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~Pre-Release Review~This Life I by Cara Dee~


38598227Title: This Life I
Author: Cara Dee
Series: This Life #1
Page Count: 412 pages
Genre(s): Romance, Mafia
Release Date: April 10, 2018
Reviewer: ~Mary~
Rating: ✮5 Stars✮


Finnegan O’Shea 
The Sons of Munster have been living this life for generations. We have our own protocol, our own traditions, dating back to when two families merged and created our syndicate in Ireland. Now, we have our strongholds in Philly and Chicago, and the wrong man holds the highest position. The day my uncle decided to betray us, he signed his own death warrant, and after a five-year hitch in the can, I’m ready to take everything from him. In order to ensure the demise of his management, I have to get close to him. I need to earn his trust and that of his closest associates. I’ll be the top earner he wants me to be. I’ll be the very image of a conventional family man. 
For that to happen, this Irish bastard has to find himself a wife. Someone sweet and compliant who will stand by my side and make me look like I have too much to lose to screw over the head of the family. 
Emilia Porter 
When it rains, it pours, so I guess it’s been pouring for eighteen years now. Being from an old mining town that’s full of drunk cautionary tales, I spend my days juggling—and failing—school, work, and paying the bills so my dad can drink himself into a stupor. Then this freaking guy rolls into town in his expensive sports car and thinks I should marry him. This isn’t the fifties, and there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell I’ll marry a well-known mobster. No matter how much money he promises me. No matter how intensely the chemistry sizzles between us. 
He asks for three years of marriage. Then I’d be set for life, independent and free to start fresh on my own. Free to walk away. Who the hell does he think he is? 

Cara (@caradeewrites) | Twitter

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mary r5hj


I was very skeptical about this book because the cover looks too sweet for my kind of books I like to read…But I was so wrong…OMG, I loved everything about this book.

Finnegan or Finn is an Irish mobster. He is sexy as hell, rich and very faithful in his traditions and family. He wants to become the Head, the Boss like he was supposed to, after his grandfather retired, only his uncle had other plans. To gain trust from his uncle, he has to get married. So now he is in search of a wife.

If she could suspect that something wrong was happening to Stephan at the beginning of Season 5, why should not be capable of detecting Damon is somewhere around and could be rescued? Description from I searched for this on

Emilia is a poor young girl who had an awful life as a child. Her mother died (or so that’s what her father told her) and she was raised by her father. Her father never loved or cared for her. Her dream is to graduate and leave town and her father. She is willing to do everything in her power to get out of there. And just like that, she became Finnegan’s target for a perfect wife…Only that’s not the only reason that Finnegan chooses her. Emilia doesn’t know her true identity and her bloodline…All her life was a lie.

Emilia and Finn are amazing characters. I loved everything about them. I loved Finn for his golden heart and his amazing family. I liked his determination for gaining Emilia and her trust. How he fought for her. He was honest from the beginning.

ian somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and nian image

I loved Emilia for everything, for her strength, for her sass, made Finn run for his money. I liked how their relationship evolved. I knew Finn was from the start head over hills in love with her. When they touch each other. …wow. Hot DAMN those scenes where HOT.

DELENA 4x07 wallpaper in The Damon & Elena Club

I liked the secondary characters as well. I was hoping for a close story for Patrick and Sarah. Can’t wait to read the next book. There are so many secrets to learn, so many things to discover. There are still missing pieces from this huge amazing puzzle that is this book and I can’t wait to read and discover everything.

This book is very well written, with amazing characters and storyline. I didn’t get bored even for a second, I savored the entire story…And that ending…

I highly recommend!💗


Cara Dee | Romance | Love When It's Real




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