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~Release Blitz~Demon You Love (Lost Boys #2) by L.A. Fiore~


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44577343Title: Demon You Love
Author: L.A. Fiore
Series: Lost Boys #2
Page Count: 278 pages
Genre(s): Romance, Suspense
Release Date: March 29, 2019
Reviewer: ~Mary~
Rating: ✮4 Stars✮


Anton Scalene 
I was born in hell, raised in a nightmare. 
I was fifteen when I killed for the first time. 
As a child, my dreams were about climbing out of that hell, of being on top of the pile of bodies and not one of them. I live in the shadows, find solace in the darkness. 
Until her. 
A chance meeting, a fleeting moment… Her innocence beguiles me. 
I want her, but to have her would destroy the very part of her I crave. And even knowing that, I can’t stay away, until my past threatens to drag her into my nightmare. 
Letting her go is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but a demon has no business falling in love with an angel. 
Due to language and adult situations, this book is intended for readers 18 and older. May have triggers for some.

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Demon You Love is the second book in Lost Boys series by L.A. Fiore and is my second read from this author. I fell in love with this series from the first book, Devil You Know. Although it can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading Devil You Know first…This is Anton and Piper story. A sweet, pure love story, of two broken souls and how they found each other.

After was born, Anton was abandoned on an alley. He didn’t have a name and he became a possession for others to use as they pleased. He suffered a lot, but he never lost his hope and his dream, to become someone else, someone good and better, to help and save others, to make a difference.

One day, when he knew he was strong enough, he fought back, and he won. He won his freedom. He did awful things to survive…Now he is a successful businessman, he is rich, without any concern, he is gorgeous, hot, sexy, he has an amazing family and although they are not his real family, they are just his friends, he loves them immensely, and they love him back. But something is missing in his life.

Piper had a great life until her father died. Although her mother abandoned her and her father, although her father remarried, she never lost her hope. Her stepmom and stepsister never knowledge her. So after her father died, she became the head of the family. She supported her stepmom and stepsister. But she had enough. She wanted to move out, to live her life and to fulfill her dreams.

New clothes: She models the latest collection, which features leggings and leg warmers...

She wanted to become a professional ballerina. She needed to focus on her dancing, only her focus slips away when she meets the most gorgeous man she ever saw. But that wasn’t the biggest problem. Her world is turned upside down when she learns that her stepmom is dying, and her bi@tch stepsister will become her responsibility.

Not enough money, the need for a new place to live, her teenager problematic stepsister, a gorgeous hot sexy man that blows her heart and mind, the most important audition in her life, or the danger that lurks in the dark. Anton’s past comes back to haunt him and his most valuable possession, a mysterious ballerina still lurks in his thoughts, someone close to him betrays him and sold him out…Are Anton and Pipers love strong enough to survive all this drama?

Imagine similară

Devil You Know was much emotional, psychological and more complex. Demon You Love was much sweeter, lovely, sensible and pure. Anton and Piper had love at first sight. Anton is the perfect man…And I do mean PERFECT. He is like a ”genie in the bottle”. He makes all Pipers dreams come true.

sweet gif - Căutare Google

I am also very happy that I got to meet again Damian and Thea. They are amazing! Now I am waiting for Cam’s story.

If you are looking for sweet, lovely, emotionally, perfect men and pure love, The Lost Boys series by L.A. Fiore is perfect for you. So go read first Devil You Know and then Damon You Love.  

I highly recommend this series! 💓

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~About the Author~

 LA Fiore is a hybrid author who believes in a happily ever after, but she likes to make her readers work for it. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found in the garden or hanging on the deck with her family and friends. She lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids and their four fur babies.

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