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~Review~Power Exchange by A.J. Rose~




Power Exchange (Power Exchange #1) by A.J. Rose

*****4.5 Stars*****


After reading a few bad books in a row

I have to say that it feels damn good giving this one 4.5 Stars.

It was my first time reading A.J.Rose and I loved it.

 Strong and credible story line
 Excellent support characters
 Hot couple
 Erotica/BDSM

I loved the way the book was written rich in detail. It was extremely engaging. I need to give this some emphasis because I am not in too much detail. It makes me bored to death. And that is why I have to take my hat off for this author.

She was also so good developing the others characters. From the @sshole (Trent) there is always one, his partner (Myah) to Gavin’s family.

I devoured the book!


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