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~Review~Blackmail (Skeleton Key #1) by Anna James Watson~


35217654Title: Blackmail
Author: Anna James Watson
Series: Skeleton Key #1
Page Count: 317 pages
Release Date: May 18, 2017
Genre(s): M/M/F, Erotic Romance
Reviewer: ~Mary~
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


Mia Winters was a perfectly normal junior at Yale University. Until she accidentally witnessed a secret lovers’ rendezvous. Now, blackmailed into silence, a sexual hunger has awoken inside of her, and there’s only one way to satiate it–but she’s not sure she wants to. Of course, Julian Roth, her gorgeous and brilliant T.A., and Tristan Masters, her equally gorgeous but loathsome classmate, may not give her a choice. The closer she gets to them, the more she is drawn into the world of old money, family dynasties, and secret societies–all worlds she never intended to discover. Will she let herself go down the proverbial rabbit hole or will her better judgement win out in the war between what her brain thinks and what her body craves? 

This work of fiction is erotica, meaning that sexual encounters are descriptively explicit and extensive. This novel features a “MMF” relationship, meaning two men and one woman are all involved in a three-way sexual relationship. Content is inappropriate for non-adults.

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Damn…this book was HOT!!!

It’s been a while since I read a MMF book, and I really missed this feeling. This is my first MMF book that I reviewed, it’s a debut book of the author, and from my opinion, it did a really good job.

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The book starts with Mia…she is a student at Yale.


Mia is a sweet girl, she studies hard, she is intelligent and she hates Tristan.She fell asleep in the Philosophy Department lounge—AGAIN during Julian’s speech. Julian being the teacher assistant. When she thinks she could walk away, she hears voices from the hall, coming her way. 2 male voices who she recognizes as Julian and Tristan, known as an asshat. So she hides in the supply closet because she doesn’t want to get caught.

Tristan and Julian walk in the room and they shut the door, locking them inside. After a few more movements, Mia looks thru her crack door and she is struck with what she is seeing….Tristan and Julian in some compromising positions. Her first thought is that Tristan is sexually abused, without his permission, raped. So she starts filming them with her phone. But after a few moments, she realizes that this…sexcapade is consensual from both sides.

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She is so turned on…she feels something she never felt, and never thought she would feel…and her phone is ringing…and she is busted…and ohhh OMG how busted.

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The first thought of Tristan and Julian is that she was sent by someone who knew about them and wanted to make them harm. But after a while…they realize she is saying the truth, but still…they can’t let her go because she knew about them, she saw them, she recorded them. She could blackmail them. So…they think, actually, Tristan thinks to put her in a compromising position as well, to have sex with Julian and him to record them. But there happens something else. Tristan could not stay away from them.

They attack her, they devour her…together.


So…this is how the book starts.I don’t want to tell anymore what happens in the book because you have to find for yourself. The book is so gooood, HOT, funny, it has suspense and some adrenaline, secrets, and mystery.
The characters are well contoured, and I liked that the story was written from the Pov. of each one of them.

Julian and Tristan are like fire and ice.

Julian is warm, calm, loving and sweet. With him, Mia can talk anything.

A guy who reminds me of Josh Copeland (the hero in His Wicked Desire)

But Tristan is the opposite…cold, he likes to save the appearances. 


He avoids Mia in public, he is ashamed of her. He comes from an elite family, with money and position, he is arrogant and means… Mia is a nobody. He MUST be chosen and accepted in the secret society.

I would’ve liked it if the stuff with the secret society was at the beginning of the book, like an introduction, prologue. Just an idea of what was the deal with the secret society, what it was.I think that were some moments when the author lost herself in details, too many unimportant details.
The last thing that I didn’t like was the cover…It takes me thinking to a historical book. In my opinion, this book deserves a much hotter cover.

So…the book was unexpectedly good and hot, the ending was so unexpected…I was like….wtf?!!

Just read the book and you will see.
Can’t wait to read the next book to see how things go on.






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