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~Exclusive Interview with Author Hailey Turner (Metahuman Files series)~



✦✦✦The new book of the Metahuman Files series✦✦✦

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We are so happy to Welcome author Hailey Turner on DirtyBooksObsession today as she celebrates the release of her new book, In the Ruins, the second book in the Metahuman Files Series.
You’re not going to want to miss this Exclusive Interview and The Metahuman Files series. Check out this fantastic New Release read the Reviews for In the Ruins
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✮ ✮ ✮Exclusive Interview with author Hailey Turner✮ ✮ ✮

We are huge fans of Hailey Turner and this series! sparkling-heart-symbol-for-facebook
We jumped at the chance to not only read and review In the Ruins but also to ask Hailey Turner a few questions.


DBO:  Hi, Hailey! Thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. facebook-comments-emoticon-with-heart-eyes
Hailey:  Thank you for having me!

DBO:  It is our first exclusive interview and it means a lot to us. Me(Ralu), Wendy and Simone, together, we came up with some questions for this interview and we are all very happy to have you here with us today.

Hailey:  I’m so excited you guys wanted to interview me! This is my first interview, too, so we can all be newbies together.

DBO:  So let’s get started! 😀

DBO: 1.  What inspired you to write a science fiction book…an M/M science fiction book for that matter, since this is not a very common genre?

Hailey:  I’ve always loved sci-fi and fantasy ever since I was a little girl. That’s the majority of what I read for years. So writing my first M/M book, it was a no brainer for me to make it sci-fi. I knew it would be tiny niche in the market, but I didn’t really care about that. I write what I love, so no regrets!

DBO: 2.  Your books are so accurate regarding the use of military slang. Do you have any military background or is it just painstaking research?

Hailey:  No, I’ve never served. People in my family and several friends have though. Aiming for the accuracy is a combination of having watched an untold number of action and sci-fi movies, having read a lot of books with military plots, doing as much research as possible, and texting a friend the most randomest questions about military life and procedures for clarification purposes. I may write sci-fi, but I try to make it as authentic-sounding as possible in certain areas of the story.

DBO: 3.  Can you give us any information about the upcoming book in the Metahuman Files series or any other projects that you’re working on?

Hailey:  Book 3 is Alexei’s book! I have no idea how he became the fan favorite, but everyone seems to like him. I should’ve listened to my best friend. She called it from his first appearance in Book 1. I think I owe her a drink now.

DBO: 4. What has been your hardest scene to write(so far)?

Hailey:  You’re gonna laugh, but the sex scenes are the hardest to write for me. Keeping track of everyone’s hands and positions is a headache sometimes! Plus, sex scenes can get repetitive, so I have to really plan out how I write those so they don’t become boring. Writing the action scenes comes easier to me than writing the sex scenes.

DBO: 5.  Which scene did you enjoy writing the most (so far)?

Hailey:  I’m gong to cheat a little here and go by book. My favorite scene to write in the first book was actually the dinner scene between Jamie and his father. Writing that really helped me to pin down Jamie’s character and what drives him, and that influenced the rest of the plot a lot. Since I don’t want to spoil anyone for the second book, I’ll just say the entirety of chapter six.

DBO: 6.  How many books are you planning to write in this series?

Hailey:  I have five tentatively planned out, so we’ll see what happens!

DBO: 7.  Do you read the reviews of your books… and if…how do you deal with any bad reviews?

Hailey:  I do! I tend to read them for the first couple of weeks, but then I move on because there is writing to get done. I don’t really have a problem with negative reviews. I firmly believe everyone is entitled to their opinions on a book. When I release a book into the public sphere, it no longer strictly belongs to me. Everyone is going to view it differently, and that’s okay. Do I wish everyone would like my books? Yes, of course! But that’s not realistic. When I read a bad review, I accept it as their opinion and move on.

DBO: 8.  How many hours on a day do you spend on writing?

Hailey:  I have a crazy busy day job, which sometimes requires a lot of overtime. I don’t track my writing by hours and instead, go by the word count. I try to hit at minimum 2,000 words a day if possible. Sometimes work gets in the way though. I play catch up on weekends if I don’t have to work.

DBO: 9. How long does is take for you to write one book?

Hailey:  It varies. The first book took about four months because I wrote it very slowly. It was my distraction from a pending death in the family, so I wrote it when I had the energy to. I honestly didn’t think the first book would do as well as it did, so I was unprepared and had to pound out the second book in two months to meet a reserved editing deadline. So right now I’d say about two to two and a half months to write the first draft of a book, which is usually pretty clean. I don’t generally have to do huge revisions when it gets to the beta and editing stages.

DBO: 10. For many readers, you are a new author and we know how hard is for new authors to get their books known out there. How hard it was for you when In The Wreckage was released?

Hailey:  Oh man. I had bare-bones promo for the first book and did some of it backwards. I looked for blogs to review it after it was released rather than before, but I managed to line up a couple of newsletters to promo it during the release and got some ARC people. That was about it. I feel awkward reaching out to people to promote stuff. This time around, I have newsletters lined up and reviews went out earlier, and a friend will help me spread the word in Facebook groups and reach out to more review blogs for me as well. It’s still a learning process for me, but there’s also only so much time I can devote to promo. Word of mouth has actually been a huge help for me in getting my books out there.

DBO: 11. Do you have any good advice for all the new starting authors out there?

Hailey:  Write! Write write write! Make it a habit that you love, make time to do it, or it will never get done.

DBO: 12. We have heard that you have cats 😀 …do they ever try to lie down on your laptop when you are writing?

Hailey:  I have two cats and a few pictures are up on my Facebook in case anyone is interested. They are ridiculous and I love them. Firefly is my chubby calico and Bones is my super-laid back part-Maine Coon. They don’t lie down on my laptop, they walk all over it to show their disdain for the machine that helps keeps them in kitty treats. Sometimes they’ll sit near it and proceed to knock off everything on my desk while looking me dead in the eye.

DBO: 13.What is your favorite food? 😛

Hailey:  Coffee! That’s a food, right? It’s totally a food.

DBO: 14. What music do you like to listen and do you have a playlist for your books?

Hailey:  Mostly rock music (almost any sub-genre), some pop, and original soundtracks to movies and TV shows. I do have a playlist for this series and it’s all over the place in terms of music.

DBO: 15. What do you like to do on a day when you just want to relax?

Hailey:  Not leave my house lol. I literally have to schedule a day off sometimes, so when I have one, I just want to sit around reading with a cup of coffee.

DBO: 16.  Can you tell us when we can expect Metahuman Files # 3 to be released? (Because we can not wait to read the book ) 😀

Hailey:  I’m working on it right now! I have about 35k words right now. Depending on my day job, I’m hoping to have it finished by early July and then hope to have it out sometime in August. I’m going to try to hold to that.

DBO: Thank you again for agreeing to this interview, Hailey. 😀 a5466-heart2bemoticon

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~About the Author~

Hailey Turner is big city girl who spoils her cats rotten and has a demanding day job that she loves, but not as much as she loves writing. Hailey loves stories with lots of action, gritty relationships, and an eventual HEA that satisfies the heart.

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