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~Review~Rescue Me by K.M. Neuhold~




Rescue Me (Heathens Ink #1)by K.M. Neuhold

***3 Stars***

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This was a nice buddy-read for me with my favorite ladies, Susan, Elsbeth, and Karlijn. 🙂


Thane is a former marine and current firefighter.

He is gay and closeted, not because he is really scared of coming out, but because it was easier to stay inside the closet, because if his jobs. He has never been in a serious relationship before, so he didn’t feel the need to come out either.

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Madden is a tattoo-artist.

He works at Heathens Ink, with his best friends. He is out and proud. He was kicked out by his parents when he was 14 years old, for being gay.

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Thane and Madden meet in a gay club and are immediately attracted to one another. But before they can make actual plans about going home together, all hell breaks loose.

Thankfully Thane’s training kicks in and he saves the day big time…

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He even offers Madden a place to stay, because Madden isn’t able to return home to his apartment. Thane definitely had a bit of a hero complex going on, but it wasn’t annoying…it was actually quite endearing.The two of them become closer and closer while Thane takes care of Madden.

They were really sweet and hot together…

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But it’s not all sunshine and roses since Madden is still struggling with the aftermath of all that has happened.

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Now this book is pretty heavy on the insta-love and very fast paced. Thane only looks at Madden once and decides the man is his. Also, even though this book deals with some heavy subjects, it isn’t really deep. I just felt something was missing….I think I like a bit more depth in my story and I like my MC’s to be a bit more developed.

That being said, I still enjoyed this one and I will definitely give book 2 a try which will be an MMM.


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3 thoughts on “~Review~Rescue Me by K.M. Neuhold~

    1. This is a light book but heavy subjects LOL. Should be perfect if you are looking for insta-love and something uncomplicated. Hope you’ll enjoy 😉 xoxo

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