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~Release Blitz~Can’t Match This by Xavier Neal~


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43727957Title: Can’t Match This
Author: Xavier Neal
Genre(s): Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2019
Reviewer: ~Mary~
Rating: ✮4 Stars✮


Gideon Lucas
Sports agent. Obsessively organized.
And best friend to the most beautiful, brainy, bubbly, but insane, woman on the entire planet.
Lennox Marston
Sometimes therapist. Incredibly impulsive.
And best friend to the most gorgeous, brilliant, charming, yet uptight, man to ever walk the Earth.
On paper, they’re not a match, but over the course of an impromptu dating arrangement, the two opposites may discover that everything they’ve been looking for is right in front of them.

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I’ve read Senses series from Xavier Neal and I loved it…It was amazing! So I thought I should give this new book a chance and I don’t regret. It was something new, sweet, soft, and good.

Lenny and Gideon are best friends since school. They know each other very well, they complete one another. They’ve always loved each other very much, even beyond friendship, but they were scared to admit it or to try something more. Afraid to lose the other, even as a friend…afraid that“the other”feeling wasn’t mutual. So they remained best friends. Until now…

They made a deal…since Lenny works as a matchmaker at ”Connect”, and she is very good at matching couples. So now she wants to match Gideon. Gideon has to date 7 girls chosen by Lenny. If Lenny doesn’t find the one for Gideon, she has to quit her job as matching people and find a real job as a therapist. 

Will Lenny succeed? Will Gideon find the one? Could Lenny see him with another woman, especially chosen by her? Well, you need to read the book to find out.😛

1st last♥️. DB and I. Black &White, isn't Shady, it's all inclusive. In this scenario it would mean he reaches from one side to the other, but he isn't one or the other. DB isn't part of B&W scam, hasn't been since 2008. Game. Set. Match

This book is a pretty story about real friendship that turns to love. Sweet, soft…pure love. So if you enjoy friends to lovers story, this book is the one for you. 😉

I recommend this book!

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~About the Author~

Xavier Neal lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing, reading, or fandoms she recently discovered. Whether she is enjoying books or movies, she continues finding inspiration at every turn to bring more exciting stories to life.

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