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~Release Day Review~Road to the Sun by Keira Andrews~


35121059Title: Road to the Sun
Author: Keira Andrews
Publisher: KA Books
Release Date: May 23, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Contemporary Romance
Reviewer: ~Wendy~
Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


A desperate father. A lonely ranger. Unexpected love that can’t be denied.

Jason Kellerman’s life revolves around his eight-year-old daughter. Teenage curiosity with his best friend led to Maggie’s birth, her mother tragically dying soon after. Insistent on raising his daughter himself, he was disowned by his wealthy family and has worked tirelessly to support Maggie—even bringing her west on a dream vacation. Only twenty-five, Jason hasn’t had time to even think about romance. So the last thing he expects is to question his sexuality after meeting an undeniably attractive park ranger. Ben Hettler’s stuck. He loves working in the wild under Montana’s big sky, but at forty-one, his love life is non-existent, his ex-boyfriend just married and adopted, and Ben’s own dream of fatherhood feels impossibly out of reach. He’s attracted to Jason, but what’s the point? Besides the age difference and skittish Jason’s lack of experience, they live thousands of miles apart. Ben wants more than a meaningless fling. Then a hunted criminal takes Maggie hostage, throwing Jason and Ben together in a desperate and dangerous search through endless miles of mountain forest. If they rescue Maggie against all odds, can they build a new family together and find a place to call home?

Road to the Sun is a May-December gay romance from Keira Andrews featuring adventure, angst, coming out, sexual discovery, and of course a happy ending.

imageedit_4_2007460609coollogo_com-22842207Road to the Sun by Keira Andrews

****4 Stars****reviews-four-stars-out-of-five.jpg (979×167):


I have read multiple books written by Keira Andrews, and so far I have loved every one of them. Though this book isn’t my favorite by this author, I did really enjoy it.

Jason is a 25 year old single father, trying to raise his 8 year old daughter as best as he can. Maggie was born, after a curious and awkward stumble with his best friend, when Jason was 17 years old. Maggie’s mother died in a terrible accident when Maggie was only a few months old. Instead of being supportive,  Jason’s parents wanted to take Maggie from him and raise them as their own…

Even going as far as taking him to court.

2b89824e22d35d6c451d71d535bc034f.gif (640×267)

Jason however, wanted to be Maggie’s father and raise her himself, so he took his daughter and left. It hasn’t been easy, doing everything on his own, trying to make enough money so he could offer his daughter a good life, but he did it. Jason has never had the time or interest to start a relationship with someone. His daughter always comes first and for Jason, this means putting all his own needs aside.

Now, father and daughter are camping in a nature park in Montana and his world is about to be rocked in two different ways. One comes in the form of a sexy park ranger…

The other in the form of criminal on the run.

Despicable-Me-say-what-gif.gif (493×264)

Ben is a 41 year old park ranger, who has recently had his dreams shattered. After spending almost 2 decades with the same man, his boyfriend has left him to marry a movie star and adopt a baby…

Destroying all Ben’s hopes and dreams in the process.

MRW I get my finals back

When working as a tour guide one day, he meets Jason and Maggie. Ben and Maggie immediately have a click, bonding over nature. With Jason though, he feels lust at first sight, even though he isn’t quite sure about Jason’s sexuality. He intends to find out though…real soon. The two of them strike up a tentative friendship and Ben plans to try and take things a bit further…soon.

tumblr_ljm2ccgh0s1qbek0fo1_500.gif (500×184)

But all the plans Ben has made in his head, of approaching Jason this way, fall apart, when a criminal on the run kidnaps Maggie while they are hiking. What follows is an emotional search, while Jason does his best not to fall apart.

When Maggie is found and safe in the hospital, Jason has his emotional breakdown, which leads to comfort and much much more. Now this book isn’t filled with steamy scenes and it takes some time for the two of them to come together, but what was there, was very HOT.

“I like it messy. I want to roll you over and fuck you, make it good for you, make you come. Then I want to jerk off on you and see my cum on your skin”.

17800740.gif (400×225)

But where will they go from here? Jason has Maggie to think of first, and Ben has a job he loves halfway across the country.

This was a very nice read and I love stories where there is an age-gap between the MC’s. The angst centers mostly around the kidnapping and Jason’s fear of not being a good father.

It was quite heavy on the insta-love. These men only know each other a week and already feel, as if they are in love and can’t live without each other.  

It also has a very satisfying epilog, which will leave a huge smile on your face.imageedit_29_8155881553


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