hope you love discovering Rene and Gavin, too!

Sean Michael
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