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~Review~The Truth Within (Pelican Bay #3) by Sloane Kennedy~


42363249Title: The Truth Within
Author: Sloane Kennedy
Series: Pelican Bay #3
Publisher: Self-Published
Page Count: 327 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Romance
Release Date: October 15, 2018
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: ✮4 Stars✮


I’m not a fighter. I never was. So how do I make the one man who might just be worth fighting for see that? 
At twenty-five years old, Ford Cornell should have his whole life ahead of him but instead, the would-be artist is drowning in denial and just trying to get through each day. And the boy who once believed life was about following impossible dreams has finally come to accept that it’s really only about surviving a living nightmare…one of his own making. But the bruises are becoming harder to hide. 
So is the truth… 
I refuse to fall for a guy who won’t accept the truth about who he is or what he wants. Not again…They say bad things happen in threes. 
For Sherriff Camden Wells, it’s more like fours…or fives…or dozens. 
After an ugly lie destroys his career and the man he’d planned to spend the rest of his life with cuts him to the core with the ultimate betrayal, forty-year-old Cam is counting on his new job as sheriff of the quiet town of Pelican Bay to be the fresh start he needs. What he isn’t counting on is meeting a young man who makes him want to break all his own rules. 
He wants me to accept something that will cause me to lose everything. I may not have much but it’s something and something is better than nothing… right? 
Ford’s gotten used to his role as his older brother’s punching bag and being his mother’s never-ending disappointment. They may not be the Cleavers but family is family and Ford’s seen up close and personal what happens when you don’t have anyone in your corner…or when you go against family. And there’s just no way he’s strong enough to survive that… 
Nothing about us should make sense but maybe that’s why it does… 
Two men…one living a lie and one knocking down the walls of the closet he was forced to live in for so long. When one white-hot encounter leads to another and then another, Ford and Cam are forced to accept that their need for each other isn’t going away anytime soon. But being together means one will need to go against everything he believes in. 
So which man will bend and which will break? And what will the truth ultimately reveal? 
This book CAN be read as a standalone, but you may want to consider checking out books 1 and 2 in the series to fully enjoy all the secondary characters you’ll meet in this story. Book 1 – Locked in Silence…Book 2 – Sanctuary Found

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wendy r4ssdf


I am a huge Sloane Kennedy fan… The hugest biggest. 😉 So, of course, I have read every book in this series (and in all the others). Now I have to be honest here and say that I am even though I really enjoy the “Pelican Bay” series… the “Protectors” are just a bit more my style. This series is a bit different…sweeter and milder I would say, though it still deals with multiple triggers.

I really enjoyed this one a lot and I would have given it 4,5-5 stars if not for one little thing (person), that annoyed me…Ford. At first, I could deal with his brand of avoidance/acceptance, but after a while…I got more and more pissed!! do you annoy me gif

Now, this is not the book’s fault. This is just a trigger that I sometimes have a problem with reading about. I have never been in the situation, that Ford is in (thankfully), and I know I shouldn’t judge…but damn I wanted to shake some sense into him a couple of times!! Thank god for Cam…who was pretty great actually. 😉

Sloane Kennedy does hurt/comfort really well, and even though Ford annoyed me at times, I still loved him, and I was glad he had Cam on his side to be his rock…Which in turn made him strong enough to be there for Cam. 😉 A true love match!!

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This was a great addition to the series, and I also loved catching up with old characters. I can’t wait to read more in this series…or any of her other series. I am especially curious about Sawyer and Jett’s story, which will be next…and what about Theo… So many characters and hopefully so many future books. 😛

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