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~Review~A Boy Worth Knowing by Jennifer Cosgrove~





A Boy Worth Knowing by Jennifer Cosgrove

******5 Stars******


I don’t read as much Y/A adult as I used to because with me getting older, it gets harder and harder to identify with the MC’s. But every now and then, a Y/A book comes along that blows my mind….

…which is exactly what this book did.

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This story is about Nate and James…

Nate is 17 years old and quite the loner. Not because he wants to be, but because he doesn’t have any friends. Everyone at school sees him as some sort of freak because they don’t understand Nate. Nate only has two people in his life who care about him and with whom he can talk. His Aunt Susan, who took him in, after his mom kicked him out, and his departed Nana. That’s right….

…Nate can see and speak to ghosts…

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I loved Nate from the very first page. He was so sweet and so lonely and my heart broke for him.

Nate has been able to talk to ghosts since he was 12 years old. His Nana, being able to do the same thing, used to help him when she was still alive and she is still trying to be there for him after death. Having been caught talking to himself when he was younger has earned him the title of the school freak.

Always alone. Always the freak no one wanted to get close to. My chest was so tight I couldn’t breathe.

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But things are about to change when a new boy comes to town.

James, also 17 takes an immediate liking to Nate. They become fast friends and Nate is very happy,  even tough he believes this friendship will only be temporary.

Things aren’t easy for the both of them, though. James is grieving recent the loss of his older brother David and Nate doesn’t know how to come clean about the fact that…

…David is right there with them….

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So Nate does his best to ignore David and tries to just focus on his friendship with James. Things get even harder when his feelings grow into something more. He tries to not let his feelings show. He is pretty sure that James is not into boys and he doesn’t want to lose his one and only friend.

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There were definitely a few tears when reading about Nate’s unrequited love.

Thankfully James comes to his senses…and I got to also read about their love growing. These boys were so sweet together. There isn’t much steam in this book, which considering their age, is very understandable.

0409cb870f88857af4cf7759b386c8fe.jpg (236×314):

I really enjoyed this Y/A story. It was sweet, funny and at times very sad….

I am also a big sucker for ghost stories, so they made this book all the more awesome for me.


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