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~Review~Safeword by A.J. Rose~




Safeword (Power Exchange #2) by A.J. Rose

*****5 Stars*****



“I tilted my head, baring my neck, my control to him, hoping he’d take it and make it his, make it safe to be vulnerable again. Make me feel his control over me so I could finally let go and just be.”


Two questions are whirling around in my head since I finished this book last night.

What it is about this series that I love it so much? And what the hell took me so long to start with this sequel?

Honest to God, I don’t have an answer, so maybe reviewing it might help me to find one.

First of all, I don’t mind kinky sex. At. All. BDSM, though, is so not my thing.

Okay, I might have mentioned it already, once or twice, and I’m sorry you just heard it a third time, but I have to explain it a bit. It is not even the dominance part or the giving up of control, in fact, I can understand it to some extent.

It is rather the whole concept, the accomplishment, that bothers me. I just don’t get why someone likes to get spanked (not me, when I was a child and got a smack on my backside for getting up to nonsense, that’s for sure!) or likes to wear a collar like a watchdog. Somehow, in this series, this concept works for me, though.

Maybe it is just the context, with the thrilling aspects of another murder case or the perfectness of Ben and Gavin being together, all wrapped up in a gripping writing that made me experience the full range of emotions and kept me completely engrossed in the story.

Qp5bak9BXMuPW7kwZi_U_AKN0ufYqkKMVeIP1ZoUrfo.jpg (1024×683):

It’s been almost four years since I’ve read Power Exchange and at first, I was hesitant to start with Safeword without re-reading the first book. I should have known better! Power Exchange left such a deep impression, I even remembered the names of side characters and that is something that astonishes me the most. Normally, I write my reviews after finishing a book because after reading something in between, it is entirely possible that I can’t seem to remember shit, so you get what I’m saying. A very deep impression.

Ben and Gavin have been through so much in the first book and now they have to deal with the aftereffects on their daily life, be it in their relationship with the relearning of trust, or in (mostly) Gavin’s job as a detective dealing with another serial killer, or facing the incomprehension and sometimes even homophobia of the outer world.

What I loved the most about this book was the fact that Ben and Gavin’s love never wavered, not for one second.

Both men are even willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the happiness of the other…

… and the two scenes when both men were safewording to each other almost broke my heart.

But I promised you the full range of emotions and this book not only made me cry, it also made me laugh because of Gavin’s lovely douchebag of a brother, it made me feel overwhelmed because of the cohesion in Gavin’s family, it made me bite my nails while searching for a killer, but it also made me feel compassion for him due to what he went through and it made me hate the man who sent him on a downward spiral and made him a killer.

So, scratch the “maybe” in the paragraph with the context. It is the whole package that made me love this story so much and I definitely won’t wait another four years to read the next book.

Highly recommended!


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