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~Review~The Faintest Spark by Christina Lee~




The Faintest Spark (Roadmap to Your Heart #1.5)

by Christina Lee

*****5 Stars*****

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I loved book 1 in this series and I absolutely adored this little gem !!

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It was short, it was sweet and it was HOT.

Mal is president of the Disciples. The same MC club, Smoke (book 1) is a part of. He takes very good care of the men in his club and lately, he has also been taking care of Sawyer….

Sawyer is part of the Scorpions MC and he has been on an undercover assignment within another MC club, to earn his patch and prove his worth. This assignment also has to do with the storyline of book 1.

I don’t think it’s completely necessary to read book 1, but it would give you more understanding as to what this assignment was about.

Anyways, this undercover gig has left Sawyer a bit fucked up and in his time of need, he turns to Mal, who is a good listener and most importantly…he cares.

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His caring, however, soon turns into something more.

The two of them grow very close and so does the sexual tension. For Sawyer, these feelings aren’t so strange because he is bi and everyone within his club knows this. But for Mal, this is the first time he has felt any attraction towards a man. Him being club president also complicates things, not to mention that they are also from different clubs.

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But again….the heart wants what it wants and boy does these two want each other !!

“Such a greedy little hole. Sucking on my finger like this.” “Don’t want your finger. Want your cock.”

I was very proud of Mal for not doubting himself too much and going after what he wanted !! Sawyer was the perfect man for him and he helped Mal express his wants and needs.

beautiful-gay-black-kiss_large.jpg (224×299):

I fell in love with Sawyer’s bravery, his beauty, his unflappable dignity and given any alternate version of reality….I still would’ve chosen him.


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  1. Dam Wendy, I need you to stop reading for a while, I can’t keep up with all the books that you recommend and then I add them to my ever growing list, or maybe I’m looking at it wrongly – maybe I should speed up on my reading, lol.

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