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~Review~Daring Fate (Silver Tip Pack #1) by Megan Erickson~

32486744Title: Daring Fate
Author: Megan Erickson
Series: Silver Tip Pack #1
Page Count: 240 pages
Publisher: Megan Erickson
Release Date: November 14, 2016
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, Paranormal, Werewolves/Shifters
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 5 Stars out of 5


We all have tragic backstories in today’s world. 

I wake up chained to the wall of a dark cell aware of two things: I failed my sister, and I smell my enemy.

When I’m taken to meet Dare, the alpha of the Silver Tip pack, I’m sure I’m about to lose my throat. The last thing I expect is for the Alpha to recognize me as his fated mate. No way is he going to let me go now, and I still have to find a way to rescue my sister.

As I plot my escape to save her, I find that if I leave, Dare could be killed by power-hungry members of his pack. And now he’s more to me than my fated mate—my heart is involved. With time ticking by on my sister’s life, I have to make a choice I never thought I’d face—my sister’s life or my mate’s? That’s if I can survive the undead shifters intent on killing me first…

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This book was awesome! I also liked that it was a bit different from the regular shifter stories.This is definitely one of my favorite M/M shifter books.

In this apocalyptic world, humans no longer exist. They were wipes out a decade ago by a nasty virus.Three different kinds of creatures are left roaming this world.

The werewolves, which are like the regular werewolves we read about. They can shift to either human or wolf form. They live in packs and stay with their own kind.

One of these werewolves is Reese.

Then there are the “Weres”. Now they are a different kind because they are much bigger then werewolves and they also have the ability to shift in 3 different forms. Human, werewolf, and wereman. They also live in packs and stick to their own kind.

Dare is the alpha of a giant pack of weres.

The third kind of wolf is a very nasty kind. They are called the Noweres. They are undead Weres who were either infected by the virus or bitten by other Noweres. They are Were zombies. These zombies roam around trying to infect the Weres, and killing the werewolves since werewolves can’t be infected/changed.

I loved the world building in this book, it was amazing and I was intrigued from the very first page.

Reese is trying to escape the werewolf pack that he is in with his younger brother and sister because his current Alpha is a cruel dick. After getting his brother out, he goes back for his sister but is captured, beaten and left in a hole in the ground for the Noweres to find.

His brother goes for help though and they are both saved, by the Silver Tip Pack. The only problem is that this pack is a Were pack. And their Alpha “Dare” is one huge badass. Also turns out that Dare and Reese are true mates. Reese is not really excited about this fact at first. He has been a captive for most of his life and he isn’t looking forward to being a captive again, even if it is a big handsome and strong Alpha Were…He can’t stop his (physical) attraction however and neither can Dare.

The heat between the two of them is too strong…boy was it. I’m still fanning myself. 😛

Now this book had plenty of steam, these two can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. Also, Reese can’t seem to stop sniffing Dare. 😀

They might be attracted to one another, but that doesn’t mean there is trust or love. Also, Reese has some other pressing things on his mind. Then there is the fact that a couple of weres are starting problems for Dare within the pact and there are Zombie wolves outside on the other side of the walls waiting to rip them apart.

I absolutely loved every single page of this book. The supporting characters were awesome and I can’t wait for the next book to get here, which will be Bay’s book (Dare’s brother).imageedit_53_7982876658

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