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~Review~In the Wreckage by Hailey Turner~


34346535Title: In the Wreckage
Author: Hailey Turner
Series: Metahuman Files #1
Publisher: Self Published
Page Count: 341 pages
Release Date: February 19, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, Sci-Fi/Military, Mystery/Suspense
Reviewer: ~Vir~
Rating: 5 Stars out of 5


A Marine with honor.
After surviving a horrific chemical attack that turned him into a metahuman, Captain Jamie Callahan got a second lease on life. For three years he’s been working for the Metahuman Defense Force and leading Alpha Team—all against the wishes of his family. The job requires his full dedication, so it’s no surprise Jamie doesn’t have time for a relationship. An enticing one-night stand with a gorgeous stranger is all it takes to show Jamie exactly what he’s been missing. When a mission to take down a terrorist cell brings that same stranger back into his world, Jamie’s life gets complicated.
A soldier with secrets.
Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan was only looking to relieve some stress after a long mission. He didn’t know the hot guy he picked up at a bar was the leader of the MDF’s top field team. When Kyle and his partner get seconded to Alpha Team to help fight a terrorist threat, he has to balance his desire for Jamie against his duty to keep his secrets safe. That gets harder and harder to do amidst regulations both are tempted to break.
Two men trying to survive.
Giving into passion could cost both their careers. Abiding by the rules will only result in heartache. An attack on MDF headquarters brings with it a choice Jamie and Kyle can’t escape—duty, or love?

In the Wreckage is a 100k word steamy m/m sci-fi military romance with a HFN ending. There is military violence within the story that may not be suitable for everyone, as well as explicit intimate scenes not suitable for readers under 18.

imageedit_4_2007460609VirIn the Wreckage (Metahuman Files #1) by Hailey Turner

*****5 Stars*****imageedit_11_5046322409


What an awesome read! What a great recommendation!

How can a book be so entertaining, suspenseful and dirty at the same time? This is a good one. Believe me. It has everything you want in a Science Fiction book, with the add of some of the dirtiest sex scenes I’ve ever read. Yes. Everything.

This is a perfectly written MM Romance. A Sci-Fi novel that takes place on an alternative and very fascinating year 2284.
The world building is fantastic but I don’t want to reveal too much, just that something happened that turned some humans in metahumans with different powers: telepathy, telekinesis, shapeshifting, ultra strength…

Science fiction fans (myself included) are used to ordinary men becoming superheroes because of radioactive accidents, chemical, or nuclear physics related. We have read about that kind of DNA alteration, wherever it comes, but here the explanation is brilliantly exposed. It’s very, very interesting and perfectly settled and, I insist, the world building is extremely well done and appealing.

Apollo, Icarus, Bones, Reaper, Inferno… Are some of their code names. Are they cool, or what? These guys rocks!

I’m not an action girl. Ironically, action bored me to dead if it lacks another necessary thing (necessary to me, I mean, there is nothing wrong in the action itself). But the way these guys work together is hot and entertaining as hell. I enjoyed it so much I can’t put it in words.

About our hot and incredible great MCs. Well, I don’t want spoilers here, leaving you this pleasure for your reading. I just want to say these two are scorching hot together (HOT with capital letters). But they are also a great couple outside the bedroom. They talk and they are funny.

“Fight or fuck,” Kyle gasped out, eyes closed, sweaty hair sticking to his flushed face. “See. Told you that you could do both at the same time”

Jaime Callahan is a loyal ex-marine, and an honorable and incredibly hot alpha male. In fact, he is in charge of the Metahuman Alpha Team. It couldn’t be another way. He knows what he wants, he is caring and super dirty (sexually speaking).

“He never thought he´d find someone he was willing to risk his career for until Kyle come along. A single night of passion was enough to make Jaime be selfish and reckless and damn the consequences”

And about Kyle? Kyle Brannigan is the shit too! Well, there’s no need of spoilers here either, so I just gonna say he is incredible, he faced his shitty early years becoming a great and loyal guy. He is hot, he likes it hard (oh yeah!), he is strong and also pursues what he wants. He is the perfect match for our Jaime.

“Wonderful, Kyle thought tiredly. Guess I get to cross of buried alive on my Situations I have Been In And Wished I Wasn´t list. Sadly, it was a long list”

Writing a book is a very difficult thing (and a very terrifying process, as well). Writing a good book? A tremendous and enviable accomplishment. But writing a great sci-fi book? To me, it’s something so superb and so unlikely that I don’t have words (again) to describe the gratifying sensation it made me feel.

I have a kind of Sci-Fi radar (it works with fantasy too) that let me know if the book is being good enough to me, and it involves two things:
First: when I’m not reading the book I spend much time day-dreaming about it. Time I should spend doing other things, of course, but a girl has her priorities 😉
Second: When a team fight starts and I feel the same level of hotness I usually feel with the sex scenes… And in this book, when someone is using pyrotechnic power, another guy is building a protector shield with his mind, while another is joking about something… Oh yeah, I was totally feeling it!

Well, I can’t talk here about the same level of hotness because of the sex scenes in this book…they are something else. But I must say (and probably is the only “but” I have for the book) that sometimes that scenes were a little too long…I’m gonna start book two, as soon as I get some sleep. Priorities or not, I still have necessities… I’m not a metahuman, after all.

Thank you, Ralu, for this recommendation and thank you, Wendy for the description you gave me: (I’m quoting here):

 “It’s like X-Men going down and dirty” oh hell, girl, it was. 😀

But it was more than that and I am really thankful.imageedit_29_8155881553


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