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~Review~ The Darkest Flame by Christina Lee




The Darkest Flame (Roadmap to Your Heart #1)

by Christina Lee

****4 Stars****



Thrusting, gyrating, licking, sucking…forbidden…

Panting…that was just me reading this.

Two sexy Bikers getting down and dirty…delicious.

Vaughn is part owner of the Hog’s Den bar.

The other half is owned by the Disciples MC president.With the MC conducting club business in the bar, Vaughn has been very aware of one particular club member…Smoke.

Smoke used to be a member of a rival MC.

He was heavily into drugs and his life was a mess until the president of the Disciples stepped in.He’s got himself clean and is now a member of the club.

These two men are both bi and there have been lots of lingering looks and smoldering sexual tension going on for a while before they get down and dirty.

My, oh my…when these two get together it’s just so damn hot.

It’s raw and dirty but also very passionate about them.I couldn’t read it fast enough.And the bar scene with the over the table sex was just delicious….I think I actually squeaked.I definitely made some kind of noise because my husband asked what was wrong with me.

If I can drag myself away from the sex, their relationship was actually quite sweet.I loved how protective they were over each other.

This isn’t a typical Biker book.There is club drama when someone from Smoke’s past enters the picture but it’s not overdone drama, thankfully.

What’s not to like….
An MC element and two sexy as sin men getting it on frequently and in the filthiest ways.

I really enjoyed this one…Recommended…


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