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~Review~Reservations by Kindle Alexander~


36490337Title: Reservations
Author: Kindle Alexander
Page Count: 405 pages
Genre(s): M/M, Romance
Release Date: October 30, 2017
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


Wildly successful entrepreneur, Thane Walker is stubbornly set in his ways and adamantly resists the shackles of commitment. He’s seen enough unhappy endings to learn the best way to play is by keeping his men on the payroll. 
Levi Silva’s dream of graduating from one of the country’s top medical schools is in his grasp, until news from home changes everything. Now, he’s raising his two teenage brothers and trying to keep everyone’s head above water, emotionally and financially. 
When Levi’s new job puts him in Thane’s path, their chemistry explodes, but their fear of being involved in relationships keeps them apart. Unfortunately, despite the intense desire drawing them together, neither man can move forward until they get past their own…Reservations. 

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I have enjoyed many books written by Kindle Alexander, and this one was no exception.

Though I have to say, that it also wasn’t my favorite by these authors…Thane is part of the reason for this…

latest (245×170)

Thane is a businessman, who among other things, owns  Reservations, a men’s club. He is very much used to getting what he wants. What he doesn’t want though, is a relationship…

Until he meets Levi that is…

Now Levi…I did like. He is doing the best he can, taking care of his brothers, which is why he needs money.Working at Reservations is a way for him to make the money he needs…

These two meet and there is instant chemistry…

RbCKrf8.gif (500×474)

Unfortunately, chemistry sometimes isn’t enough…especially since Levi is not very impressed, with what Thane is offering him…Waiting for Thane to pull his head out of his ass was pretty frustrating at times, but thankfully he finally saw the light!

18118785_281238652335682_2581993651904367421_n.jpg (960×960)

This was a very enjoyable and sexy read!

I am curious to see what more Kindle Alexander has in store for us?!

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