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~Release Day Review~Dirty Games (Dirty #2) by HelenKay Dimon~


34997330Title: Dirty Games
HelenKay Dimon
Dirty #2
Page Count:
247 pages
M/M, Romance
Release Date: 
March 20, 2018
✮3.5 Stars✮


Sometimes, to get what you want in business or in love, you have to get your hands dirty. Luckily for Finn and Justin, dirty comes naturally.
Finn Drummond is the baby in a family of sharks—which means he’s worked twice as hard to make a name for himself. After learning the tricks of the trade from his brothers, Finn’s just as ruthless and dominant. Out in the field, his appetites are legendary: for success, for money, for women and men. But when supplies from Drummond Charities go missing, Finn has to partner up with the smoldering ex–Army grunt who’s always challenging his authority—or giving him mixed signals.
Justin Miller wanted his attraction to Finn to be mutual, but the cocky brat always had a girlfriend. Who could blame Justin for trying to move on? Despite their history, they’ve got to work together to figure out who’s been derailing their humanitarian work. But after Justin and Finn are thrown together against gunrunners and kidnappers, their simmering chemistry turns explosive. Turns out, Finn knows how to handle himself in a crisis—and in the sack. Justin only hopes that hot sex is enough to persuade this spoiled pretty boy to do the right thing.

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When I read book 1 in this series, one person stood out for me and that was Finn, so I was really looking forward to reading his story. I was very excited jumping into this one but when I did…I got so confused…

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor confused gif

I didn’t understand what was going on, and it felt like I was thrown into the middle of a story and missed the beginning…Maybe I should have read book 1 again before starting this one, but since it hasn’t been that long, I didn’t figure it necessary…my bad. So it took me some time to really get into this one…

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor my bad gif

Finn, is the baby brother of the family but that doesn’t mean he is any less sharp. he is called in when supplies from Drummond Charities seem to disappear…and guns seem to turn up. Being called in also means having to work with Justin, who has always disliked him for no reason at all. Which is a pity, because Finn really likes Justin. 😉

Justin has always been attracted to Finn, but ever since he was confronted with him and his girlfriend…those feelings have changed to annoyance… Annoyance and frustration because the man he wants turned out to be straight…

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor not so straight gif

Those of you who have read book 1 already know that Finn is bi and it’s also in the blurb 😉 So when Finn’s sexuality becomes clear to Justin…all bets are off. 😛

21150213_10154794133851156_4607758844446670965_n.jpg (564×376)

Once I got over my confusion, I started to enjoy my read, but Justin….ughhh the push and pull were starting to drive me crazy!!!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor you're hot and you're cold gif

Now don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy reading this one, but I think I liked book 1 a bit more. Very curious about the last brother though. 😉





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