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~Review~Carry the Ocean by Heidi Cullinan~




Carry the Ocean (The Roosevelt #1)

by Heidi Cullinan

*****5 Stars*****


Damn this book hit me in the feels….I loved it !!

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Jeremy is a teenager with depression and anxiety. He is a mess, and it doesn’t help that his parents won’t acknowledge that there is something seriously wrong. They want him to act normal and stop being a pain in their ass. I hated his parents.

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Emmet is autistic. He’s also a genius and he is amazing.

I loved his character. He knows who he is and what his limitations are and he helps the people around him, to understand who he is and what he needs from them. He was funny, sweet and extremely lovable. His parents were awesome people.

Everybody should have parents like that !!

3-love-unconditionally.jpg (1467×1467):

When Emmet first sees Jeremey, he knows, that he wants Jeremey to be his friend…or more specifically….his boyfriend.

“It’s like Elwood Blues says: everybody needs somebody to love. I’m an everybody. I get a somebody.”

He introduces himself to Jeremey at a neighborhood party and this is the start of a beautiful friendship, that eventually leads to more.

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The road they travel is not always easy, but it is beautiful. Jeremey has a lot of problems…..starting with his awful parents. With the help of Emmet and Emmet’s parents, things start to change for him.

“I really am Super Emmet, and like the comic book Superman, I have a powerful secret weapon. My mom.”

These two were so sweet together. Especially Emmet. He put a smile on my face on nearly every page.

“Frankly, I’m awesome, and anybody who doesn’t agree should get out of my way.”

I’m not gonna tell you everything that happens. I will tell you, that sometimes the story is hard, but it will also make you laugh and swoon.

I would definitely recommend this book to everybody.

large.jpg (500×332):

“No one is normal. Normal is a lie.”

This was not just a story…it was a beautiful journey about two young boys

…realizing that normally doesn’t exist and that it is ok to be different.


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