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~Review~The Salt of Your Tears by M. Caspian~





The Salt of Your Tears by M. Caspian

****4.5 Stars****


Last year I read The Arroyo by M Caspian and I loved it. So, I was really surprised and happy when I stumbled on this review a few days back from a fellow I am a follower.

  • Sold!
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    And a BIG thanks again to the lady who reads a lot!

Sweet baby Jesus, The Salt of Your Tears was so inappropriately good.

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I don’t mean wickedly and sinfully good only, I mean wrong good, a total guilty pleasure.

This was a hell of a kinky story; therefore, be aware:  is not for all.
We are gifted with three short stories in 88 pages. Yep, that’s right, THAT short. How 3 short stories can turn out to be so good? Well, you’ll have to read it.
The 1st and 3rd stories left me in a weird dimension, some bizarre frequency between the real and the fantasy. I really didn’t know where I was standing. Is this shit real? Am I missing something? Is he dreaming? Is this a nightmare? Wait! perhaps it’s a PRN? no, I think is fantasy. Well, whatever.



I am in awe with that, simple as that.  This kind of power that takes us, mere mortal readers to the imaginable,  is the reason I read.

1) In His Skin 

  • 5 Stars! I loved this! The writing was different, captivating, and lyrical. It got me entranced and deeply involved. Now, be aware: it was wrong. It was wrong, dirty and I loved. whispering involves pain. Ouch.

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2) Asking For It 

  • 5 Stars! What to say, people? Hawwwwt!!! So freaking hot and dirty! The whole story spans in one single encounter. Don’t read this expecting any kind of development between the MC’s. That is not what this is about.

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3) A Song in the Blood 

  • 4 Stars. I didn’t fancy it as much as the others. It was a bit shocking and disturbing but I have to give it credit because this author has no boundaries in terms of imagination. And because I have none, here we go! 4 Stars.

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Summing up, The Salt of Your Tears was hot, kinky, dark, sinful, wicked, inappropriate and so damn good!

Hard Drive.
I am aware that my thoughts are really vague. If you want to know more details, read the SheReadsALot‘s review.
Remember: it’s not for all. Just don’t blame me afterward.  😉


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