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~Release Day Review~Logan (Preston Brothers #2) by Jay McLean~


36039486Title: Logan
Author: Jay McLean
Series: Preston Brothers #2
Page Count: 394 pages
Genre(s): Romance
Release Date: October 1, 2017
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 5 Stars out of 5


As a kid, Logan Preston was a brat. 
Through his teens, he became the bad boy. 
Now, at nineteen, no one knows what the hell to expect.
High school dropout, Logan Preston is a good-for-nothing stoner. 
A black sheep. A disappointment. 
The worst Preston Punk of the lot. At least that’s how everyone in his small town makes him feel. But Logan Preston has secrets. Secrets so dark and so deep below the surface that the only way he can fight them is to stay high, high, high. 
He wears cockiness as a mask. Arrogance as his armor. Until one girl, one night, asks one life-changing question: 
What’s beneath the bravado, Logan Preston?

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I absolutely adore this author…

Because she is responsible for writing my all time favorite books,  “More Than Forever“, but to be honest… I have loved reading every single one of her books!! I think this book can be read as a standalone, but I would strongly advise everyone to read the “More Than” series first. It’s an amazing series and it’s where I first met little Logan. You should also give the first book in this series, “Lucas”  a go…

I promise you won’t be sorry!!

But like I said…this book is all about Logan, and I have wanted to read his story, from the moment I met him. 😉

21740633_2021456658066627_2871082379753623249_n.jpg (960×960)


I had absolutely no idea where this story was gonna go…All I knew was that it would be amazing and it was. I was also heartbreaking, sad and beautiful.

Logan is the middle child of the Preston family, he is also the bad boy, so to say.

Nobody really seems surprised by his behavior anymore. He sees himself as the “disappointment” of the family and he is pretty sure, they all see him this way. He quit school after he got his high school diploma, and he now works construction in the family business. He doesn’t have any real friends, except for his brothers, and all he does on the weekends is partying and hooking up. He is also a big stoner. He gets high on Marijuana…or “Mary” as he calls it.. a lot.

tenor.gif (498×233)

Logan has never been interested in relationships, like his brother Luke and his brother in law Cam. The only relationship he cares to have, outside his family, is with “Mary”…That’s all about to change though… because Logan’s life is about to turn upside down by Aubrey.

open q“All it took was one girl….. One night.” close q 

Now I don’t want to give too much of the storyline away. I loved reading it and feeling all the emotions, and let me tell you, I felt a lot of them!!

tenor.gif (500×221)

I don’t want to spoiler that experience for anyone.

I always figured Logan was a laid back kind of guy and I thought his story would be as well. Boy… was I wrong!!! There is so much more to this man than I ever thought.

open q“What’s beneath the bravado, Logan Preston?” close q 

This book put me through the wringer. I was on an emotional high while reading this. To say they didn’t have it easy, would be an understatement. There were parts that broke my heart to pieces, and there was a moment when I lost hope for both Logan and Aubrey.

7520980.gif (500×281)

But I guess I forgot for a second, that they are not alone. They might have felt like they were alone though…especially Logan because he kept his darkness all to himself. But this is the “Preston” family we are talking about!! They are always there for one another and I was so happy for Logan when he could finally let go…

Now I want to give some major credit to little Lachlan. I loved him so much in this book. He is such an awesome kid…Was this story gut-wrenching at times…yes it was, but it was also funny and sweet and filled with hope.

open q“You know, for a guy who thinks that romance is dead, you sure are romantic, Logan-no-middle-name Preston.” “Only because you believe Red. In me.” close q 

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I hope Jay McLean will write many more books in this series. I will devour them all and I can’t wait to see which brother is gonna be next.. my money is on Leo. 😛






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