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~Blog Tour & Giveaway~Hot for the Fireman by Gina L. Maxwell~



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Hot for the Fireman by Gina L. Maxwell.

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Title: Hot for the Fireman
Author: Gina L. Maxwell
Series: Boston Heat, Book #1
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Release Date: March 27, 2017
Genre(s): Erotic Romance, Law Enforcement/Firemen



About Hot for the Fireman:

Ex-Army Ranger Erik Grady lives for the job. So when his chief at the Boston Fire Department offers him two choices—mandated therapy for supposed PTSD or a permanent desk job at the station, he reluctantly agrees to see a shrink. Only this doctor is unlike anything he expected. Female and curved in all the right places? Check. Hotter than a four-alarm fire? Check. The kind of woman that can heat his blood in and out of bed? Check, check. And oh, yeah, he just happens to have first hand experience…

Of all the men to walk into psychologist Olivia Jones’ office, why did it have to be him? Her one-night stand isn’t playing by the rules of just. One. Night. She’s had her heart broken in the past, and no way is she going there again. And now he’s blackmailing her into three dates? Well, if that’s what it takes to make him see a different therapist, fine. She can handle it. So what if the chemistry between them is combustible? She’s a professional, damn it. She’ll date Mr. I’m Too Sexy For My Bunker Pants. But it won’t end in the fun he expects.

It’s time to see how much heat this fireman can take…


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 About Gina L. Maxwell:


Gina L. Maxwell is a full-time writer, wife, and mother living in the upper Midwest, despite her scathing hatred of snow and cold weather. An avid romance novel addict, she began writing as an alternate way of enjoying the romance stories she loves to read. Her debut novel, Seducing Cinderella, hit both the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists in less than four weeks, and she’s been living her newfound dream ever since.

When she’s not reading or writing steamy romance novels, she spends her time losing at Scrabble (and every other game) to her high school sweetheart, doing her best to hang out with their teenagers before they fly the coop, and dreaming about her move to sunny Florida once they do.

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~Review~What Binds Us by Larry Benjamin~




What Binds Us by Larry Benjamin 

*****5 Stars*****



This is the story that had to be told, the story of the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon.

I’m left feeling exactly the same way I felt after reading Unbroken by this Author.I have no idea how to put into words how much I loved this book.One thing is for certain, Larry Benjamin is an extremely talented Author.His writing is beautiful, almost poetic at times and I have swept along in a sea of emotions reading this.

The story is narrated by Thomas-Edward, but it’s not just his story that’s told…it’s Dondi’s as well…an amazing, touching friendship between two very different men.

Starting in the late 1970’s, Thomas and Dondi meet at the college where they are roommates.

Coming from quite a conservative family Thomas is swept away by the larger than life, Dondi.Dondi is like a whirlwind. He’s beautiful, flamboyant, extravagant -he rocks into Thomas’s world and changes it forever.

“Dondi was an inferno, all right. Like the sun, he provided light and warmth. And like the sun, he could burn you to a crisp if you got too close.”

They become lovers, then friends.Dondi is unable to commit to just one person so they up with something that is special…a truly touching friendship…not always perfect but they are constant in each other lives.Dondi might move from one lover to another but he wants Thomas close to him, always.

“Being able to think about you, knowing where you are and that you’re safe comforts me.I know it’s crazy but it’s true.You’re my best friend.”

-Dondi to Thomas.

During one long summer, Thomas meets Matthew, one of Dondi’s brother….and the love story begins.And, it’s a beautiful, powerful love these two men have for each other.
However, the love story isn’t the main focus of this story.It’s about family and friendship and the deep bonds that are unbreakable.

It’s a powerful, emotional story that I’m so glad I read.

I’ve tried to keep this spoiler free about events in the book and I would recommend not reading any reviews as some have touched on what happens and while the outcome becomes inevitable for the reader, I would advise going into it relatively blind.

Highly Recommended.


