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~Release Day Review~In the Shadows (Metahuman Files #3) by Hailey Turner~


35926800Title: In the Shadows
Author: Hailey Turner
Series: Metahuman Files #3
Release Date: August 23, 2017
Genre(s): M/M Romance, Sci-Fi Military
Reviewer: ~Vir~
Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5


Take a chance.
Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin doesn’t trust easily, and he most certainly doesn’t trust spies. He’ll work with them if ordered to, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. Except Agent Sean Delaney is proving to be the exception to the rule. There’s something about Sean that gets under Alexei’s skin and won’t let go. Alexei would be lying if he said he wasn’t interested in what lay beneath the agent’s mask. When they’re assigned together for a mission, Alexei vows to keep Sean safe all while trying to coax the hot agent into his bed.
Hold onto hope.
Agent Sean Delaney has spent his entire adult life living a lie for his country. When the MDF tasks him with finding evidence of criminal wrong-doing against the owner of a private military company, Sean knows exactly how to play the game to get what he wants. He just doesn’t know how to handle Alexei’s advances, nor his own attraction to the younger soldier. Being a spy is lonely work, and Sean knows he should keep his distance, but saying no to Alexei is impossible from the moment they first kiss.
In a world of lies, the truth can be deadly.
When the mission takes a turn for the worse, the only thing left to do is run. In the wake of betrayal, and in the path of danger, can their fragile trust survive the battle?

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Yes! The Metahuman Alpha Team is back! 😍And they are on fire! (Literally)

This is pure entertainment. A fast paced story, full of action, wonderful dialogues and a hot couple driving the plot.Probably “fast-paced” is not the expression to describe In the Shadows. We could say the frantic tempo (and the visual way Hailey Turner writes) gives the reader the impression of being watching a movie.

A sci-fi film performed by hot superheroes with a great sense of humor.📽

I guess the book could be summarized like that but you know me, I’m not the summarizing type, I like to ramble until you are bordering desperation or trying to kill yourselves. So, here I go…😁

This story takes place six months after what happened in ‘In the Ruins’ and even if I’m not giving up anything about the plot, I’ll just say that this time our MCs are the ones who have to feign to be a couple, in order to fit in the mission they are up to. From there, as you can guess, everything goes south. Interesting enough?

On one hand, we have 31 years old, CIA agent (former rock star) Sean Delaney (the full name feels like sugar on my mouth) and he is the male version of X men’s Kitty Pryde. His superpower?

Phasing! How cool is that! To be able to go through solid objects! 😝 

Sean is an honest man leaving among lies and the way he’s living has left him, not exactly cynic, but he seems tired out of the spy life and the lack of bonds it entails. He is a very likable character that has been a total surprise to me. I approved him as Alexei’s other half and I applause his superpower since it was so fun to read.

And then we have Staff Agent Alexei Dvorkin. Our Russian man on fire.

He is stubborn, loyal, hot (yes, it’s important) and inside all his fire (literally and figuratively) there’s a lot of sweetness. Alexei has a very distinctive voice since he talks as a Russian guy with no domain of the English language. I think this point adds credibility to the character, not letting the reader forget who is talking.

My first 3 stars go to the plot execution. As I said, this is like a sci-fi movie script, but in the form of a perfectly written book. The story is good, entertaining and developed in a brilliant way.This book earned its fourth star because of the characters (all of them but especially our MCs, of course) and the sharp and funny dialogues among them.
I’ve said many times that the humor is not an easy thing. You have it, or you don’t. As simple as it sounds and fortunately for all of us, Hailey Turner has the touch. She is funny, therefore her characters are too.My shiny half star, as the cherry on top, goes to the girls.

They are kickass heroines. They are also smart, funny and refreshing.😜

My only niggle was the long sex scenes… weird, right? Well, I never claimed to be perfectly normal and since I know the sex in this series is one of the favorite things of some of my friends, I have no doubt that is just me.

Books like “In the Shadows” are a bad influence on me and that’s because this girl is a dreamer, a mere reader who usually go all obsessed with characters and futuristic worlds like the one described here. So all I wanted, was to be a kickass gorgeous heroine, surrounded by hot Alpha superhéroes…

Well, reality always finds its way to break in your fantasies and, this time, especially hard with the attack in Barcelona.🙁 Shitty people, shitty world… so these metahumans give me some fun while I was mad 😠at the human race and his evil ways.

Thank you, Hailey Turner, to make me disconnect from this world full of wickedness.

Note to readers: This third installment of the Metahuman Files is not a standalone and to fully understand what’s happening you need to read the previous books. Don’t worry because they are good and if you’re a sci-fi fan, this series will be a hit for you.❤ 





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