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~ Release Day Review~In the Ruins (Metahuman Files #2) by Hailey Turner~


35212210Title: In the Ruins
Author: Hailey Turner
Series: Metahuman Files #2
Publisher: Self Published
Page Count: 461 pages
Release Date: May 23, 2017
Genre(s): M/M, Romance, Sci-Fi/Military, Mystery/Suspense
Reviewer: ~Simone~
Rating: 5 Stars out of 5


Truth and lies.
Captain Jamie Callahan knows the Metahuman Defense Force frowns on fraternization. For once in his life, he’s breaking all the rules. Having Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan on his team and in his bed is worth the risk of being found out. When a mission comes down requiring Alpha Team to go undercover in order to infiltrate a criminal alliance, Jamie knows it won’t be easy. Putting his family’s name on the line is nothing compared to the role the MDF wants him to play—that of a billionaire’s son, discharged from the military, with a lover on his arm, looking to make his own shady business deals.
Dirty little secret.
Kyle knows the only way to be with Jamie is to hide their relationship from their superiors. Waking up to Jamie at home is more important than being together in public, or so Kyle thought, until he comes face to face with what he’s been missing. Pretending to be a couple on paper for the sake of the mission thrusts Kyle into a world of incredible wealth and a social status he’s not sure he belongs in, but he’ll do anything to stay by Jamie’s side.
Play the game to win.
Surrounded by the enemy, Jamie and Kyle need to trust each other now more than ever. Their covers—and the life they’re trying to build together—depend on it.

In the Ruins is a 105k word steamy gay sci-fi military romance with a HFN ending that skirts HEA. There is military violence within the story that may not be suitable for everyone, as well as explicit intimate scenes not suitable for readers under the age of 18. This is a sequel to In the Wreckage and reading the first book in the series would be helpful in enjoying this one.


In the Ruins (Metahuman Files #2) by Hailey Turner

*****5 Stars*****imageedit_104_7293237175


Entertainment at its best!!!

Alpha Team was the bullet, even if someone else was pulling the trigger, and they couldn’t ever escape that.

Jamie Callahan’s team of Metahumans with enhanced abilities – well, it spoils nothing to say that they have certain superpowers – has to keep that in mind when their new mission sends them undercover right in the public eye, so as to nose out a Russian terrorist group intent on preying on wealthy citizens with shady morals. Especially Jamie has to play both sides of the fence and gambles for high stakes since it is not only his reputation on the line but also the one of those who is close to him. He is forced to walk a tightrope and has to rely on his team, other organizations and friends more than once to wriggle out of precarious situations in order not to compromise his family and still get the job done.

The only thing that helps him stay in control is the fact that Kyle Brannigan, his secret lover, is also part of the cover and for once they don’t have to hide their relationship in public, if only for show. When more players enter the game, there is more at stake than just his high renown and the whole team has to refer to all their resources and powers to hold the upper hand.

Wow, just wow! Hailey Turner did it again!!!

After only the second installment to In the Wreckage, this series went straight onto my top-ten list of favorites and she proved to me that the first book was not just some kind of one-hit wonder. Not that I ever had any doubts about it, but still I’m glad to see that I was right.

This book and the whole series is so right up my alley and I don’t even know where to start to explain why, so let’s just say that the world building is so unique and well-conceived that I once again got totally engrossed in the story right from the beginning. On the one hand, I could not put my Kindle down and on the other hand, I had to read slowly in order not to miss anything important because of the complex storyline, right down to the last detail.

Another aspect that made me enjoy this book so much is the dynamics between each and every team member.

No, scratch that, they are not only a team, they are family. The snark and banter made me laugh out loud, but when it comes down to it they stand up for each other no matter what and everyone has a role to play. An important role. In this story the team got a new addition in form of former CIA Agent Sean Delaney and boy, do I want to see more of him in the future!!! I daresay that he and a certain moody Russian team member – yes. Alexei, it is you I’m talking about – might become more than just colleagues, all animosity aside, and for me, some kind of enemies to lovers trope would spice up the story even more.

What I loved the most, though, was the development of Jamie and Kyle’s love for each other. Their feelings are getting stronger and stronger by the minute and even if their mission reveals more and more the difference in their social background and raises some kind of self-doubt and misgivings about the continuation of their relationship, Jamie is determined to make it happen against all odds – against the non-fraternization policy of the organization they both are working for and against the outbreak of hostilities from the part of his family – and he always finds the right words to alleviate Kyle’s qualms.

“I love you and I will always fight for you,” Jamie told him, meaning it more than he’d ever meant anything in his life.

When I started to read the book I was prepared for all eventualities, meaning I stocked up on chocolate and coffee, committed my cat to cuddle duties (of course, he was over the hills and far away when I needed him) and had my notepad with the names and functions of all team members I wrote down while reading the first book at the ready, but I completely forgot about one thing: to retrieve the fan out of the basement. I should have known better! Damn, those sex scenes…

The terms “hot and kinky” do not come anywhere close to describe them.

This is everything

The ending felt more like a HFN for Jamie and Kyle, but thank goodness, the next book is already in the works. I would love nothing better than to beg the author to hurry up because I so cannot wait to get back to this universe and see where the story goes from here since the case is equally anything but solved.

Highly recommended!imageedit_44_8150275859


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