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~Review~The Faintest Spark by Christina Lee~




The Faintest Spark (Roadmap to Your Heart #1.5)

by Christina Lee

*****5 Stars*****

5-star.png (621×197): imageedit_44_5916961729

I loved book 1 in this series and I absolutely adored this little gem !!

16550282.gif (500×300)

It was short, it was sweet and it was HOT.

Mal is president of the Disciples. The same MC club, Smoke (book 1) is a part of. He takes very good care of the men in his club and lately, he has also been taking care of Sawyer….

Sawyer is part of the Scorpions MC and he has been on an undercover assignment within another MC club, to earn his patch and prove his worth. This assignment also has to do with the storyline of book 1.

I don’t think it’s completely necessary to read book 1, but it would give you more understanding as to what this assignment was about.

Anyways, this undercover gig has left Sawyer a bit fucked up and in his time of need, he turns to Mal, who is a good listener and most importantly…he cares.

tumblr_mq5zd2Rl5C1qb8iico3_500.gif (500×280)

His caring, however, soon turns into something more.

The two of them grow very close and so does the sexual tension. For Sawyer, these feelings aren’t so strange because he is bi and everyone within his club knows this. But for Mal, this is the first time he has felt any attraction towards a man. Him being club president also complicates things, not to mention that they are also from different clubs.

200.gif (200×200)

But again….the heart wants what it wants and boy does these two want each other !!

“Such a greedy little hole. Sucking on my finger like this.” “Don’t want your finger. Want your cock.”

I was very proud of Mal for not doubting himself too much and going after what he wanted !! Sawyer was the perfect man for him and he helped Mal express his wants and needs.

beautiful-gay-black-kiss_large.jpg (224×299):

I fell in love with Sawyer’s bravery, his beauty, his unflappable dignity and given any alternate version of reality….I still would’ve chosen him.


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~Review~ The Darkest Flame by Christina Lee




The Darkest Flame (Roadmap to Your Heart #1)

by Christina Lee

****4 Stars****



Thrusting, gyrating, licking, sucking…forbidden…

Panting…that was just me reading this.

Two sexy Bikers getting down and dirty…delicious.

Vaughn is part owner of the Hog’s Den bar.

The other half is owned by the Disciples MC president.With the MC conducting club business in the bar, Vaughn has been very aware of one particular club member…Smoke.

Smoke used to be a member of a rival MC.

He was heavily into drugs and his life was a mess until the president of the Disciples stepped in.He’s got himself clean and is now a member of the club.

These two men are both bi and there have been lots of lingering looks and smoldering sexual tension going on for a while before they get down and dirty.

My, oh my…when these two get together it’s just so damn hot.

It’s raw and dirty but also very passionate about them.I couldn’t read it fast enough.And the bar scene with the over the table sex was just delicious….I think I actually squeaked.I definitely made some kind of noise because my husband asked what was wrong with me.

If I can drag myself away from the sex, their relationship was actually quite sweet.I loved how protective they were over each other.

This isn’t a typical Biker book.There is club drama when someone from Smoke’s past enters the picture but it’s not overdone drama, thankfully.

What’s not to like….
An MC element and two sexy as sin men getting it on frequently and in the filthiest ways.

I really enjoyed this one…Recommended…


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~Review~Safeword by A.J. Rose~




Safeword (Power Exchange #2) by A.J. Rose

*****5 Stars*****



“I tilted my head, baring my neck, my control to him, hoping he’d take it and make it his, make it safe to be vulnerable again. Make me feel his control over me so I could finally let go and just be.”


Two questions are whirling around in my head since I finished this book last night.

What it is about this series that I love it so much? And what the hell took me so long to start with this sequel?

Honest to God, I don’t have an answer, so maybe reviewing it might help me to find one.

First of all, I don’t mind kinky sex. At. All. BDSM, though, is so not my thing.

Okay, I might have mentioned it already, once or twice, and I’m sorry you just heard it a third time, but I have to explain it a bit. It is not even the dominance part or the giving up of control, in fact, I can understand it to some extent.

