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~Pre-Release Review~Dantès Unglued (Ward Security #2) by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott~


37923033Title: Dantès Unglued
Authors: Jocelynn Drake, Rinda Elliott
Series: Ward Security #2
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, Suspense/Thriller
Release Date: January 26, 2018
Guest Reviewer: ~Judith~
Rating:4.5 Stars


When private investigator, Shane Stephens, is hired by the mayor of Cincinnati to track down the hacker who has been threatening him, Shane is sure this is the opportunity to launch the Merleau Detection Agency into the big time. He even convinces Rowe Ward of Ward Security to loan him one of his best IT specialists, Quinn Lake.
Shane, a man who prefers casual intimacy, is surprised by his attraction to the moody computer geek, but when Quinn suggests they have fun for the month he’s on loan, Shane happily agrees. Both men are expecting nothing more than a good time.
But the investigation takes an unexpected turn and they quickly discover they are facing more than a hacker out to ruin the mayor’s re-election chances. And as they spend more time together, they realize their relationship may be a lot more than just a good time.
With only weeks until the election, Shane and Quinn race to gather the proof they need while dodging bullets and possibly…falling in love.

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The second book in the Ward Security Series…Can be read as a standalone but I strongly recommend reading book one, Psycho Romeo…because it’s great.

  • Shane Stephens,31, is a Private Investigator.He’s never been interested in any kind of serious relationship before, preferring casual hookups.
  • Quinn Lake,24, is the ultimate sexy geek.Part of the Ward Security team who he considers his family, he takes his job very seriously.He has very little sexual experience…


When Shane is hired by the Major of Cincinnati to track down a hacker who has been threatening him, he needs help from an IT specialist.Quinn isn’t too happy to be loaned out but it’s only for a few weeks, right?!
Neither men have any idea their worlds are about to be rocked…

The chemistry between them is evident from the start.Yes, it is insta lust/love but it worked here.It was believable and it’s pretty damn hot…these two take kissing to a whole new level. The fact that Quinn was inexperienced definitely pushed my buttons, once Shane got his hands on him things got delicious. 😛 

The hacker plot was incorporated into the story very well and went hand in hand with the relationship.Some great supporting characters, especially Royce, Dominic and Abe…hopefully, we’ll get more from them in future books.

The Unbreakable Bonds Series by these Authors is one of my favorites and this series is turning out to be just as good.

I highly recommend! 💓 






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