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~Review~Mature Content (Cyberlove #4) by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell~


34934798Title: Mature Content
Authors: Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell
Series: Cyberlove #4
Publisher: Megtino Press
Release Date: June 2, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance,
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


My life plan is to be brutally honest all the way to the bank. Don’t believe me? I run a popular YouTube channel called TrashyZane, and my claim to fame is oversharing about every aspect of my personal life. Sometimes while tipsy. Not everyone loves my style, but I have a long history of icing out people who can’t handle me. I have no time for judgmental foolishness.

Except, apparently, when it comes to Beau Starr. His channel is the polar opposite of mine, and so is he. Wholesome, inspirational, and clean-cut. Everything about him should turn me off, but when we hook up following a confrontation at a convention, my world flips upside down. Not only does Beau Starr turn me on, he uses the exact combination of dirty talk and roughness needed to turn me out.

But we still hate each other. I think.


Mature Content (Cyberlove #4)

by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

****4 Stars****ima4


I absolutely love this series and though this book wasn’t my favorite out of all of them, it was definitely the hottest!!

Phewww I am still fanning myself. 😀

anigif_original-grid-image-18178-1454089769-6.gif (335×250)

These books are stand alone stories, but both Zane and Beau are introduced in book 3…so I would advise reading that book first.

Beau is Jesse’s (book 3) cousin and he is quite the famous vlogger. He is very well known in the YouTube community for his perfect image…even his followers are called “beautifuls” LOL. No one knows though, that behind this perfect image…

A whole other side of him is hiding…

akNfeZVwyR.gif (320×240)

Beau has been burned pretty bad in the past by really his true self and with an awesome deal on the line and thousands of people watching him…he isn’t taking any chances.

Zane is the complete opposite of Beau. His YouTube name is “TrashyZane” and he calls his followers “skanks”. Zane is all about being his true self online. He has learned a long time ago to say “fuck it”…

To anyone who doesn’t accept him the way he is.

5iFm4JV.gif (500×268)

So these two have been sworn enemies in the YouTube community for a long time. But what happens when they actually get close and find out that are more perfectly matched for each other then they thought. Kinky sex is what happens!!! 😛 

Beau loved giving it hard and Zane was more than willing to submit to Beau’s dominance. Who would have guessed Beau was such an awesome dirty-talker. 😛

“Your dick is leaking like a faucet,” “You don’t have to speak at all, do you, Zane? This cock of yours is begging in its own.”

68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f716b5545704731644c6971782d513d3d2d3232383438303432392e313433393230306633323839656236362e676966 (500×255)

Now just because the two of them bumped uglies…that doesn’t mean they are friends all of a sudden. It only means that they are a match in the bedroom.

“We hate-fucked and still hate each other.” 

Slowly though they start to get to know each other and they learn that there is more beneath the image they portray. They even become friends…

“You know I could probably like you”. “Yeah, I could maybe like you too”.

Their friendship evolves and I loved reading all the text messages they send to one another. They both start opening up and their friendship turns to love.But when Beau’s past comes back to haunt him, he will seriously need to step up his game…and do some delicious groveling

anigif_enhanced-buzz-14369-1421838272-6.gif (500×273)

I really enjoyed this book. Though it still deals with some issues, it’s much lighter than the previous book. It wasn’t as funny as book 2 though, which is still my favorite!

I am leaving this review with my favorite scene because it seriously cracked me up. 😀

“He puckered his lips in a kiss, and I turned away. In response, he whipped his hair in my face. Strands were clinging to me. At the end of the panel, I’d probably be reeking of grapefruit while hacking up a Zane hairball.


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