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~Release Day Review~Kingston (Four Fathers #2) by Dani René~


38901403Title: Kingston
Author: Dani René
Series: Four Fathers #2
Genre(s): Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 9, 2018
Reviewer: ~Mary~
Rating: ✮4.5 Stars✮


I am arrogant. Insatiable. A single father. 
I desire things that would make most people blush.
Normally, I find outlets that allow me to free the sexual beast living within and play to my heart’s content. And when my voluptuous, innocent assistant starts starving me after a little taste, I decide I’ll let my inner animal feed—on her.Trouble is, once I have her, I can’t let her go, and that makes things complicated.
My name is Levi Kingston. I am a dirty, ravenous, greedy man. People may detest my kinks, but it doesn’t stop them from wanting me.

Four Fathers Series by bestselling authors
J.D. Hollyfield, Dani René, K Webster, and Ker Dukey
Four genres. Four bestselling authors. Four different stories. Four weeks in April.
One intense, sexy, thrilling ride from beginning to end!

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Kingston is the second book in the Four Fathers series and they are standalone novella’s. This novella is written by Dani René and it’s my first read by this author.

Levi Kingston is an arrogant sexy a@@ole, he takes what he wants when he wants. He is a single father and a very rich businessman with a kinky side. From the moment he brought Kristyn as an assistant to the Four Fathers he wanted her so bad, but he kept his distance from her. After he discovers her secret, a second job, the caveman inside him awakes and it’s time to make his move.

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Kristyn is a young girl working two jobs because she needs the money for her father’s treatment. She is a hard worker, a great daughter and although she is innocent she has some great sass in her (which I definitely love). She always lusted for Levi, but never in her dreams she thought that he wanted her.


For me, the book was a great read, short, funny and sooo hot and dirty. The writing and the storyline were also great.

I highly recommend!



—These books were designed so you can read them out of order. However, they all interconnect and would be best enjoyed by reading them all!—
1 – Blackstone by J.D. Hollyfield – GR: 
2 – Kingston by Dani René – GR: 
3 – Pearson by K Webster – GR: 
4 – Wheeler by Ker Dukey – GR





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