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~Review~The Sweetest Goodbye by Christina Lee~





The Sweetest Goodbye (Roadmap to Your Heart #3.5)

by Christina Lee

****4 Stars****


After re-reading “The Deepest Blue”, I figured it was time to read Billie’s story.

I loved Billie in book 2 and I really wanted a happy ever after for him.

Those who have read the previous books, know that Billie has been struggling with Epilepsy his whole life. This is were his therapy dog comes in…Bullseye, what an awesome friend he was to Billie. I loved that dog !!

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Billie is now in his early twenties, working at his own bakery with his friend Dylan. Dylan hasn’t had it easy growing up with an alcoholic father, who kicked him out because he was gay. Thankfully the “Montgomery’s were there, to pick him up, when he needed it. He has been a part of the family ever since and Dylan and Billie are the best of friends.

Dylan, however, is feeling a bit more than just friendship for Billie. Too bad that Billie is still hung up on his first love Leo.

He is convinced Leo will come back and they will be together again…

FOTO BEWERKEN - makkelijk online je foto's bewerken of aanpassen:

One drunken night at a club leads to more than platonic friendship and once things get started…

…they are hard to stop…

tumblr_nxubp3zx8m1te42yzo1_500.gif (500×255)

But Dylan knows that Billie wants to be with Leo… and Billie knows that Dylan isn’t looking for anything more than fun…

I really enjoyed this little novella,…

…though I have to say that Billie’s pining over Leo frustrated me at times.

Dylan, however, was an amazing character.


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