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~Release Day Review~Devil Take Me (Anthology) by Rhys Ford, Ginn Hale, Jordan L. Hawk, T.A. Moore, C.S. Poe, Jordan Castillo Price~


40593993Title: Devil Take Me (Anthology)
Authors: Rhys Ford, Ginn Hale,
Jordan L. Hawk, T.A. Moore,
C.S. Poe, Jordan Castillo Price
Cover Artist: Reece Notley
Publisher: DSP Publications
Page Count: 450 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: October 16, 2018
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: ✮3.5 Stars✮


Temptation lurks around every corner in worlds sometimes dark, sometimes lurid. Giving in is both dangerous and satisfying, though never in the ways one expects. While these enticements offer a vast range of benefits and boons, the cost is a soul and the devil expects his due. Sometimes suave and charming or calculating and cruel, these devils have schemes and desires of their own. They can be creatures to run away from… or toward.
Join the most unique and celebrated authors of LGBT urban fantasy and paranormal fiction for a fast-paced and unpredictable ride, from a city on the other side of reality, to a world suspended in dusk, to a twisted version of the 1960s and 70s.
Meet devils in top hats and waistcoats, a defrocked motorcycle-riding priest, and a genderfluid antihero—among many more. Full of humor, romance, horror, action, intrigue, and magic, these stories have one common element….
They’re one hell of a good time.

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wendy r3,5ghgh


I am gonna be honest here, and admit that I am not a real big anthology fan…I don’t care much for short stories…but…I do care about wonderful authors. So when a bunch of them come together and write…I have no choice but to read. 😛

 Infernal Affairs by Jordan L. Hawk 4ssdf

Who doesn’t love demons?? I for one am a huge fan and when I read the words crossroads demon…one of my favorite characters popped into my mind. 😉

I couldn’t get him out of my head after that, but thankfully I love Crowley dearly, so it only made this story better for me! Too bad Ralgath gets kicked off the job after one very HOT encounter at his “place of work”. This was a fun and hot little story. 😉 I really enjoyed this one a lot…probably because it did remind me a lot of Supernatural Tv show…or at least how I would like Supernatural to be. 😛

Collared by T.A. Moore 4ssdf

This was a very well written story…it reminded me a bit of some thriller movies I have seen in the past. It grabbed my attention from the very first page. What made it even better than those movies though was the very HOT man on man loving we got.

Counterfeit Viscount by Ginn Hale 3,5ghgh

I enjoyed this one, though for me it read more like a full novel…It was very detailed…which is good…but I had to go back and re-read certain parts because it was a bit “wordy”. English is not my native language and sometimes, especially with PNR, this happens. I didn’t really expect this to happen with a short story, which just shows how well written it really is. 😉

 11:59 by C.S. Poe 3ddf

For some reason, it took me a while to get into this one. It was an ok read for me…but it didn’t blow me away and missed some of the sexiness. 😉 This is another sell your soul to the devil story…There is a lot of this going on in this anthology. 😛

Wonderland City by Rhys Ford 3,5ghgh

I love Rhys Ford’s writing style and this author was actually one of the reasons I wanted to read this anthology…The story was very entertaining…Sure there was another soul being sold…but somehow this story was completely different than all the others. It had a completely different vibe. Those rabbits freaked me out…actually rabbit always freaks me out. 😛

Dark Favors by Jordan Castillo Price 3ddf

This is another one of my favorite authors and I was very curious to read this little story. I am sad to say that it didn’t quite hit the mark for me. I was a bit confused as to what was going on and I had some trouble getting into the story.

All in all, I really did enjoy reading this anthology, but I was left with one major question…


Well….maybe I would too if he was that hot. 😛

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