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Meet Colton & Gia in Falling Fast by Aurora Rose Reynolds!

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36394698Title: Falling Fast
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 24, 2017


Colton and Gia are from Until June.
Colton Allyster is relieved to be back home. After a year of rehabilitation, losing his career as a Marine along with his fiancé, he’s had to learn quickly what’s really important. Colton grew up wanting to serve his country. Managing his parents’ biker bar was never part of his plan, but after meeting Gia Caro, he’s beginning to think that’s exactly where he’s meant to be. 
Ever since Gia Caro arrived in the small, sleepy town of Ruby Falls, Tennessee, her life has spiraled out of control. Between losing her grandmother a little more each day to dementia, and her hot boss’s constant attention, her once quiet existence isn’t so quiet anymore. 
After weeks of sidestepping Colton, things get out of hand, and before Gia knows what’s happening, she’s spending her nights in his bed and her mornings in his kitchen. And as he cleans out drawers and makes room in his closet, she starts to wonder if she’s falling too fast.

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~Release Blitz~Echoes of the Gods by Gaia Sol~


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35954391Title: Echoes of the Gods
Author: Gaia Sol
Publisher: Gaia Sol
Page count: 320 pages
Genres(s): M/M, Romance, Paranormal/Fantasy
Release date: October 25, 2017


Peace reigns in Midgard and with no wars to fight, Yngvi, soldier and fancy-free charmer, craves danger, excitement and adventure. He finds all that and more in a mysterious stranger whose arrival in Midgard coincides with an unexpected attack on Asgard’s pantheon by the fiendish armies of Loki, renegade god of the Underworld. 
Shara has pursued a killer to Midgard and can’t afford to be distracted by the charismatic Yngvi, not when the fugitive has eluded him twice already. But Yngvi is like no one Shara’s ever met—annoyingly tenacious, but also brave, loyal and inconveniently attractive. A single night together shouldn’t change anything. But it changes everything, and Shara finds himself giving Yngvi his body, his trust and much more. 
Caught in the riptide of Shara’s shocking secrets, Yngvi joins him on a quest for vengeance that takes them across the stars, onto new worlds and into battles with gods, monsters and their own unfamiliar, conflicting feelings. Disloyalty breeds distrust, threatening to destroy their new, fragile bond, but they must each choose between heart and life when they finally uncover the startling past that will change the future.

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~Review~Whiskey Kisses by Anna Martin~


36422105Title: Whiskey Kisses
Author: Anna Martin
Length: 19,000 words
Genre(s): M/M, Romance
Release Date: October 21, 2017
Guest Reviewer: ~Judith~
Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5


In a small town about an hour’s drive outside Dublin, there’s a whiskey distillery. 

Jim has worked in the distillery as its business manager since he returned to his home town after getting his degree. Whiskey is a slow business and rural life is quiet, but Jim takes it in his stride. That is, until the handsome and mysterious Mr. Aiden Rooney moves into a room above the local pub and sets off a flurry of gossip. 
Aiden’s an artist, and his devil-may-care attitude is a revelation to Jim. But he still lives in a small town in rural Ireland, and he’s not even sure if he wants to be out and proud. The choices they make could change everything, if only Jim dares to follow his heart.

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An enjoyable short Novella…Perfect for a quick read!

Jim is in his late 20’s…He’s been to college, got his degree and now he’s back home in a small Irish town working as a Business Manager for a Whiskey distillery.He’s reasonably content with his life but he’s not out to his family or anyone in town so he’s conflicted when he meets Aiden, who is new in town.

Aiden is an Artist…Out and not ashamed of his sexuality at all, although he’s not about to flaunt it all around town.

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