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~Review~Pieces of Me by Melanie Hansen~




Pieces of Me (Spectrum Nights #1) by Melanie Hansen

****4 Stars****


This story is divided into two parts.

Part one starts, when these guys meet at age 17 when Scott’s mother marries Rylan’s father.

Scott never knew who his father was, only that he looks exactly like him. Which is also the reason his mother hates his guts. Scott is absolutely beautiful and his mother really despises him. She blames Scott for how her life turned out, but to be honest….she herself decided to act like the town slut/drunk.

Damn but I hated that woman.

fba8bb20a909103a6a725fb9391a2e25.gif (500×281)

Being dead poor and living in a trailer with all his siblings, having a drunk slut for a mother, Scott doesn’t have much going for himself….except his good looks, which he relies on a great deal.

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Rylan’s mother left some time ago and his father never really got over this.

He attached himself to the first person, that showed him real interest and married her on the spot. Rylan wants his dad to be happy again, but he soon finds out that his new stepmom is not as wonderful as he thought she would be.

Rylan is gay and has decided to be out and proud at his new high school. I admired him, for not wanting to hide who he was.

He is also extremely attracted to his new and very hot stepbrother.

14e3b052a6e57d43238dcab0dac14944.jpg (500×375):

The both of them have to start sharing a room and soon Rylan learns that Scott is so much more than just a beautiful guy. The two become close….very close 😉

But pretty soon everything falls apart leaving Rylan with a broken heart and a messed up family.

Fast forward 6 years and we get to part 2.

Both men are adults now. Rylan is trying to make ends meets as a photographer and Scott is a sex-icon at a famous club. Scott is quite the manwhore and I was very disappointed in how he turned out. He was not my favorite character. I understood the why, but he just lost a lot of respect from me.

bridgette_burn.gif (575×325)

Rylan, however, is still wonderful. I wished he would have been a bit more angry with Scott, but… if wishes were fishes we’d all swim in riches.

Scott is still exploiting his good looks, thinking that’s all he is good for, but Rylan still sees the man underneath the beauty and tries to be his friend.

2a7d163d7e104769c1a5eb677b300270.jpg (236×243):

And then…….cliffhanger !!!!!!

eb4110e67ae9bef87ab9faf09ff90a69.gif (420×237)

Thankfully I won’t have to wait too long for book 2.

I am so curious to see what will happen next. 😉


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