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~Review~Drowning in Talon by D.J. Hunnam~


34198522Title: Drowning in Talon
Author: D.J. Hunnam
Series: A Clean Slate Prequel
Page Count: 208 pages
Genre(s): Romance, Action/Adventure
Release Date: February 7, 2017
Reviewer: ~Mary~
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


Barring a white picket fence, Cassidy Jacobs seems to have it all: a hardworking husband, a great career, a beautiful home and a fabulous best friend. But things aren’t what they seem. Shackled to a life that is anything but picture-perfect, Cassie is slowly sinking into a nightmare of her own making. When a temporary job assignment takes her to Alaska, she never imagines that the cocky, hazel-eyed Talon Murdock is the man who can set her free. With his long hair, tattoos and irresistible body, Talon is everything she should avoid. But his unapologetic passion for life might be the very thing she needs. Will the secrets of her past destroy any chance of happiness, or will Cassie find the courage to love again and the ability to forgive the one person who needs it most? 
Drowning in Talon is a full-length novel about personal redemption and finding love when you least expect it. It contains steamy scenes with a ton of heat and strong language intended for mature audiences.
Drowning in Talon occurs before Faking It with Damian, but both can be read as standalone novels.

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After reading the other two books of the author, Facking it with Damian and Falling for Dante, I wanted to read this one too.

Boy, what a cover for this book. Dayyyuuummnnn. The cover is perfect. Synchronize to perfection with the book. I really enjoyed this book. Usually, I’m not into so many details, but as much as I despise the details, in this case, I even googled them. I savored every detail. I’m fascinated about Alaska. It was amazing. The writing was smooth and very good. I felt the chemistry and the attraction between the two characters. The shivers from their first meeting.



The book starts with Cassie…Cassidy is married for over three years, but she isn’t happy at all.

Imagini pentru blonde with blue eyes

 Her life is miserable, not the way she dreamed or imagined to be. Her relationship with her husband is cold and distant. You think her job is an escape for her, but no, she hates her job and her boss. All her life Cassie did nothing for her or for her own happiness. She always did what others expected from her or what made others happy. Always the right and the good thing. After she finished college, she got a job and got married. She never tried to “LIVE” her life like she wanted. She always did what was expected of her, what others expected.

“Passion is the key to happiness. I know it might be cliché, but you have to live life like every day might be your last”. “You have to take what you want out of life.” Don’t get me wrong, money is a great disguise for happiness.”

This book represents the possible story of every woman’s life.

“With destruction comes creation”

This book is very motivating and inspiring for every woman. Her salvation comes with her job. She is sent to Alaska as “bait”, to convince the new client for her boss.

Talon Murdock is the client…

“The man was hotter than any one man had the right to be, and judging from his cocky grin, knew it.”

Fotografia postată de Lorrie Barth-VanMeter. 

The unapproachable landlord and the wake-up call Cassie needs in her life. To enjoy her life and life’s beauty. Their attraction and chemistry were so powerful. Cassie couldn’t stay away and even if she desperately tried, her heart was more powerful. Talon was like a cold shower for her. A bucket of cold water to wake her up. Talon is a perfect character, perfect hero. He is a very self-assured man who knows what exactly he wants from life. He is rich, sexy as hell, demanding, dominant, smart, supportive, strong and a true lifesaver. He changed Cassie’s life.

He encourages Cassie to find and fight for what makes her happy and not doing what others expect or want. They encourage each other to share and fight with their skeletons.

“I’m not scared anymore. And I’m not unhappy. Because of you”





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