It is rather the whole concept, the accomplishment, that bothers me. I just don’t get why someone likes to get spanked (not me, when I was a child and got a smack on my backside for getting up to nonsense, that’s for sure!) or likes to wear a collar like a watchdog. Somehow, in this series, this concept works for me, though.

Maybe it is just the context, with the thrilling aspects of another murder case or the perfectness of Ben and Gavin being together, all wrapped up in a gripping writing that made me experience the full range of emotions and kept me completely engrossed in the story.

Qp5bak9BXMuPW7kwZi_U_AKN0ufYqkKMVeIP1ZoUrfo.jpg (1024×683):

It’s been almost four years since I’ve read Power Exchange and at first, I was hesitant to start with Safeword without re-reading the first book. I should have known better! Power Exchange left such a deep impression, I even remembered the names of side characters and that is something that astonishes me the most. Normally, I write my reviews after finishing a book because after reading something in between, it is entirely possible that I can’t seem to remember shit, so you get what I’m saying. A very deep impression.

Ben and Gavin have been through so much in the first book and now they have to deal with the aftereffects on their daily life, be it in their relationship with the relearning of trust, or in (mostly) Gavin’s job as a detective dealing with another serial killer, or facing the incomprehension and sometimes even homophobia of the outer world.

What I loved the most about this book was the fact that Ben and Gavin’s love never wavered, not for one second.

Both men are even willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the happiness of the other…

… and the two scenes when both men were safewording to each other almost broke my heart.

But I promised you the full range of emotions and this book not only made me cry, it also made me laugh because of Gavin’s lovely douchebag of a brother, it made me feel overwhelmed because of the cohesion in Gavin’s family, it made me bite my nails while searching for a killer, but it also made me feel compassion for him due to what he went through and it made me hate the man who sent him on a downward spiral and made him a killer.

So, scratch the “maybe” in the paragraph with the context. It is the whole package that made me love this story so much and I definitely won’t wait another four years to read the next book.

Highly recommended!


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~Review~Power Exchange by A.J. Rose~




Power Exchange (Power Exchange #1) by A.J. Rose

*****4.5 Stars*****


After reading a few bad books in a row

I have to say that it feels damn good giving this one 4.5 Stars.

It was my first time reading A.J.Rose and I loved it.

 Strong and credible story line
 Excellent support characters
 Hot couple
 Erotica/BDSM

I loved the way the book was written rich in detail. It was extremely engaging. I need to give this some emphasis because I am not in too much detail. It makes me bored to death. And that is why I have to take my hat off for this author.

She was also so good developing the others characters. From the @sshole (Trent) there is always one, his partner (Myah) to Gavin’s family.

I devoured the book!


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~Review~Rescue Me by K.M. Neuhold~




Rescue Me (Heathens Ink #1)by K.M. Neuhold

***3 Stars***

three-stars.png (392×109): imageedit_77_7697208713

This was a nice buddy-read for me with my favorite ladies, Susan, Elsbeth, and Karlijn. 🙂


Thane is a former marine and current firefighter.

He is gay and closeted, not because he is really scared of coming out, but because it was easier to stay inside the closet, because if his jobs. He has never been in a serious relationship before, so he didn’t feel the need to come out either.

hot-firemen-portland-26-356x535.jpg (356×535)

Madden is a tattoo-artist.

He works at Heathens Ink, with his best friends. He is out and proud. He was kicked out by his parents when he was 14 years old, for being gay.

672a39915854988b47777beed736d9c3.jpg (236×354)

Thane and Madden meet in a gay club and are immediately attracted to one another. But before they can make actual plans about going home together, all hell breaks loose.

Thankfully Thane’s training kicks in and he saves the day big time…

Art GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

He even offers Madden a place to stay, because Madden isn’t able to return home to his apartment. Thane definitely had a bit of a hero complex going on, but it wasn’t annoying…it was actually quite endearing.The two of them become closer and closer while Thane takes care of Madden.

