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~Review~Bonfires by Amy Lane~





Bonfires by Amy Lane

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I loved this book so hard !!!

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First of all…this book isn’t just about two older men falling in love. It’s about family…family by blood and family by heart.

It’s about love and it’s about hate…but most of all, it’s about hope and standing up for your beliefs….

Aaron and Larx, have known each other for years, but the day Aaron sees Larx running without a shirt, everything changes….

Aaron is in his late 40’s, he’s a father of 1 awesome son and 2 daughters.

His wife died 10 years ago and Aaron has been single ever since. His daughters have left the nest, which leaves only his son Kirby living at home.Aaron has been working as the deputy sheriff for several years.

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He has always known he was bi-sexual, but he never did anything with it. He loved his wife and he was very happy with her. After her death, his time was spent working and raising his kids… Seeing his son’s teacher running down the side of the road, without his shirt on, however,  is stirring some feelings inside, feelings he thought were dead…..

One glimpse of that glistening, tan back, those rangy shoulders, the sweat-slicked black hair, and his libido woke up and started to pray to Cialis, goddess of horny middle-aged men.

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Larx (Lyman Larkin) has been teaching high school for a long time…

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… but recently he also got roped into being the school principal. Larx is also bi-sexual and before he married his ex-wife he did enjoy being with men…more so, than with women. Larx’s ex-wife doesn’t really play a role in this book, though it’s explained, that she’s a real piece of work and why Larx has sole custody of his two children. He has two daughters, one is already in college, the other one still lives at home.

His daughters, especially the younger one was quite awesome !! Actually, Larx himself was pretty awesome. He was definitely my favorite character and he made me laugh my ass off on multiple occasions….

“I have gray in my pubes…..My pubes, Aaron. I haven’t looked at them in seven years and they grew gray without me.”

I loved, how they went from friends to lovers. I loved, how they became a family of their own, even bringing in someone from the outside when he needed a home.

But things are never easy in a small town and haters are gonna hate…

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There was some awful bigotry in this book and some people that needed to bitch slapped hard !!

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Thankfully, there was also a lot of love and acceptance.

It was wonderful to see the MC’s,  as well as their friends and family, stand up for the rights of kids, fighting against racism and bigotry.

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They were grown men, nearing 50, but it didn’t feel ludicrous at all. Every touch, every whisper, every shiver between them was brand-new. It wasn’t young love-it was worse, bigger, more painful.

For those of you who are worried. This book made me angry and it even made me cry, but most of all…it made me laugh and smile.

It also ends with a HEA for this amazing couple…

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….and I hope there will be more books….for this couple or maybe for a different couple I got to know in this book…..


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