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~Review~Call the Coroner by Avril Ashton~


33975583Title: Call the Coroner
Author: Avril Ashton
Publisher: Sinner’s Haven Publishing
Page Count: 448 pages
Release Date: May 8, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Dark Romance, Mafia/Suspense
Reviewer: ~Jan~
Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5


A clash of wills between predators…

He’s been living underground for a long time, but the only thing guaranteed to bring Daniel Nieto back to the surface is the identity of his wife’s killer. With the whisper of one name, he puts it all on the line for vengeance. He’s got plans for Stavros Konstantinou.

The title of monster fits too well for Stavros to want to be anything other than what he is. Time spent in Daniel Nieto’s dungeon, chained and tortured, will never change that. Starved of food, sunlight, and freedom, he waits for an opening to turn the tables on the only man who’s ever come close enough to scare him.

Somewhere between the slide of knife against skin, and the drip of blood on cold concrete, things change. Grief and hatred collide with lust and obsession, and this time Daniel and Stavros are on the same side. This time, they’re fighting a losing battle against a connection forged by much more than a love of violence and bloodshed.
In a war this bloodied, what do you do when the bodies start hitting the floor?

**Warning: Gun play, knife play, blood play, breath play. Non Con, Dub Con. Water sports. Triggers**

imageedit_4_2007460609janbCall the Coroner by Avril Ashton

*****4.5 Stars*****4,5ghj


Daniel Nieto (49) has been feeling dead since his wife was murdered by Stavros Konstantinou (42). Vengeance was what kept him going and so, he carefully planned a payback. The right moment came. Stavros was made captive and tortured for 2 weeks.

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So far, so good. No surprises. We have all read the blurb and expected that, right?Wrong. Because at some point Daniel’s plan failed big time.Daniel expected Stavros to break, to crack under the force of his torture. Stavros was having none of it.

“I missed you, Nieto” He licked the blood off his bottom lip. It is so m-much fun wh-when you are here.”

Insolent, defiant, provocative…

“I’m, uh-” Stavros cleared his throat.
“I’m not really the screaming type, lo siento.”

Daniel found Stavros fascinating…Then, the unexpected happened.

Stavros Konstantinou touched Daniel Nieto and breathed new life into his numb body. Grief and hatred collide with lust and obsession.

Now, let me drop my two cents:
As a ahem connoisseur of dark reads, I’ve been finding it quite tricky to come across a winner in this genre, where the balance between darkness and plausibility didn’t cross the line of absurdity.

Some are too incredible to take seriously, others don’t give us enough depth to connect with the characters aiming shock value and so on… Therefore, I do appreciate when a story gives me it all.

The synopsis of Call the Coroner shows darkness. The warning triggers are very clear.

Still, I don’t think the person who reads this blurb can grasp the full idea of what she is getting into, mainly because the emotions hidden between the lines is what really causes a massive impression. Totally unexpected.

Emotions as hate, anger, want, lust, guilt, and passion are trowed together in a turmoil of events. This vortex of feelings escalates even more when added to forbidden sex, drenched in blood and betrayal.

The result of it is an intense story. Violent. Consuming.

I have to say it took me a while to get into it, precisely 25%, just in case someone feels like giving up before crossing this mark,  I was intrigued enough to carry on though.

All I could think of was: how can something good come out of this?

So.Much.Blood. So much pain, torture, blame, and darkness. How the author will play this out? Will I have to suspend belief?
Well, who bloody cares? From the 25% mark, I had no time to think about that anymore. A good sign, right? I was entranced with Daniel and Stavros, mesmerized by the story line and a few occasions gobsmacked by it.
The slow build of forbidden, dark and sinful attitudes/elements drove me crazy. Torture, was at times obscene foreplay. The sex scenes were off the charts. They love making was violent, dirty and consuming…

To be followed later by love, unapologetic.

Two minor niggles:
1.) The ambush: why the hell they went downstairs so careless after hearing that blasting noise. They knew Daniel’s head was being hunted. Duh!
2.) Annika: I didn’t get why she was part of this story. I could have give it a pass. Easily.

Call the Coroner was beyond my expectations.I’ll round it up because I think it totally deserves…LOVED IT!


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