They were really sweet and hot together…

21459223.gif (366×206)

But it’s not all sunshine and roses since Madden is still struggling with the aftermath of all that has happened.

tumblr_n4a4otYP7x1smyj8co1_500.gif (500×205)

Now this book is pretty heavy on the insta-love and very fast paced. Thane only looks at Madden once and decides the man is his. Also, even though this book deals with some heavy subjects, it isn’t really deep. I just felt something was missing….I think I like a bit more depth in my story and I like my MC’s to be a bit more developed.

That being said, I still enjoyed this one and I will definitely give book 2 a try which will be an MMM.


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~Review~Manacle by Bella Jewel~





Manacle (MC Sinners Next Generation #3)

by Bella Jewel

****4 Stars****4-stars2.gif (673×160):

I have read a lot of Bella Jewel’s biker books, but the “Next Generation” is my favorite series so far. Each book features a son or daughter from one of the couples of either the”Jokers Wrath” series or the “Hells Nights” series.

This time around we gets a son and a daughter. It’s Danny and Skye’s turn.

Danny is the son of Spike and Ciara (Hell’s Knights 2). He has grown up around the club and he has been groomed to take over as club president when the time comes. The club is his life and he can’t wait. For him, running the club is a dream come true, it’s who he is.

There is just one other thing Danny really loves…and that’s Skye.

10717863._SY540_.jpg (382×540):

Skye is Cade and Addy’s daughter (Hell’s Knights 1) She also grew up around the club and she and Danny have been best friends forever. Eventually, their friendship grew into much more and now they have been sleeping together for years, without anyone else knowing.

a9c2c9cd48eb9ab2e261b10ef34ec9cf.jpg (236×332):

Danny is ready for more. He is about to become president of the club and he wants Skye as his old lady. He knows she loves him just as much as he loves her and he doesn’t want to sneak around anymore.

But Skye is about to leave the club…

40824-Stay-With-Me.gif (500×243)

Skye doesn’t want what Danny has to offer. She really does love him, but she wants away from the club. The last couple of years have scared the crap out of Skye and she convinced herself, that she wants a safe life outside the club. She doesn’t want to get hurt but more important, she doesn’t want her future children to get hurt, because of club business. She has seen her aunt and her friend get hurt and this is not something she would want for her family. If only she could convince Danny to step down from the club…But he won’t.

“We want two different things, and neither of us is willing to give up on what we love.”

tumblr_mn3z6uKWSH1srqr8so1_500.gif (499×277)

I have read a lot of reviews before I started this one and a lot of people seemed to dislike the heroine for her choices and for what she did. I, however, didn;t have a lot of problems with the heroine, which is surprising because I am usually very hard on them. I just kinda got where she was coming from. I have read the previous books, what was happening to the daughters of all the members and I could understand why she was scared. Danny also knew she was scared and even though he promised her that he would keep her safe (which is a promise he couldn’t make and couldn’t keep), he also didn’t offer her to step down. So why would she have to be the one to give in. Her heart was breaking just as much as his was….

tumblr_maer6sT4qD1rwwppio1_500.gif (500×207)

So she goes…leaving Danny and the club behind.

Now saying that I understand where Skye was coming from, doesn’t mean that she didn’t make some stupid mistakes that had me frustrated…Especially her wishy-washy behavior drove me up the wall.

tumblr_olwb5s47791s7hhyjo1_500.gif (500×240)

She made up for it though and to be honest, Danny annoyed me a time or two too!!

These two really needed a lot of work getting their shit together, but all in all, this was one of my favorite books by Bella Jewel.

Probably, because there was a lot of club stuff going on and that meant a lot of interactions with all the other MC’s I have come to know and love.

Once they got their shit in order…

tumblr_my0eboREx11ss2tdro1_500.gif (500×211)

…these two were pretty awesome together and quite hot!

I hope we’ll get more books in this series, because like I said…so far it’s my favorite.


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